The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: March 16, 2009

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Submitted: March 16, 2009



Julie was still pondering on whether or not she would run away or not. She didn’t believe she was being bad at all, but her principal did. Her principal’s name was Mrs. Ronhaar, and she was a skinny figure with short brown hair. She was nice but was mean when she needed to be. Julie shivered. It was cold outside, and she was only wearing her The Strokes shirt and a pair of baggy jeans. She sighed. Maybe this was the wrong thing to do. No! She thought, I am not doing anything wrong!
Julie began running, but she tripped on her untied shoelace. At that, Mrs. Ronhaar and the rest of the gang must’ve discovered the secret door, because they blasted out. “Julie!” Mrs. Ronhaar called. Julie knocked her nose on a rock. She got up, her nose bleeding heavily. “No, I’m not going back. I didn’t do anything wrong…I didn’t…” Julie pleaded dizzily.
She began to see blurs of people in front of her. “Jules, are you all right?” Ione asked worriedly. Julie blinked. “I’m fine! Stop saying I’m not!”
Metallica kid frowned. “Something is wrong.” He remarked.
“No!” Julie protested.
Nameless kid’s eyes flashed with uncertainty. He knew something was wrong. Julie knew nothing was wrong and she was perfectly fine. Ione was whispering to Mrs. Ronhaar about what happened over spring break, and Jeff (the John Lennon-looking janitor) was looking at all the keys on his ring to make sure that he hadn’t lost anymore.
Julie wiped the blood off her nose and walked up to Nameless. “I’m fine, all right?” she mumbled. He shook his head in remonstration. Julie scowled, but then fell over but luckily Ione caught her in time so she wouldn’t kill herself. “She fainted!” Metallica gasped.
“Naw, she didn’t, smart one!” Ione chided.
“No time for jokes, let’s get her to the office.” Mrs. Ronhaar ordered. They all got back to school laid Julie on a cot (that randomly appeared, no one knew where Jeff found it) so she could rest. She kept murmuring gibberish (or so it sounded) in her sleep. Nameless and Ione didn’t leave her side.
“She’ll be okay,” Mrs. Ronhaar told them.
“We know,” Ione muttered, “I just feel bad for how much she’s been through. It’s really affected her, not us.”
Mrs. Ronhaar nodded slowly, “Well then I’ll leave you all be.”
Julie abruptly awoke. She looked at Ione and Metallica. “I’m insane.” She whispered. Ione and Nameless took that that she was better.
“It’s okay,” Ione reassured her.
Julie sat up. “Wow, when I look back at everything that happened…it seems so weird.” Julie admitted.
Her friends nodded. “I didn’t think that would ever happen to me.” Nameless gasped his eyes wide, “It was my own fault, for agreeing to see your house and all, but now I’ve got some good friends. I took some video of it on my video camera.”
“You did?” Julie and Ione asked in union.
He nodded, “You guys were to scared to notice. Hah, I looked back at some of it and it made me laugh.”
“Laugh,” Julie scoffed, “It was horrible!!!”
“Horrible,” Nameless laughed, “And hilarious.”
Julie sighed, “Do you have the camera with you?” she asked.
Before he could reply, Mrs. Ronhaar entered. “Would you three like to go home? I’ve decided…well I have excused you from every lesson today so you can go home. You shouldn’t have come straight back, I’m so sorry. There’s a phone right here if you would like to call your parents.”
Oh, would I! Julie thought.
Julie was first to seize the phone. She dialed 9, and then her mother’s number. The phone’s bothersome humming rang in Julie’s right ear. Finally, a familiar voice picked up:
”Hello, this is Andrea Clark, how may I help you?”
”Mom, it’s me!” Julie exclaimed.
“Julie! What are you doing?” she asked.
Julie sighed and then explained her whole day to her mother. Her mother gasped, “Honey! It’s our house, wasn’t it? I’m so sorry…listen, my boss is letting me off early so I’ll be there in about an hour to pick up you and your friends. Tell your friends to call their parents and tell them I’ll get them.”
Relieved and calmer, Julie hung up the phone. She instructed her friends to call their parents and inform them. Julie wondered swiftly what Jadyn was doing. Then again, Jadyn always acted so carefree and didn’t do anything most of the time and reacted as a little kindergartener did to anything. Perhaps she only played with Lego’s on the brightly colored carpets of her puke-smelling kindergarten classroom with her Texas-reigning teacher.
Julie hoped so.
“I can’t,” Nameless suddenly warned, “My mom’s going to pick me up. I probably won’t be seeing you guys until you come back to school. My parents want time with me.” He explained.
“Oh, okay.” I said.
“In that case, Julie when we get home you should relax a bit. I mean, you’ve had a long, unusual day…”
”I know, I would’ve rested anyways.”
When Julie’s mother arrived, she ambled into the office. “Julie? Are you in here?” she asked. Julie got up from her chair. “I’m here! So is Ione, and we’re all ready…” Julie’s mother nearly burst into tears as she skidded up to her and hugged her tightly. “I was so worried about you! After that story you told…you’re not in trouble but I would never think you would’ve done that kind of…oh, Julianne!”
She called me Julianne…Julie thought, she hasn’t called me that ever since she thought I was…crazy last time…
Julie stepped back from her mom. “No, if you think I’m crazy I’m not. I am just tired and shaken from that whole incident. Now can we do what you came here for? Go home?”
Julie’s mom stared wide, her mouth dropped open. Without question, she led Ione and Julie out to her car.
The car ride was silent. No one spoke; perhaps they were too scared to speak or too shaken. When they got home Julie laid down on the couch. Ione sat in a chair by the couch. They sat, watching some unusual thing on TV but they barely paid any attention. Julie’s mom entered from the kitchen. “Your father is on his way with Jadyn,” she reported, sitting at the end of the couch, “The elementary school excused her, too.”
Nobody replied.
Her mom set a bowl of potato chips on the coffee table and picked up the remote. She changed the channel to the History Channel. Surprisingly, it was a program on their house. “Turn the channel.” Julie moaned.
Her mom did so, except muted it.
“So what do you girls want to do?” she asked.
“Nothing…” Julie groaned.
Ione shrugged dolefully.
Julie’s mom heaved a sigh, “Well,” she continued, “We could go somewhere if you guys would like. Julie, we could go to Laser Tag.”
Julie’s head poked up, “Laser Tag? Really, seriously, you’d do that? In that case, let’s go!” she jumped up to her feet and slipped on her shoes.
Julie’s mom smiled. “Give me some time to get ready and we’ll go. Is that okay with you, dear?” she asked Ione.
Ione nodded more merrily, “I’d sure love to!”
Julie’s mother checked her wallet. “Oh,” she muttered darkly.
“I’m afraid I don’t have the money. But we could hang out here, right? We’ll be fine. I’ll order some pizza…”
Ione gulped. “Well, I don’t care for pizza…”
“All right, that’s fine. I can go pick up something else…we don’t have much here.”

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