The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: February 22, 2009

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Submitted: February 22, 2009



Days passed by, and Julie had to go back to school. Metallica had gone home a day ago and Ione as well. Julie wondered how Anonymous Person was doing. She watched the trees sway as she passed them in the car. The day was bright and cheerful, but Julie was still full of gloom and question. She had a bit of a lost personality, now. Ever since the ghost incident, her personality changed. Jadyn complained. She wasn’t affected by the incident at all. She still acted like normal, lamenting Jadyn.
“Mommy I want a cookie!” she shouted.
“I don’t have any,” Julie’s mother replied simply.
Jadyn whined, but soon stopped. Julie sighed as they approached her school. She didn’t want to go back but half of her did. She jumped out of the car, saying goodbyes to her mom and Jadyn. She yawned, and then heaved open a door to school. First period was keyboarding, now she’d have to see that girl again. She walked down her hallway to her locker and passed by Metallica kid, opening up his locker. She stopped.
“Hey, what’s up?”
He flinched, and then turned around. “Oh, hi Jules…” he gasped. Julie noticed his eyes, blue-green. She never noticed them before. They were actually kind of…nice looking.
“How are you?”
”Good, I guess. What about you?”
Julie sighed. “Not the same and I never will be.”
Nameless smirked. He put his hand on her shoulder. “I bet you’ll be fine, but you are acting different.”
”Different?” Julie echoed.
“Yeah, distant I guess.”
Julie frowned. I guess I am. She thought, I’m different now, and I always will be this way, won’t I?
That’s all she ever did now, was think. Hopefully it wouldn’t affect her straight A’s. “I’ll see you in third period,” Metallica said, walking off to his home base. Julie smiled. “I’ll see you.” She whispered.
Julie put her stuff away and went into her home base. She began to think again. Think about all that had just happened over break…
“Julie!” Mrs. Goodwin, her home base teacher exclaimed, “How did you get that cut on your neck?”
Julie congealed. How did she get it? She never got it in a ghost attack, that’s for sure. That was only all a dream. “I don’t know.” Julie lied without knowing it. She was convincing herself none of what had happened, had never happened at all. Mrs. Goodwin looked confused, but then ignored Julie and went back to grading papers. It was all a dream. She thought, and this scar is nothing. It never happened, it was a dream. A long, dream last night that was just graphic and real. I’ve always known Anonymous Person, Ione, and Nameless. They’ve always known me, too…
Julie kept on thinking, and didn’t notice everyone else trying not to stare at her as they did the Pledge of Allegiance. Mrs. Goodwin came up to her. “Julie are you all right? You didn’t do the flag salute and you’re acting different.”
Julie nodded. “I’m fine.”
“What happened during spring break?”
”Are you sure? You’re acting distant.”
Julie cringed. “I’m not acting distant; I’m acting the same as always!” she snapped. Mrs. Goodwin sighed. “I’m trying to help. The bell is going to ring, you should get to class.”
Julie shook. “You should get to class!” she shouted, stumbling out of the classroom. She typed furiously during keyboarding, and finally had to go to band. She sat down on her chair and starting blasting out on her Bari Sax. The other Bari Sax dude stared. “Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine!” Julie spat.
That period flew by, and she went to third period science. She had to see Mrs. Goodwin again, for she was her science and home base teacher. She sat down furiously. Metallica kid came in shortly afterward, and after him Ione.
”Hello, Jules,” Ione greeted.
“What’s up, Jules?” Metallica did too.
“What made you think something is up? Nothing is up, and I’m acting fine!” Julie snapped. They both flinched. “We didn’t say anything about you acting different.” Said Ione, a bit suspicious and worriedly at the same time.
Nameless looked worried. “She was acting fine this morning.” He whispered to Ione. Ione nodded. “Get in your seats!” Mrs. Goodwin called. Ione ran to her seat and Metallica plopped down. “Now, get out your comp books and we’re going to take notes about mitosis of cells…”
Julie didn’t listen. Why is everybody being stupid? They’re the ones acting different, not me! Besides, nothing happened on Spring Break. My scar just got there because a squirrel scratched me!
Mrs. Goodwin came over to Julie. “I called on you, Julie. I asked you the definition of meiosis.”
“I don’t care!” Julie spat, and then put her face in her hands. “You’re acting so weird, all of you!” she screamed.
Mrs. Goodwin sighed. “I think it’s you. Tell me what happened over spring break.”
“Nothing and I got this scar because a squirrel scratched my neck!”
Mrs. Goodwin sighed again. “Was anybody with Julie during spring break?” she asked. Metallica kid and Ione looked at one another. “We were,” they both said in union. “What really happened?” Mrs. Goodwin asked with a small hint of exasperation in her tone.
“Well,” Ione began, “I’ll start off generally. Do you know about the house on Maple Boulevard?”
Mrs. Goodwin nodded. “Yeah, isn’t it haunted? That’s what I hear.”
Ione nodded. “Yes it is. Well that’s where Julie moved into. It really was haunted, and…”
Ione and Nameless explained the whole story graphically. All the students were listening intently. Some of them thought it wasn’t real but Mrs. Goodwin told them: “These kids wouldn’t lie, maybe (and she tried to say Nameless kid’s name, but Julie screamed), but it’s the truth.”
“And that’s how Julie got that scar. Mrs. Goodwin, it’s changed her life. She’s never going to be the same, maybe she will but I doubt it.” Ione explained. Julie began to cry. She didn’t care what people thought. “It didn’t happen! It was a dream! It was a dream!” she cried.
“No it wasn’t!” Metallica kid shouted, “It was real, Jules, and you know it!”
“No! It was all a dream! All of it was a worthless dream!”
Nameless got up and grabbed Julie, and looked her in the eye. “It was not a dream, Julie. It was real.”
Julie knew it was real. She didn’t want to believe it. However much she tried to convince herself otherwise, it didn’t work. “I know,” she sniffled, “I just wish it weren’t.”
Mrs. Goodwin frowned. “We have to get on with class, you guys.”
Julie wiped her tears, flustered. “Yeah…yeah we have to…”
Nameless smiled to Julie, a nice smile, and then sat back down. Mrs. Goodwin unsuccessfully went on with the lesson, but the endless whispers of eager students continued. “Okay, you know…have the rest of the period—which is…ten minutes—to yourselves.” Mrs. Goodwin decided, and then sat at her desk and looked out the window. Perhaps she was thinking, too.
“Julie, what I wanted to tell you back at the house was that…” Nameless shut his eyes tight and tried to find the words.
“What?” Julie asked, still wiping tears.
“You’re a good friend.” He said.
Julie was expecting something different. She nodded. “Thank you, you’re a great friend too but…I don’t know your name.”
“Everybody shut up for a second!” Ione called.
Everyone did. “Whisper it in my ear.” Julie said.
Nameless got in closer to Julie and opened his mouth. “It’s L—”
A fire alarm sounded. Everyone got up and went out the door to escape. Luckily it was only a drill. Julie walked out behind Ione and in front of Nameless kid. She didn’t even mind the alarming sound. She closed her eyes and started feeling her fingers along her scar. She began to scratch it, and it opened up a bit. She gasped, and opened her eyes again. She took her fingers off and gazed at them, they had a bit of blood on them. She put her fingers to her mouth and sucked off the blood.
She had been so close to knowing Nameless kid’s name. She knew it started with an L, so now she could guess. Lou? Louis? Lewis? Leonard? Leonardo? Julie gave up. She forgot about the whole thing. Julie and the rest of her class all journeyed out into the field and waited in a line. For awhile, Julie just stood there with her eyes closed. Finally it was time to let them all in, and they all started walking, and some sauntering, back into the classroom. Class got out in a couple minutes. Finally, Julie thought, it’s lunchtime.
She started flying through the halls. She didn’t even get caught, or didn’t notice if any teacher was trying to stop her. She had her lunchbox swinging in her hand and she was running, running, running wild and free until the end of time. She didn’t noticed Nameless and Ione trailing in the back of her, chasing her. “GET BACK HERE JULIE! The principal is after you!” she heard Ione’s voice.
Julie stopped right in her tracks. The principal was after her? Well, ha! She was in good trouble now! And it was awesome! She began to run again. “Get back here! What’s her name? (Ione replied: “Julie”) Julie! Get back here now! You’re breaking the rules!” the principal hollered. Julie laughed as she ran, she was breaking rules! She’d never broken any rules! SHE WAS A RULE BREAKER! Suddenly, without notice, she bumped right into the janitor that looked like John Lennon. He was in front of a door.
Julie gasped, and then ran into the doorway. “Huh? Hey get back here!” the John Lennon guy shouted. Julie shut the door to the closet and then locked the door. Many voices were muffled to her outside the door. “Open up now! Where’s the key, Jeff?” one voice said.
“Uh…I lost it.” The voice of the janitor boomed over the rest. So his name is Jeff!
The principal sighed, and Julie could hear it. Julie realized she would be in deep trouble once she got caught. That was good. She’d never gotten in trouble before! She was testing the limits today, and couldn’t help it. Things had happened to her that had never happened before, and she felt as if she could do anything. “Get out here, Jules!” Ione’s voice could be heard.
Julie didn’t reply. Maybe they wouldn’t do anything if she didn’t reply.
She bumped into a broom, and gasped. She didn’t like being in the dark closet, as if it were an abyss, but she didn’t want to face the consequences. This is tight! She thought to herself. She heard some shuffling outside the door, and a key opening the lock. “Thank gosh, Jeff, you found the key.”
Julie’s eyes widened. She felt a knob behind her as the principal struggled with the key in the lock. She was in luck. She opened it up and found herself outside the school. A secret passage! She closed that door the same time the closet door was opened. She could hear them fretting about how the heck Julie escaped. Luckily Julie covered the door knob with the broom. She didn’t know what to do out in the open, outside of school. Maybe she could test the limits even farther. Should I run away? She thought suddenly. She didn’t feel as estranged to everybody as everyone else thought she was. Maybe they felt divided from her…They don’t know what they’re thinking. She thought sourly, they’re all acting stupid. All of them!

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