The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 25, 2009



“Julie!” Ione called.
Julie stumbled down stairs. “What do you want now? We’re not even doing anything.”
“Exactly,” Ione pointed out, “We have to be doing something productive.” A hint of humor was in her tone. Julie had said the exact words before. “There’s nothing to do! It’s spring break, nothing to do, man, I hate this.” Julie cursed. “Where’s your Bari Sax?” Ione asked randomly.
“I left it at school,” Julie admitted.
Ione bonked a pillow on Julie’s head. “We could’ve practiced you dope!” she chided.
Julie shrugged, “I didn’t think I’d practice it if we were doing this nonsense about my house all break long.” She replied a bit wryly. Ione slowly nodded. “Well, I won’t get on your case or anything; I’m just saying it’d be something to do.” She pointed out.
Julie sighed; she wished she’d brought it.
“I have my tenor sax.” She commented.
“Well, then we can play if you like. I’ll play cello, you can play sax. We’ll put on a little show for Jadyn!”
“That’s great! Jadyn’s told me how much she wants to play an instrument.”
“Julie, can I please just blow once through the saxophone? And, can I just play your cello once Ione?” Jadyn whined. Julie began to develop the feeling that this whole thing was a bad idea. “Ione,” she whispered, “Are you getting the feeling that…”
“This is a bad idea?” Ione finished her sentence.
Julie nodded.
“My cello is broken! Oh, darn, and Julie’s sax needs repairing.” Ione lied.
Jadyn’s face screwed up and she was about to start crying, but she ceased.
“Okay,” she squeaked, and scampered off down stairs.
“That was easier than we thought.” Ione remarked, putting her cello in its case. Julie took apart her sax and put it in its case as well. “I’m surprised she didn’t cry. Usually she’d bawl her head off.” Ione nodded, clearly not listening very well. “Do you think you could play that Shostakovich piece?” Julie asked randomly.
Ione’s head jerked up. “I couldn’t play that on my life! Oh, how I wish I could! It’s so awesome!!”
“That’s true,” Julie sighed, “And I wish I could play it, too.”
“But, you don’t play a stringed instrument.” Ione looked troubled.
“Everyone has their thoughts.” Julie replied.
Ione looked bewildered. “What do you mean? You want to play the cello?!”
“I didn’t say cello in specific.” Julie argued, still baffling Ione.
“You want to be in orchestra?!” Ione gasped.
“Never mind,” Ione was frustrating Julie, which she had no patience for. “Wait!” Ione hollered, “I want to know!”
“I said never mind!” Julie started to go down stairs. “Wait,” Ione repeated, “I want to talk to you.” Julie spun around. “What else is there to talk about?” she objected. Ione looked down and sighed. “You seem…frustrated.”
Frustrated…the word reminded Julie of raspberries. “Well,” she began, “I am frustrated.” Ione smirked. “I can cheer you up.” She offered. Julie didn’t feel like Ione’s proffer, but sat by Ione on her bed. “I guess so,” she lied. Maybe it might work.
“Guns N’ Roses,” she said.
Julie stared at her blankly.
“Okay,” Ione sat and pondered, “Knock, knock!”
“Who’s there?” Julie asked, but it was more of a statement.
“I have no idea…sorry Jules I’m not good at jokes…but why are you frustrated?”
“My house,” Julie responded simply.
Ione nodded. “I could see why.” Julie shook her head. All she wished for was a good nights’ sleep. It’d seemed to be a long day.
Julie opened her eyes slowly. She couldn’t even think of how graphic her dream had been, and how real it had seemed. She shook it off. “I’m going back in that house.” She muttered to herself. She’d made up her mind. Whether she died or not, she was going in that house of hers. “I don’t care if all that’s left of me is dust n’ bones,” she began to tell Ione, “I’m going in that house and you’re coming with me.”
“What about Jadyn?” Ione asked worriedly.
“We’ll let Metallica Kid take care of her.”
“No, we’ll hire a babysitter.” Ione insisted.
That was true, especially since Metallica Kid ditched them with Anonymous Person. “Let’s go, Ione. C’mon, right now.”
“Hey, man. Hold up a little bit we’ve got to get ready, you know.”
“Whatever,” Julie snapped, “I just want to go right now!”
Jadyn had been left at Ione’s house. Right when they approached Julie’s house, Julie paused. “We were going to tell my parents when they got back,” she pointed out, gritting her teeth, “But I’ve scratched that plan. We’re going in.” Ione followed Julie, trembling. Julie had not been scared one bit. Maybe it was just her urge to go in there, or maybe she had her mind on other things. She didn’t care, she wanted to go in and get this over with! She’d teach those idiot ghosts a lesson or two. She did have her mind on other thoughts, however.
Metallica Kid can also we called Nameless Dude. She thought, and I hope that babysitter is nice. And, Ione keeps worrying too much.
They stepped into the house. Julie scanned the area. It didn’t look much different, just a little dustier because they had not been here for ages. The room became abruptly and unusually cold. Ione made a small noise from her throat and trembled more.
A wispy voice spoke up: “Welcome,” it whispered, “Are you seeking death?”
“No,” Julie replied coolly, “I’m ceasing you to exist.”
The voice made a yelp, “No!” it hissed, “You cannot do that! We own this house and you cannot come here…you shall leave or die!”
“This ain’t your house, woman!” Julie snapped. Ione’s eyes widened even more at Julie’s retort, and her teeth chattered. “It’s awfully cold.” Ione remarked. A spirit appeared. It looked black and white and faded, appearing to be a woman. She wore long skirts and had a tiny little face, very narrow. Her hair had been put up into a messy bun, it was the color of black, but Julie couldn’t tell exactly. “Do you not like my coldness, dear? Do you not like me being dead? Well I can’t change that, you brat!”
Ione went stiff.
Julie wasn’t scared at all. “Stop threatening us.”
The woman’s spirit scowled. “All right, then I’ll go the Plan B!”
“P-plan B?” Ione asked, her voice quivering.
The spirit didn’t reply. All of a sudden, a knife from the kitchen flung out, nearly stabbing Ione’s chest. She screamed in fear. “JULIE WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!” she screamed. Julie got in a stance; her legs spread apart a bit more. “We’re not leaving. We’re doing this no matter what!”
“Doing what?” Ione asked her eyes moist. She was about to cry! What an idiot! Julie didn’t respond, she was too busy, because another knife flew. This time it almost rooted in her head. She dodged it, luckily. The spirit laughed evilly. “There is no escape!” she howled.
Knives flung to and fro, Julie trying to dodge them. Her breath was giving in, she couldn’t keep doing this. She finally started running upstairs. She ran and ran, Ione hot on her heels. Knives followed them. They skidded to a halt, the knives still on them.
“In there, now!” Julie pointed to the bathroom. They both dashed inside and slammed the door shut. The knives rooted into the wooden door.
“Let’s jump out the window!” Ione was already opening the casement. “No,” Julie snapped, “I said we’re doing this, and that is that!” Ione looked pleadingly at Julie, her eyes full of fear. “I’m not getting myself killed in something stupid like this!”
“And I’m not letting people that are dead ruin our lives!”
”There is no escape…” the voice trailed on. Julie and Ione stood square on their feet. “Now what do we do? We’re in this bathroom and…”
Ione couldn’t finish. The door flew open.
The spirit held a butcher knife.
“I’m going to kill the both of you!” It threatened the spirit’s wispy voice gone and normal. “Call Joe now,” Ione mumbled.
Julie reached in her pocket slowly, beads of sweat tumbling down the side of her face. The spirit rambled on about how she’d kill them. Ione stood right next to Julie, probably feeling the same. Julie felt her cell phone in her pocket. She turned it down, all the way down. The spirit didn’t seem to notice, her back was turned on Julie and Ione, talking half to her about murdering them.
Julie pressed the speed dial to Anonymous Person’s phone. She put it up to her ear. “Hello?” he asked.
She managed to whisper. “Come to my house now, we’re in trouble. Just come to my house now…” she hung up and Anonymous seemed to get the message. She began to cry, and she couldn’t help crying. Ione shot her a glance seemingly asking, ‘Did he answer and is he coming?’ Julie slowly nodded, half afraid that Anonymous Person wouldn’t come in time, and come with them both dead on the ground. She didn’t want that, she didn’t want that…she didn’t want that, she didn’t want that. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want that!!! Dear God, she prayed, please help me please! I know I never come to church or anything, but I need your help now! Please let us live, please let us live!
The spirit turned around, and floated up to Julie. She put the butcher knife to her neck. “Oh,” the spirit shook her head guiltily, “I wouldn’t want to ruin such a pretty girl.” Ione gasped. The spirit quickly put the knife to Ione’s neck. “And you,” she muttered, “I wouldn’t want you to die and have your marks in school count for nothing, yes?”
Julie felt plain insulted.
“Why are you doing this?” Julie asked staring at the wall in front of her and her voice quivering, “Why would you kill us?” the spirit looked to Julie, not responding. “You don’t even know why.” Julie spat, “You’re just killing innocent lives.”
“You have quite the mouth, dear! That’ll soon change once you’re dead.” The spirit put the knife to her neck and started pressing in, slamming Julie to the wall with a thud. Ione screamed with terror. “DON’T KILL HER!” she screamed, tears streaming down her face. Julie’s flesh ripped open on her neck, blood seeped out from the wound.
“Ione you are the greatest friend,” Julie choked, she wanted to do so many things, say so many things, tell people so many things and she knew she was to young to love but… “Tell Metallica Kid, Anonymous, and Jadyn that…”
“SHUT UP!” the spirit closed her in more.
Suddenly, Anonymous Person burst in. The spirit let go of Julie, the knife dropped to the ground. “You stop it now, spirit!” Anonymous yelled. Julie noticed Nameless behind him. “You,” the spirit scoffed, “Get out of here!”
“Not unless you rest for good, don’t you want to be resting in heaven and not still lingering here?” Julie fell to the floor, hacking up blood. The cut had been pretty bad, and cut very deep. Would she live? Nameless—or Metallica Kid, however you think of him—raced up to Julie. “You’ll live, you’ll live.” He prayed. Ione stared in awe.
“Don’t die on me, Jules.” Anonymous muttered.
“No, I don’t want to live in heaven!” and the spirit picked up the butcher knife and swung it at Anonymous, rooting it in his stomach. He choked, falling to the bathroom floor.
The spirit gazed down at him ruthlessly.
“Not until you go to your rightful place,” Anonymous Person whispered, “Lord, bring this spirit to the heavens!” he flung Holy Water from his jacket at the spirit. “NO!” the spirit howled. Julie looked up and could see the spirit ebb away, and looked back down to see Anonymous Person bleeding on the ground, as she was. He coughed out so much blood and his eyes glazed over for a moment, but she couldn’t see his eyes anymore because his head dropped down. She could spot Ione crying with Nameless, and she felt herself getting dizzy.
The image of the bathroom spun, and she could feel scarlet blood seeping from her neck and it stung like a million needles. She was choking, choking on her own blood. She felt blood warm and sticky allover her.
“Oh, God, please help me…” she murmured.
Darkness overtook her before she could say or do anymore.
‘He seemed impressed by the way you came in.
“Tell us a story; I know you’re not boring.”
I was afraid that you would not insist.
“You sound so sleepy, just take this, now leave me.”
I said please don’t slow me down, if I’m going too fast
Ah, you’re in a strange part of our town…’
Julie’s eyes fluttered half open. She barely looked around the room. She could spot nothing but whiteness. She opened her eyes wide to see that she wasn’t in the bathroom, laid on the ground dying. She was in a hospital, and in a bed right to the left of her laid Anonymous Person. In some chairs she could spot Ione and Jadyn asleep, and then Nameless paced around the room. She couldn’t sit up, her neck hurt her badly. “What’s this?” she asked, wondering. Nameless turned to her. “You’re alive!” he gasped, and then covered his mouth, “I mean, you’re okay.” He turned away in embarrassment.
“You thought I’d died?” Julie asked, frowning.
He nodded, wiping tears from his eyes.
“You were crying about it?” Julie prompted.
“Someone died, why wouldn’t I cry?!”
“Sorry,” Julie thought he cared more about her, but really, seeing anyone die was horrible. Ione’s eyes opened up. “Jules!” she huffed, getting up, “You’re all right! I thought you died!”
“Why…” Julie’s voice trailed off, “I heard Reptilia.”
“Huh?” Ione got up, leaving Jadyn to doze off by herself. Gosh, Julie smiled as she gazed upon Jadyn. Even though they never got along that well, she was happy she could see her sister again. “I heard the lyrics to Reptilia!” Julie insisted, “I really did!” Ione rolled her eyes.
“You were probably dreaming. Man, you’ve got weird dreams.”
“Dreaming,” Julie scoffed, “I’m sure it wasn’t that but all right.”
Jadyn bounced up. “JULIE! YOU’RE OKAY!” she skittered up to Julie and hugged her. Julie hugged her back, squeezing hard. “I couldn’t bear to lose you.” She whispered in Jadyn’s ear. “Me neither!” Jadyn smiled a huge smile that Julie hadn’t seen in ages. Julie felt glad that people were smiling. She smiled herself. Thank you, God. She thought secretly. Nameless still looked like he’d burst out crying. Who knew he could be so emotional?
“We still don’t know if Joe will live.” Ione sighed regretfully, her and Jadyn coming to sit at the foot of Julie’s bed. Nameless Dude just paced.
Julie’s heart sank. Her eyes moistened, and before she knew it she was weeping. She didn’t want to see a friend die! And after all Anonymous Person did…she’d cry. She felt like she’d sob for the rest of her life.
“Julie its okay,” Ione put her hand on Julie’s shoulder, “I’m sure he’ll be fine.”
“You don’t know that!” Julie started coughing, and a bit of blood came out.
“Don’t talk, rest.”
“You can’t tell me what to—”
“Julie, please rest.” Nameless spoke up. Julie’s head shot over to that kid. “And who said you could—cough—be in this—cough—huh?” His eyes held sympathy even though she badgered him so. “I don’t want you to die.” Ione nodded in agreement, as did Jadyn. Julie felt fresh fury surging throughout her, but didn’t have the vigor to go wild on anyone, plus her neck hurt like heck. “All right,” She said, lying down, and beginning to slumber.

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