When Can I Feel At Home?

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My life here as it comes to an end.Where I have to start over again.Where mother is gone,everything in my life is gone,but one thing.ME.Can I feel at home anymore?

-Taylor Seabolt

P.S-Enjoy the blank world of pages here you will soon get to end.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - When Can I Feel At Home?

Submitted: October 19, 2010

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Submitted: October 19, 2010



I go outside.I see the lush,faded leaves and the grass sway across the yard.I hear my dog barking and kids yelling.What a good sight and sound to hear.This is my home,my life,that nobody can touch or break.This was my starting of my life that might come to an end.I was six,six years old when I moved here.I noticed the house,all brown and ready to be hugged,like a tree.I met the first people here,the Cox family.They came up to my door.God,it was like yesterday!I started Kindergarden soon later.What a good feeling once you walk in the door all nervous,then someone makes you feel right at home.I only lived thirty seconds away from my school.I walk to the trampoline,still thinking of how great this would be for someone to know how special this little world i have right here was to me.I get on the trampoline,looking at the scratches I made from my shoes so long ago.I start to tear up,thinking of when I did my first front handspring.I look over to the backyard where Sophie once looked at me.All I saw now was Curious,my new dog.I tear up even more,weaping for my dog,Sophie.I look at the tree right next to me.I see Bella,the dog I first raised,by myself!I get off,about to fall down,wrecked by an imaginary car.I look at all the leaves this fall,remembering when I made a walking trail for Halloween last year.I still remember,I pictured it,mapping out everything I had planned for this special trail.Having V.I.P's,making scary places,everything you could think of!I pictured Hannah and I riding the dirt bike, that no longer fits me,and riding the trail dead on.We twisted and we turned.Sophie would come and walk all through the leaves,as we begged her to stay off the trail.I go to the backyard again,looking at the back patio.I saw Lauren,the rest of my friends,and me singing and dancing to the Miley Cyrus song with kitchen supplies.I laughed and cried some more.I looked at the back trails,remembering Sophie always sitting back there,waiting for me to come over there.I look at the outside hallway leading to the horse fence,where I used to take lessons.I would picture me walking back from there,watching my dad sitting there and drinking his cool drink,and my mom tanning.I would see Sophie running around,off the leash.I am just about to burst into flames and tears.I walk back inside,waiting for my dad to finish dinner.I see my mom sitting there in the day light,watching her favorite show.I see me right beside her.I still memerized,she was getting me to try potato chips.I walk into the living room.I keep thinking of writing a story of what I picture,but I thought I would use more picture and remember than I was supposed to!I glance at the kitchen,remembering when a creepy,slithery RattleSnake slid under the bar stools and scaring the look out of my mom's eyes.Now,I look back at the kitchen.This was the present,the future I never knew.This was a crazy thing called Life.

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