The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 09, 2009



The next morning the grass seemed to sprout afresh. Dew painted each blade with a droplet. The sun shined down in a yellow glow. Birds soared across the bright blue sky, dappled with wisps of fluffy white clouds. Julie pursued behind Anonymous Person, who led the whole gang outside of the hospital. Julie watched the clouds float by. The day looked great, not the day to be dealing with a dead spirit haunting her house. “It’s such a nice day,” Ione echoed her thoughts; “I wish we didn’t have to do this on such a nice day.” Jadyn stumbled, and then tagged along beside Julie. “Am I going in the house, too?” she asked; hope gleaming in her huge eyes.
Julie watched a moment, taking in the hope. She turned away. “No Jadyn,” she admitted, “You have to go with…Zach.”
“Yes!” Jadyn pumped her tiny fists, “He lets me do whatever I want!”
Julie turned around and glared at Zach. He stood right beside Nameless in the back of them. She gestured her hand and made an X with her two index fingers telling him to not let Jadyn do what she pleased. Zach seemed to get the note and hastily nodded his eyes wide.
“Promise me?” Julie whispered furiously.
“Yes.” He replied.
Julie turned back around, still following Anonymous Person. She felt less worried about Zach’s poor babysitting than her house. Hopefully they would take care of the ghost, and live ‘happily ever after.’ Well, not ‘happily ever after’, but at least happier.
Shaking off the thoughts, Ione nudged her. “Hey Jules,” she mumbled, “Are you scared?”
“Wouldn’t you be?” Julie asked in shock, “I almost died last time!”
Ione congealed. “Sorry,” she blushed, “I knew that.”
You probably forgot. Julie thought sardonically. She had mixed thoughts on this whole thing. Anonymous Person stopped at Walnut Street. “Where’s Maple again?” he asked. Julie pointed straight. “Just keep going.”
They kept going. Julie loved how all the streets—she’d noticed by
Traveling around them so many times—had been named after trees. Walnut, Oak, Cedar, and Maple were the names of most of them, as well as trees. Julie’s feet started to ache, but the fact of Global Warming—and some of the fact she didn’t really care—kept her walking. Just walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk…
Julie jumped. She looked behind her. Her whole group had halted. “What?” she yelled back. The voice was coming from afar. Finally the footsteps grew louder. “It’s me!” the voice hollered. Me? Julie thought. She narrowed her eyes in order to see. The blur of a running figure got clearer. Oh, joy; it was that guy from the hospital she’d borrowed the Seattle Seahawks hat from!
“What do you want?!” Julie called. She didn’t know his name. She didn’t know his darn name!
He stopped. “You never gave my hat back!” he said, out of breath.
That was what he wanted?
”You must love this hat,” Julie remarked wryly, taking it off Metallica kid’s head and giving it to the kid, “For running all the way up here.”
He nodded with energy. “I sure do!” Julie narrowed her eyes. “Okay you can go now.”
He started to walk off, but paused. “Oh, I never told you my name. It’s B….”
“I don’t care,” Julie began walking off.The kidsighed, and then walked off himself the other direction. Metallica kid’s face appeared a good shade of red. “What’s up with you?” Julie asked. He looked toward her. “Nothing,” he replied, “Nothing at all.”
They soon arrived in front of Julie’s house. She stood there, motionless, staring up at it with contempt in her eyes. “I hate you,” she muttered, “But soon I won’t.”
She started running up to her house, running, never stopping until she put her hand on the handle. “Hold on there, Ace.” Anonymous Person seized her. Julie could see Jadyn and Zach traveling to Ione’s house. Ione stood behind Anonymous, and Metallica kid stood right on the left of Julie. “Let’s go in.” Julie snapped.
Anonymous heaved a sigh. “I don’t know,” he whispered, “Let’s say something before we die.”
“Die?!” Julie gasped, “We’re not going to die! Let’s get in there and do this!”
Metallica kid was trembling next to her. His face looked a real good shade of red, now. Like pure red. “Are you okay?” she asked. He shook his head. “No! I want to tell you something but I can’t.”
”Tell me, I won’t mind.” Julie said with sympathy.
He shook his head. “No, I can’t.”
”Yes, you can.”
“NO!!!” he screamed. Julie flinched. “Okay, okay you don’t have to tell me. Now let’s move.”
They opened the door, it creaked with age. When they entered nothing stifled a sound. Nameless shook still and Ione was in the very back of them all. Very suddenly, a scream that pierced all of their ears hollered so loud that it could break a mirror. It abruptly stopped, and a kid stood in front of Anonymous. Julie could make out the kid ghost. He was black and white as well, with dark hair and pale skin. His eyes looked dark too. Julie stiffened. She wondered how this would come out.
“Hello,” he said in a squeaky voice, “How would you like to die?”
”We don’t.” Julie replied.
His head jerked toward Julie. “You’ll die first,” he said playfully, “Let me get my toys.”
Julie wondered what toys he meant as he disappeared. He soon enough appeared again…with a chainsaw. “This is my favorite toy,” he giggled, “Let’s see how it’ll work on you!” Julie’s heart lurched. Anonymous grabbed her and they blasted out of the house. The ghost boy couldn’t come out of the house, so he stood by the door. “I’ll get you to play with me next time!” he screamed.
Julie felt the wind knocked out of her as Anonymous and the rest of the gang sprinted down the sidewalk. They didn’t stop. Anonymous held Julie so tight it hurt. “Wait!” Julie screamed, “I want to go back! I want to go back!” her screams were drowned out by the sound of cars rushing past them on a main street. Anonymous turned a sharp corner and they all ended up at Ione’s house.
Anonymous Person put down Julie softly. He gazed at her with wild green eyes. They started brimming with fresh tears. “What did you do?!” Julie yelled at him, “We could have got that kid out! You could’ve put the stupid holy water on him and said the thing!!!”
Anonymous Person cried and held Julie tightly. “I know, but it’s harder than you think,” he cried, “I couldn’t have let you die!”
Ione stood silent. Metallica kid wept mutely.
Julie stood in awe. “Well,” she said, “I’m glad you helped me and all but I wanted to get it over with.”
“Oh,” Joe sighed, “Well I knew that but he was about to kill you!”
Your face, Julie thought again.
She backed away and swung her head back and let out a groan. She then looked back at the group. They didn’t look too pleased either. “I wish I were Jadyn,” Julie spoke up, “So I didn’t have to care about anything.” Jadyn was always so carefree. “She’s young.” Ione pointed out. Nameless nodded in union. Julie sighed. “Let’s go back,” she decided, “And you can take care of the ghost, right, Joe?”
Anonymous Person looked up. He handed her a bottle of Holy Water. “What do I say? What did you say when you did the thing?” Julie asked. Anonymous Person shrugged. “I don’t remember. I just made something up.”
“Maybe we should get an exorcism.”
Anonymous Person congealed. “I guess we could do that. I don’t know the cost, though. It could be expensive.”
“Then we’ll deal with that.”
When they got a priest to do an exorcism, Julie felt uncomfortable letting him in the house. “The ghost is really hostile,” Julie explained to the priest, “It almost killed me, LOOK!” she showed him her neck wound. His eyes widened. “Well I’ll get it out, dear.” He promised her. Julie stiffened. She hoped it would work.
The priest began to say the first prayer: “Glory Be to the Father.” Julie automatically froze in fear. The sound of the old priest’s voice frightened her a bit. He started flinging Holy Water to and fro. The kid ghost didn’t appear but he sure made a racket. He knocked things over and ripped cloths off things.When he finished that one he did the “Lord’s Prayer.” Julie couldn’t help feeling she was cemented to the ground. The kid ghost still broke things. They weren’t important things, but it was sure a pity. The priest went on and did the “Prayer of the Heart.” That made the ghost very angry.
He started making growling and screeching noises. Julie covered her ears. Usually she was used to loud noises but this was a piercing, sharp noise. “STOP,” Julie screamed, “STOP MAKING THOSE NOISES!”
The ghost didn’t listen. “Don’t interfere,” the priest coaxed. The next prayer was the “Kyrie.” Julie didn’t like this one. She barely listened though, she was too frightened. Finally the ghost stopped. It made gurgling noises. The priest did look a bit confused.
“This is an unusual ghost,” he remarked, and continued with the “Litany of the Saints” prayer. Julie still stood, unmoving. The kid ghost appeared, but in a skeletal version. He screamed in agony and pain, his eyes gone and only dark holes of sockets. Julie looked away in fear. She couldn’t bear to watch. She covered her ears. I shouldn’t have come! She thought.
“Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie,” a voice repeated.
“Shut up, kid I think she’s waking up!” another voice said.
Julie’s eyes fluttered open. She could see blurry blobs of figures staring down at her. When her vision cleared, she could see Ione and Metallica kid. In the back round she heard voices of the priest and Anonymous Person. “You fainted.” Ione said. Julie got up leisurely. “I did? Why?”
“I have no idea.” Metallica kid nearly chided.
Julie rubbed her eyes. “Is the ghost gone?”
”I think so,” the priest cut in.
Julie’s heart soared. The ghost was gone! Nameless grinned “I really hope it is so my sanity can return.”
Julie glared at him. “My sanity is the most important here, because this is my house!” she pointed out cruelly. Nameless shrugged. “Whatever. Just remember what you said about me? That I shouldn’t be here? And yet I am helping you, right now?” he spat.
Julie stiffened. “That was awhile ago now, and I didn’t mean what I said.”
Metallica kid sighed.
The priest nodded to Anonymous as they chatted. Julie eavesdropped. “Yes, the ghosts are gone, all the bad ones, at least.”
What’s that supposed to mean?! Julie thought, her heart lurching. “There are more ghosts?!” Anonymous echoed Julie’s thoughts. The priest nodded. “One more I suppose but it won’t do any harm.”
Julie had a hunch. She knew exactly which one it was. The woman ghost’s husband and the kid ghost’s father! The one who came back from war and tried to find them! He surely wasn’t hostile. Julie reached into her pocket to take out the button from 1914. “What year was World War One?” asked Julie, clutching the button.
“1914,” Anonymous Person replied.
Julie flinched. “It all makes sense!” she thought aloud.
“What does?” Metallica asked.
Julie shoved the button in his face. “Wow,” he said, pushing it back. “What’s that?”
“It’s an army button thing!” she exclaimed. Anonymous Person snatched the button. “U.S. Army 1914…” he read. His head popped up. “Julie I don’t get it.” Julie explained to them the whole thing about the husband ghost. Her friends listened intently.
“That’s amazing.” Ione mentioned.
“That’s weird.” Nameless remarked wryly.
“Interesting…” Anonymous Person’s eyes gazed up at the ceiling as he deliberated Julie’s thought. “Where’d you hear that from, anyways?” Ione asked suspiciously as if she thought Julie was lying. “The internet,” Julie replied, cowering a bit. She didn’t want to ruin her reputation but she only told the truth. “The internet,” Nameless jeered, “How did you just happen to come across that?”
“I was looking up my house,” Julie replied simply. Julie felt her cell phone rumble in her pocket. She took it out. She had a new text message. “Is it your boyfriend?” Ione chided. Nameless kid’s eyes went wide and Anonymous cocked an eyebrow. “No, it’s Emily.”
”She’s my friend…” Julie mumbled. The message read:
Hey what’s up?
Julie messaged back:
I just got an exorcism on my house…
Awhile after that, Emily replied:
Ok then…well I gotta go
Julie rolled her eyes. She didn’t even reply to Emily. Usually Emily cared! “What a jerk…” Julie muttered. “What, Jules?” Ione asked. Julie shook her head irritably. “Let’s get back to Ione’s place…”

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