Chapter 2:Stray Dog(Part 1)

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The King seemed so nice but he somehow has a hatred for me. He seemed so nice when I first came to this strange city called Zezura. It must has to do with the deny from the Zodiac council to declare war on the neighboring country. Liz is trying to help me to escape from the city. Hope we can make it before the King can use me for his war.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 2:Stray Dog(Part 1)

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Submitted: August 01, 2013



"Whos that?”

”Where did this, thing, come from?”

”Is it some kind of demon?”


I could see only darkness. Then me senses snap the rest of body out of its stupor, feeling a icy sensation run across my back, as if I was laying down on something cold and solid. The only thing I can do is hear the voices that were surrounding me with questions.

“Is it a sign from Rocha?”

Are they talking to me or themselves? It sounds like a crowd of people are around me. I felt a warm force covering my upper body like blanket. I open my eyes to be stung by the sun. I looked away from it, and struggled to my feet I stood up from the floor, open my eyes to find a group of people staring at me. They wear unusual outfits that I had ever seen before. The men wear tunics in varying shades and hues, their vests seem ordained in gold. The woman I’m guessing were wearing red cloaks that covered their entire body except their face. The woman’s lower jaw was covered with a cloth. I looked around bewildered by their appearance and where I was. Around me were mud built buildings stacked on top of each other. Reminiscent of Lego blocks in their simplicity, but appeared incredibly spacious and comforting. The buildings around us were all white. Underneath me was a circular carved limestone and was carved with an outline of a bird or an eagle. I look back at the crowd that was whispering to one another. I overheard a woman’s voice say something startling.

“What’s with it ears and tail, is it a Gijinka?”

Were they talking to me and what’s a Gijinka? Was I some kind of animal? Speaking of animal, where is that dog? Did it take me here or is it all a dream? I scratched my head out of confusion but when I did I felt a small furry bump on my head. Startled by this, I quickly put both my hand to the bump but realize that it wasn't a bump. At first it feels like a fox’s ear with its sharp point, but the texture is all wrong, it feels more like a dog‘s ear. It took me a while to figure out that I had some kind of animal ears. If I had ears that means I must have a tail. My hands still holding my ears, I look back to my tail bone. There it was a small dog tail that was wagging. I look back at the crowd and I began to scream. They were startled and gasped at my sudden out burst. I stop and thought to myself that this has to be a dream. My train of thought was disturbed by a sudden noise of trumpets. The crowd set apart from another to leave room for the upcoming being that was coming my way. The crowd bowed at its presence. Four men by at least two porters in equal numbers in front and behind, were carrying the golden rails on their shoulders that passed through brackets on either side of the couch. The coach was a long rectangular covered with red curtains. The couch seemed to be for one person to sit inside but I was wrong. The porters stopped in front of me and lowered the couch down toward the floor. Out through the curtains came out a stout, elderly man, whose eyes shined with kindness. Coming behind him was girl that was wearing a long cloak like the other woman in this place but instead her robe was the same color has the man and her cloak had odd symbols around it.

“Welcome child. My name is Aadil. I am the ruler of this fair city of Zezura, which you see before you.”

He gave a kind smile and then bowed at me. The girl also bowed at the same time as he did. 

“This is my daughter Lyandra.” Pointing a wrinkly hand to the young girl seated behind him. By the look of your clothes you’re not from around here.” 

I didn't exactly fit in. I wear only what appears to be a black kimono, with some kind of under fastening. I was cold, barefoot, and absolutely freaked over the discovery of my ears on my head and tail behind me.

“Come, inside it must be awfully hot out here.” 

He kindly stretched out his hand for mine to grab. I hesitated for a moment, not entirely sure if I should take his hand. Was this guy good or was he bad. Wherever the hell that doll took me; let’s just hope these locals were nice. I took his hand. He guided me to the coach. The girl looked at me with deep green eyes, showing no facial movement. Taking the curtain aside, what I saw inside was unbelievable.

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