The Door Inside the Closet

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When thirteen year old
Julie moves to a
New house she hates it.
What she doesn’t know
Is that her house is heavily
Haunted with a grim past
What will she do in this house?
With hostile spirits living with her?
Julie makes friends along the way
of her music, horror filled adventure…………………

DEDICATED TO I.L. and the REAL "Metallica Kid"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Door Inside the Closet

Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008



Julie sat in the car, listening to music. Her mother and father were both arguing about what color the new living room would be. Julie had short brown hair and her sister Jadyn had long light brown hair. They were moving into a new house. It was on Maple Boulevard, and seemed to be well. The old house didn’t seem at all nice, but her mother had insisted on buying it. A new school…Julie thought. She missed her old school already. Her new school was called “Cutter Middle School” and her little sister, Jadyn, would be going to “Malmgren Elementary School.” Both the schools weren’t as good as her other school, which was Hudson Junior High.
She turned off her MP4 player, which was in the middle of some Aerosmith song, and sighed. Her little sister poked her. “Can I have some gum?” She asked.
Julie handed her some gum.
It was probably a bad idea, because Jadyn accidentally swallowed it and then started fretting and her dad said it would digest in seven years and mom said no that’s not true you dipstick and Jadyn said that she’d never chew another piece of gum in her life. Julie didn’t worry about the constant bickering though; instead she just drew on her old binder. She would be getting a new one, her father had said, but she liked her old one. All of her friends’ signatures covered it as well as other things like “Aerosmith” and “Guns N’ Roses” and other music and stuff. It didn’t matter anymore. Her class would be writing a fictional story right now—her English class that is—and she had to miss it. She also had to miss the Jazz Band Concert, and she had a saxophone solo in it. Cutter Middle School, eh? Well she didn’t like it! Who was it named after, Kirtland Cutter? And would their mascot be the Architects? She didn’t want to know, honestly. She’d rather be the Hudson Bobcats again. Jadyn was still whining and her parents were telling her to be quiet or else they would turn this car around and get Skippers for lunch, which Jadyn hated. It wasn’t like swallowing gum was that serious. “Here we are!” her mom exclaimed as they pulled up into the bumpy driveway of the new house. It wasn’t very exciting…just a rickety wooden display. Then again, what did it matter? Julie decided to explore. Her parents went to the kitchen and Julie went to the basement. Maybe there were ghosts, or six-hundred-sixty-six beasts like in that old Iron Maiden song. Wait…it didn’t mean six-hundred-sixty-six beasts, it meant 666: the number of the Devil! Julie shrugged to herself about the thought.
She walked down a couple stairs by the bathroom and spotted a door. So she opened it. Right in front of her was a sort of hanging slope that had a little doorway on it and to the right was a shelving area. It intrigued Julie, so she reached forward and undid the little hinge that held the door closed. It creaked open…inside just pure darkness filled the small room. In front of all that darkness was a pile of soot or ashes or dirt. She sifted through it only to find bits of paper and a small coin. She examined the coin. It said: U.S. Army 1914. It wasn’t a coin at all. The small coin had been in fact, a button! She put it in her pocket. I’ll keep it away from trouble. She thought. And as in trouble she meant Jadyn and her parents, because who knows what the might try to do with it. Her mother was tall and had blonde hair and some highlights. Her father’s hair, the color brown and he also looked pretty tall and had brown eyes.
“What are you doing?” Jadyn’s voice sounded behind her.
“Oh nothing," She lied.
“What’s that?” her sister pointed to the opening.
“Oh that? It was open.” Julie lied again, closing the little door.
“Oh okay. Mom’s ordering pizza what kind should we get?” Jadyn asked, changing the subject abruptly. “Umm…pepperoni would probably be easiest.” Julie replied. “Okay!” and with that, Jadyn ran off. Julie ignored her. She wanted to explore some more. Hs trotted down the stairs into the basement. Stone walls surrounded her and the insulation above her stuck out from the boards on the ceiling. She peered around and felt a chill run down her spine. Maybe she shouldn’t be down here.
She quickly darted back upstairs and slammed the door shut. This place was freaking her out now. She went inside the bathroom and looked at the button. Nothing else was on it. Just U.S. Army, 1914 and in the middle there had been an eagle. In one talon it held some kind of plant, and the other talon a rifle. It also read: “E Pluribeous Unum.” She put it back in her pocket and dashed out of the bathroom. Julie decided to go upstairs to explore. She sprinted up the first flight of stairs and turned to the right up the second flight of stairs. They all had brown carpeting that wasn’t exactly beautiful, but just had to work. Okay, at her left Jadyn’s room could be seen. She went in Jadyn’s room. Okay, so there you could see a big room with another little room in front of you and if you looked to the right you could see a vast amount of space. Julie spotted a small door that was probably a closet. She opened it and nodded. Okay, so it was a small walk in closet—just Jadyn’s size—with a window to the right. What intrigued her even more was the small door inside the closet. “Oh wow.” She whispered. Julie opened up the door. Inside she saw nothing….just a big space: darkness, mostly.
She decided there were probably dangerous gases in there and she shouldn’t go in or else she might get messed up or die and she didn’t want to face the possible consequences that would come in the walking-in-a-weird-place package. It did intrigue her…it really did.

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