The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 09, 2009



“Julie,” a soft voice called, “Julie wake up.” Julie opened her eyes once again and stared up at her mom and dad. “H-h-h-“
“Shh,” her father hushed her, “Don’t try to talk. Your friends told us everything.” Everything, they told them everything? Did that mean they believed her about the ghosts? “We believe you about the ghosts, but we have to go back to our business trip. Our boss is being difficult, so we have to go. We love you, so much. You’re going to be fine, but just please rest.” Julie and her parents visited for awhile (not with excessive talking from Julie) and then her parents had to leave. “Bye,” Julie rasped. Her parents walked off soon enough.
They know, but ain’t there a kid ghost in that house, too? Where’d he go? Do we have to send him to the Heaven’s too? Julie thought worriedly. She didn’t want to have to face the same thing over again; maybe the kid would be stronger.
I don’t want to face death again. She thought even more restlessly, she’d already been close to it once, and she wouldn’t be close to it again.
A nurse slipped into the room and checked on Anonymous Person. His life slowly slithered away. Julie stared. “Is he going to be okay?” she asked. The nurse’s eyes held sorrow and she turned to Julie. “I don’t know,” she admitted, “It’s a fifty out of fifty chance.” Julie’s body swelled with worry. She didn’t want to see Anonymous Person’s life go. She wanted him to live, not only so he could help them with the other spirit, nor the fact about learning guitar, but he was a friend.
Anonymous Person looked calm, and if he died he would die calmly. Julie still couldn’t help feeling sick that her friend might take his last breath.
The feeling hit her like Guns N’ Roses did when she first heard them. She hated this. She hated this. She hated this. Friends dying, her house haunted her almost dead, her friends crying…Nameless crying…
“All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.” She muttered.
“What?” Ione looked at her from afar.
Julie had forgotten that her friends still lingered. “Uh…you know that song by Pink Floyd?”
“No I don’t know,”
“Never m—” She broke off, starting to restlessly cough. Metallica kid’s head shot up from sleeping. “Is Julie all right?!” he asked in panic. “She’s fine, dude.” Ione shot Nameless a glance that said: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Julie stopped her coughing fit. “I was just coughing.” She wheezed, “It’s no big deal.”
“Was there any blood?” Ione asked at the same time as Metallica.
“Don’t be hesitant. Was there any trace?” Ione asked anxiously.
“I said no!” Julie snapped. Ione flinched. “Sor-ree, I was only asking. You were about to die, Jules. I don’t want you dead after the nurses said you wouldn’t be.” Metallica stood there speechless. “Don’t even talk about my death I’m sick of it,” Julie cried, “It’s a horrible thing! And plus I have a hunch!”
Ione looked up.
“The kid ghost is still there, right? He’s hostile, too. We’re ‘gonna have to take care of him, too. That means yet another death threat.” Nameless kid’s eyes widened until they couldn’t widen anymore. Ione put her face into her hands. “I hate this!” she spat.
“I’m going in that house and I’ll send it to the Heavens.”Nameless decided then and there, “I’m going to do it and Ione’s going with me.”
“I am?” Ione asked.
“Yeah, Julie can’t go because her neck and Jadyn’s much too young. We don’t know if Joe will live—sadly—so it’s you and I.” he pointed out. Ione slumped over, looking more tired than ever. “I don’t want to, but I’ll do it for Jules.”She breathed exasperatingly. “Then we’ll do it!” Nameless gallantly offered, “Right, Julie?”
Julie stared at them, astounded. She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t let them go; she wouldn’t be able to cope with the fact if one of them died in there.
“No, you’re not going in there. The Government could deal with it, yes?”
Metallica’s smile dropped to a frown. “No way, Jules I’m going in there even if Ione don’t want to.”
Julie didn’t comment.
She respected his nobleness, or whatever he was trying to do to “help” her and Jadyn with their house’s problem, but she didn’t want a friend to die. Not when her other friend was dying right here right now. “Why can’t we, anyways?” Ione asked, even though she looked relieved about Julie’s decision. “Because,” Julie continued, “I don’t want you two dead.”
“Dead…we won’t die!” Metallica kid jeered. Julie glared at him. “You don’t know that. The ghosts are dangerous.” Ione nodded in agreement. Julie glanced over to Jadyn. She yawned and then rubbed her eyes. “What’s up?” she asked them all. “They’re arguing.” Ione told her. Jadyn looked questioningly and Metallica kid and Julie. “As always,” Jadyn rolled her brown eyes, “They always argue and fight!”
“Shut up, Jadyn. It’s not like we want to and Joe is dying. Don’t you think these are hard times?!” Julie cried. Tears started streaming down her face. She wiped them off with her white blanket. “Don’t cry,” Ione breathed, “Just don’t cry.”
“You’re not my mother! Be quiet!” Julie cried.
Nameless stared. “She has the right to cry when somebody is dying.” He narrowed his eyes to Ione, who only frowned neutrally, or so it looked. Julie watched the eyes of Nameless; they glittered with a small contempt. The green really showed and they glinted in the white light. His eyes narrowed, staring at Ione. His hair was out of his eyes in a swish and his mouth was closed.
Ione looked down to the ground, her eyes full of sorrow. Julie looked over to Anonymous Person. His breathing looked irregular, but he still looked peaceful. Please spare him, God. I don’t want to see somebody die. She prayed.
Julie sighed. The chaos seemed endless, now.
When Julie awoke, her friends had left, even Jadyn. Anonymous Person was gone. “Somebody!” she shouted. A nurse barged in. “What is it, honey?!” she gasped. “Where’s Joe? Where is the man who was beside me?!” Julie fretted. The nurse stopped in her tracks, she had brown hair that was tied up into a ponytail and she had blue eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry honey but…he passed away this morning.”
Julie stared.
Anonymous was dead? No! He couldn’t be dead! She cried helplessly and loudly. “I HATE THE WORLD!” she cried, “I HATE IT!” she bawled and bawled, weeping heavily. Her tears poured from her eyes excessively. The nurse looked at a clipboard in her hand and gasped. “What is it?” she asked, sniffling. “I’m very sorry,” she looked embarrassed, her face was a nice shade of red, “That was the man in a different room who died. The man…Joe…is it? He’s with the doctor doing some special treatments due to his injuries.”
“Is he alive?” Julie prompted.
“I don’t know.” The nurse admitted, “He may be, I think. The doctor didn’t tell me much information.” Julie leisurely nodded. She stopped crying, but sniffed a bit still due to the hurt in her. That meant he might be alive, and he could live…and not be dead! “Bless, I hope he’s alive.” Julie murmured, half to herself. The nurse nodded quickly. “I hope so, too.” Hope. What a useless thing. Julie couldn’t help feeling desperate for Anonymous, but somebody dying surely was spiteful!
The nurse left. Julie sat, her mind whirling. She didn’t like this one bit. Metallica and Ione probably left Jadyn with a babysitter, and they probably went into the house! Julie gasped. She couldn’t let them die! I’m not just going to sit here and let my friends die. I’ve got to do something.
Shakily and painfully, she got up from her bed. She wore a white gown, because of her hospitality. She could spot a pair of Metallica’s extra clothes. “They’ll have to do.” She sighed. She slipped a huge Metallica shirt on, from the album Master of Puppets. She fitted on a pair of huge dark baggy jeans. She didn’t mind, she liked baggier clothing anyways. Making sure no one was in the hall that looked important; she slipped out into the hall. Her neck hurt, but she was sure that it wouldn’t reopen.
I can’t get caught. She thought.
A boy walked by, he wore a Seattle Seahawks baseball cap. “Could I have that hat?” Julie asked, whispering. He looked at her confusedly. He had brown eyes and brown hair. “Uh, sure…I guess. Hey I think you go to my school.” He remarked. “Yeah, uh Cutter…now give me that hat I need it.”
He handed her the hat. She put her hair up into it and put it on so she looked like a boy. She needed a good disguise. “Thanks!” she called, as she fast-walked down the hall. She felt kind of uncomfortable as she heard a couple teenage girls (visiting their mother) commented: “He’s kind of cute.”
She kept on walking; wanting to break into a run but then someone might know what’s up. She almost tripped, but found the way out of the hospital. So, I’m at the hospital right by my house. Perfect. Much less of a walk!
She finally found Maple Boulevard after a long, boring stroll. Then and there, she wondered if Nameless and Ione remained inside. She dared herself to enter the house. She spotted Metallica and Ione inside, both looking around.
“J-Jules,” Ione gasped. Nameless turned around. “Julie! Is that you? You’re wearing my clothes and you look like a dude!” he exclaimed. Julie left the hat on and all, “Yeah well I had no clothes and I needed a disguise to escape, any paranormal crud here?”
“Well,” Ione raised an eyebrow, “No, there hasn’t been any ‘paranormal crud.’”
“None at all, the kid is probably hiding.” Metallica kid guessed. Julie nodded gradually. “I told you guys not to come here.” She said. Metallica and Ione both looked to the ground guiltily. “We had to do it for you and Joe.” Ione replied simply.
“But,” Julie continued, “What’d happen if y’all had died?” she looked at them sternly. “Let’s get out of here.” Nameless decided abruptly. They all walked out.
“I can’t believe you escaped you crazy idiot!” Metallica kid chided. “Well, I had to do somethin’.” Julie stayed calm. “You’re going to kill yourself, Julie,” Ione said, her voice quivering, “And I’m not going to be a part of it.” Julie examined Ione’s expression. She looked more apprehensive than ever. Her eyes held worry and fear for Julie. I was preventing you from dying! Julie thought tartly, if you’d have stayed in that house, it’d been over for you…
“I was preventing you from dying. Give me some respect.”
“I respect you!” Metallica kid put his hand on her shoulder. She shook it off. “I told you not to touch me, but thank you anyways.” He nodded curtly. Ione sighed. “These are troubling times.” She mumbled. Julie nodded in agreement. “Anonymous Person might be alive.” She told them. Metallica kid looked at her. “Who’s that?”
“Oh…it’s Joe.” Julie felt embarrassed for using her own term for him. Ione started laughing. “Julie calls him that. Aw, bless I hope he’s alive.” She sighed, looking up to the sky. Julie nodded in agreement. Nameless didn’t say anything; maybe he was two awe-stricken to stifle a reply.
“We’re almost back to the hospital,” Ione announced, “I don’t want you up and going, Julie, I want you to rest.”
“Who said you were the nurse…?” Julie muttered under her breath.
“Don’t get mouthy with me, Jules. I want you to be safe.”
“Safe!” Julie sneered, “We’re not safe anymore anyways!”
“I don’t want you seriously injured!” Ione retorted.
Julie opened her mouth, about to protest, but kept her response. She heaved a sigh. Ione was right; she just didn’t want to admit it. Nameless looked to the ground, not saying anything. He just strolled on. Julie couldn’t help feeling a pang of sympathy for him, even though he hadn’t really helped. But he did. She thought restlessly. Ione smacked her upside the head. “You’re such a dope.” She chided. Julie didn’t feel like joking, and Ione’s mood had suddenly changed. I just want to see if Anonymous Person is alive. She thought strongly.
When they loomed to the hospital, Julie realized she still had her dude disguise on. Gosh, she didn’t want to look like a boy but she kept the disguise on anyways. Those same girls walked back (the ones who commented to Julie) from the hospital room that held their mother. One ambled up to her. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and way too much make-up on. She wore a skinny little shirt and such a small skirt Julie wondered how uncomfortable it must be to walk in it. “Hi,” she said, “How’d you like to…”
Julie ignored her, and kept walking on. “She thought you were a guy!” Ione laughed, whispering to Julie. Metallica kid stifled a small snicker. “Yeah, I know.” Julie replied, exasperated, and slumped over.
They found the room that Julie had been in, and quickly slipped in. Luckily, nobody noticed Julie’s absence. She took off Metallica kid’s pants and shirt off, and had her gown underneath the clothes. She took off the Seattle Seahawks hat and set it on Nameless’s head. “Hey!” he yelled. “Shh!” Julie jeered.
She hastily slipped into her bed and pretended to rest. Ione and Metallica both sat in the chairs in the room. A nurse came in shortly afterwards. “Just checking up on you,” she smiled, “And your friend…Joe is it? He’s doing fine. He’ll be in here shortly.”
Julie’s spirit lifted. Not only because she hadn’t gotten caught when leaving, but because Anonymous Person was doing fine. ANONYMOUS PERSON WAS ALIVE!!!! Ione and Metallica kid were cheering, and even though Julie was wounded still, she was yelling. “HE’S ALL RIGHT!” she called.
The nurse smiled. “Yes, and he needs to recover but he’ll be all right.”
At that, Anonymous Person limped in with a doctor who had short brown hair and a stern look. His hair flailed everywhere and looked sweaty, but he was alive! “What’s up, little dudes?” he cracked a crooked smile. “I thought you wouldn’t make it!” Julie cried. And she really did cry, too, tears of joy.
“We both lived,” he sighed in relief, “We’re both okay.”
“Are we still goin’ back in that house?” Nameless asked. Joe looked up, his eyes blazing with fury. “I ain’t going back in that house on my life.”
“Me neither,” Julie agreed.
Ione cast Julie a warning glance. Julie knew she would’ve blurted out the truth that Julie had gone in the house today. The only problem was a doctor and a nurse stood and watched their celebration. The doctor and nurse left, and Anonymous Person lay down in his bed. “You went in that house today, Jules!” Ione said sternly. “I know, but I ain’t going back in! I almost died, so did Joseph!!!” Julie retorted. Joseph—Joe, or Anonymous Person—looked up. “You went in there today?” he asked.
“Yeah, I escaped.”
“In a dude disguise…she dressed in my clothes and put her hair in a hat. Some girls were checking her out! She came to find us at her house.” Metallica explained.
Julie felt embarrassed.
Anonymous Person burst out laughing. “Jules, you’re so clever like that!” he exclaimed sandwiched between laughs. Julie cringed, but managed to smother a slight smirk. “It was nothin’,” she breathed, “But I couldn’t let Ione and Mr. Nameless die.”
“Mr. Nameless…!” Metallica kid ridiculed.
“That’s true,” Anonymous Person thought for a moment, “The one thing that really ticks me off is that people that are dead as in don’t exist anymore are causing all of this!”
Julie nodded in union. She didn’t like the fact about it, but it was the truth. Anonymous moved the hair out of his face, revealing his stunning green eyes. Julie looked at them. They twinkled, and they reminded her of moss. Gosh, she never noticed eyes before, but his sure stood out. Ione and Metallica kid looked the same, noticing his eyes. “What?” he asked. “You’re eyes are beautiful.” Julie remarked. Metallica kid nodded, “They stand out.” Ione nodded in agreement.
“Oh,” Anonymous Person blinked, “I didn’t know.”
Julie couldn’t help to think his hair always got in front of his eyes so no one ever perceived. She shook the thought out. He had large green eyes, too. His nose was just normal, not too big, and not too small. He had a crooked smile, but it warmed the heart, he looked friendly, too. Just a likeable guy, Julie guessed.
“Well,” Julie respired, “What do you guys think?”
“Think about what?” Metallica queried.
“The plan,”
“What plan?”
Julie gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. “For you and Ione journeying into the house,” She replied simply, but in her mind she was irritated. Joe shook his head restlessly. “No, no, no, no, no!” he shouted. Julie congealed. “Why not?” asked Nameless. “I’m not going to let you risk your lives!” he said firmly, “That’s that!”
“That ain’t that,” Julie retorted, “What are we ‘gonna do, huh? Live on the streets?” Anonymous Person’s eyes widened. “N-no, but…we should get a real paranormal expert for this. I am a real one, but I’m wounded and I ain’t that good. We need a professional, expertise expert.”
“Professional expertise expert,” Julie echoed, “Like whom? I’ve never even heard of one of them.”
“I have no idea,” Anonymous Person lifted his head, “I know I can’t do anything due to my condition.” Julie clenched her fists; even though it hurt she clenched them hard. This was all confusing; what would they ever do? Nothing, nothing at all, is that what they’d stand here and do? She wouldn’t let this crisis end in pieces.
“Who cares? Even if we don’t have an expert to do this; I think it’ll be fine. Send Metallica and Ione and…” Julie broke off. She didn’t know what to say.
“And who else, huh? We can’t just go in and die.” Ione pointed out cruelly.
Your face…Julie thought hotly.
If you didn’t know, ‘your face’ is dismissing someone in a stupid way that made no sense but Julie was addicted to saying it…and thinking it. Whatever it took: someone making her mad was basically all, though. Metallica kid gazed at Julie, perhaps thinking. She didn’t like the way he looked at her. Just a blank stare was all; his hair in his eyes, but he then managed to smirk a bit…what the heck was he thinking in that mind of his?!
“You okay, Jules?” Ione cast a worry glance.
“I’m fine,” she lied. She didn’t feel fine; she felt scrutinized and lost.
Following that lie, Nameless blinked and pretended not to look at Julie and stared at the table next to her with pudding and Jell-O on it. He still wore that Seahawks hat Julie randomly put on him. Gosh, he was a weird kid.
“So,” Anonymous looked suspicious as if he knew what Metallica was thinking, “Do we have a plan or what? I’m getting impatient, little dudes. I think that we should…take a break for a few days, maybe?” he suggested. Julie glanced at Ione. She nodded briskly, and Nameless gazed off in the distance. Sudden fear welled inside Julie. “Where’s Jadyn?” she asked ominously. Ione’s head shot toward Julie. “She’s fine. She’s at my house with the babysitter.”
“Babysitter,” Julie repeated, “Which one?”
“That skinny dude that’s Metallica’s friend, Zach what’s his name…”
Nameless gagged and Julie’s eyes looked like flying saucers. Zach! Julie thought, gritting her teeth, How’s he gonna do a thing? He couldn’t even care for a fish. Zach was one of Metallica kid’s friends; not one of his best, but a friend.
“Dude,” Metallica glared a bit at Ione, “Zach can’t take care of anything.”
“What do you mean? He said he babysat for only a fee of five dollars. I didn’t complain.”
“He’s scamming you but he doesn’t know it himself.”
Julie cringed. She didn’t like the thought of Jadyn in Zach’s hands. Jadyn: she was probably the most difficult little girl on the face of the earth! And if Zach couldn’t care, then he’d have some trouble. And Jadyn might get hurt or something! “We have to go to get a new babysitter. Zach ain’t gonna be good enough, he—”
“What do you mean ‘we’?” Nameless scoffed, “You ain’t goin’, Jules. It’ll just be me and Ione.” Julie looked down in sadness. She knew it was true; she couldn’t go. She was considered a temporary cripple. She hated that. She also hated that it was always him and Ione.
Metallica’s eyes widened. He looked anxious. “I’m sorry, Julie! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I—it’s just that you can’t go because you’re…”
“Hurt,” Julie finished his sentence dryly, “I get it, man. It’s not like I don’t know I almost died.” Metallica’s eyes brimmed with sorrow, and he soon wiped the tears away furiously. “I know…I’m sorry.” he turned away and looked out the window. Ione rolled her eyes, smiling. “He’s so dramatic,” she whispered. Julie honestly didn’t care. What she cared about was the fact that she had a slit in her neck that healed as they spoke, but it still held her back. If she could dress up like a boy (which she didn’t dress girly too often) and escape from a hospital, survive a ghost attack, get in advanced band and jazz, get new friends very quick, live with idiots for a long period, and listen to their arguing, she could surely get up and teach this Zach a lesson!
She felt like telling everyone else, but it’d ruin her reputation, and some other thought processes.
“I hate this.” She muttered. She caught a glimpse of Anonymous Person, who’d fallen asleep in the procedure. Metallica kid still acted dramatic, and Ione had just sat down on a chair. Julie wanted to fall asleep. Maybe all of this was a dream. Maybe she’d been having one of those long dreams again. Maybe after all she hadn’t moved! Maybe she wasn’t hurt! Maybe she had been at her old school after all, with no Anonymous or Metallica!
She quickly fell asleep to make sure that this all never happened.
Julie’s eyes shot open. She leapt up from her bed. “IS IT OVER?!” she screamed. Joe jerked awake. “Is what over?” he asked, his eyes bloodshot. Julie’s heart sank. So it wasn’t a dream. This whole thing was real. She hated that, too. “Nothing,” she lied, “I’m just…thinking.”
“What are you thinking about?” Anonymous asked.
“Nothing,” Julie fibbed.
“Tell me, now,” he ordered.
“I don’t have to,” Julie pointed out, “I ain’t telling anyone!” She didn’t want to look like an idiot for wishing all this wasn’t true. She then noticed Metallica kid and Ione had been absent. “Where are they?” she asked Anonymous. He yawned, stretching his arms. “They went to take care of that Zach babysitter that’s with Jadyn.” He explained between sneezes. “Bless you,” she murmured, “And…I wanted to go with them.”
“You can’t,” he objected, “You’re still hurt and in a hospital, for crying out loud!” Julie gritted her teeth again. Just because she was hurt didn’t mean she couldn’t do anything. She’d already escaped from the hospital once, and that was when she first arrived. Now, she had been in the process of healing and was much, much better.
“Hey, I escaped from this hospital. Don’t you think I’m better by now? I know you’re not, but I am.” Julie pointed out. Joe shifted around in his hospital bed. “They haven’t let you go yet.” He protested. Julie shrugged and sat down in her bed. “It’ll seem to take a miracle for them to do that.” She muttered under her breath. Joe cocked an eyebrow as if he heard her.She didn’t care. She was Jadyn’s sister. She had a say in this mess. Joe yawned. “You’re not getting out until they tell you they can.” He finalized. Julie sighed. She hated this. She hated it so much she couldn’t explain it in words.
“I hate you!” she screamed.
“Why?” asked Anonymous, horrified.
“Not you!” Julie snapped. She said ‘I hate you’ to random things, not people, though.
“Who do you hate?” he prompted.
Julie cracked her knuckles. “I’m just mad.” She admitted.
Anonymous nodded. “I don’t blame you. Maybe you should rest.” He suggested. Julie cringed. She was sick of resting. “I am not resting! I am fine; I don’t even feel any pain in my neck anymore.” Anonymous Person still looked dubious, which exasperated Julie. “I’m completely f—”
Before Julie could finish, Ione and Metallica kid waltzed on in with Jadyn. “Hi,” Jadyn waved happily. Julie didn’t pay any attention, Zach, the ‘babysitter’, followed behind the entering Metallica kid. “Why are you here?!” Julie asked brusquely. Zach shuddered. He pointed to Metallica kid. “He wanted me to come.”
Metallica kid grinned.
Julie rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe you gypped us!” she spat. Zach looked to the floor guiltily. He had short brown hair that ended up in spikes at the front. He was a skinny boy with a narrow little face, but decent looking. “I’m sorry,” he looked at Julie, “I didn’t know.” Ione gazed at Zach in a weird way, and then looked to Julie. “Give him a rest, he didn’t know!” Julie got the simplest idea Ione admired this ‘Zach’ dude, but she said nothing. “Oh, sure, support the healthy kid instead of the cripple.” She snapped. Ione’s eyes widened in shock, “Don’t get mouthy!” she raised her voice.
Julie cocked an eyebrow boorishly. She honestly didn’t care; she was in one of those ironic moods again. “And,” she added, “I don’t care.”
Ione gritted her teeth, Julie could see it. Metallica kid stared and Zach watched intently. Jadyn ate the last bit of fudge—hopefully—from that bag Nameless had given her. Julie looked at the ceiling, but then winced. Her neck did hurt a bit still, and she felt it slightly rip open once again. “That’s just great,” she cursed, running her fingers along the thick, rough scab that formed.
“It’s not bleeding,” Metallica kid examined it, walking up to Julie. He ran his fingers on it, but Julie seized his hand. “Who said you could touch my neck?!” she asked. He cowered a bit, backing away. “Sorry, Jules…I was trying to help…” his voice broke off. Anonymous Person had fallen asleep. Jadyn did, too, on one of those chairs. Zach sat down on another chair. “Well,” Ione inhaled a deep breath, “I don’t know when you’re getting out of the hospital but hopefully it’s soon. We’ve got to take care of that next ghost.” Julie’s mind whirled. They still had to take care of that idiot little boy ghost. She felt tired of ghosts. She thought she’d be scared but none of this really scared her.
She wondered how Ione felt about all of it.
She’s probably scared; she thought she probably hates me for having to deal with this crud.
“When will we be going?” Julie asked.
Ione shrugged. “I told you I don’t know.”
A nurse barged in. “Hey! How are you feeling?”
Julie shifted around. “Good,” she replied neutrally.
“Great,” the nurse smiled, “It’s time for you to get out of here.”
Julie’s heart soared. She immediately jumped out of the bed. “I have no clothes,” she breathed. The nurse cocked her head. “Oh yeah, your others were blood soaked and the stain wouldn’t come off. I told him not to but the doctor threw them away…” Julie cringed. What a stupid person. She needed clothes. Even if the clothes she’d worn the day she had gotten injured were only hand-me-downs from her aunt’s sister’s cousin’s friend’s daughter’s daughter’s friend’s husband’s stepdaughter, they were still clothes. Julie stiffened as she knew what she’d have to cope with. “I’ve got clothes,” Metallica kid spoke up, “Jules, do you want to wear those just to last?”
Julie lightened up. She thought she’d have to walk home in that stupid gown. “All right,” she said, “I’ll take those.”
She quickly changed into his clothes: baggy jeans and a Metallica shirt. She had her own shoes, which were black and white Converse™. Anonymous Person laid his head back. “I’ll see you guys when I get out,” he sighed, “I just hope I’ll even get out…”
Julie cut him off: “You will, don’t be like that! I just…we need you.”
Anonymous Person’s eyes widened. He looked as if someone just asked to marry him, or as if he just got stabbed in the heart. “You need me,” he repeated awkwardly, “I know that. But I’m not better, there’s no way I’m getting out now. Besides, my stitches could come out anytime.”
The nurse nodded. “Hold on.” She then said. She went right up to him and unraveled the blanket from his hands and lifted up his shirt. Anonymous Person looked a little uncomfortable, but took it well. Julie observed the nurse analyze his wound. She stifled a benign smile. “I think you’ll be fine. We’ll be releasing you tomorrow afternoon.” Anonymous Person’s face lit up. He turned to Julie, his hair flipping in the motion. He beckoned her with his hand. She listened to what he had to say. “We’re going in tomorrow.” He whispered. Julie’s heart lurched. As excited as she was, she was also anxious.
What would that next ghost do?

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