The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 19, 2009



Keys jiggled in the door as Julie’s father unlocked it. Soon enough, him and Jadyn plowed in. “Hi Julie! How’s it going?” Jadyn asked, prancing up to Julie. Julie shrugged, “I don’t know…” she muttered. Jadyn scowled. “You should treat me how you want to be treated!” she lamented.
“Jadyn, no fighting, Julie’s had a horrible time you should treat her with some respect.” Their mom insisted.
Jadyn looked awed that she hadn’t gotten her way for the first time. In rage, she plopped on to the couch and crossed her arms. “Hi, Julie, how are you?” her father asked. Julie shrugged.
“Don’t bother her,” Julie’s mother whispered to her father, who nodded. Julie felt horrible. Not because she’d eaten too many chips, but because she felt like she hated everything for some reason. She actually missed Anonymous, and she wondered how he was doing in Iraq. He had aided them on the journey through her house, and almost died doing it. Julie (for the third or fourth time) ran her fingers down the scar on her neck. She’d carry the dire memory forever, now. She hated that.
She began to scratch it for no reason, and suddenly she felt the scar open up as one of her fingernails cut it open. She gasped.
“Are you okay, Jules?” Ione asked.
Julie hated that question, so much.
“I opened my scar,” Julie hoarsely fretted, “It’s going to open up more again! I’m going to die!!!!!!!!”
“Calm down, Jules!” Ione gasped, skidding up to Julie and analyzing her scar. As Julie lifted her head more, the scar began to slowly open up, fresh sticky crimson blood oozed from the crack. “Move your head down! It’s opening up really bad…”
Julie moved it down.
“What’s going on?” Julie’s mom inquired, and wailed when she spotted blood dripping from her daughter’s neck. “Don’t worry,” her father warned. Jadyn stared wide-eyed at the sight of heavy blood. “Mommy…?” she stammered. “We have to take her to the hospital!” Julie’s mom fretted.
“It’s not that bad,” her father assured.
Julie exploded into a bout of coughing up blood.
“Okay, its bad…” her father mumbled.
Rushing to the hospital, Jadyn howled in the car. “JULIE IS GOING TO DIE!” she wailed. “Shut up! I’m sorry, Jadyn but seriously! You’re not helping Julie! She is not going to die.” Ione presaged. “You don’t know that…” Jadyn muttered darkly. “SHUT UP!” Ione cried.
“I don’t have to listen to you.” Jadyn spat.
“Stop being a brat…” Julie wheezed.
“Shh, don’t talk Julie. Just keep your scar covered with that cloth.”
Julie dabbed the cloth on her bloody neck and then pressed it on and kept it there with her hand. “It hurts so bad…” Julie whispered. Ione grimaced miserably. “Don’t worry, Jules you’re going to be okay. The doctor will fix you up in no time.” She explained. Julie stiffened. She was a bit dubious but she understood something.
If she had a death or she would stay alive, it wouldn’t matter, right? Even if she died so young she would be…
A ghost!
And she could stay in her house! Now that she knew the afterlife was imminent, or otherwise a genuine intangible, she would be capable of finishing what wasn’t done in her real life. Shaking off the deathlike conjecture, Julie felt lightheaded. Perhaps it was the fact she continued to lose fair amounts of blood. Soon they arrived at the hospital. Her family rushed her in. Julie didn’t really pay attention to what happened, for she fainted.
She fell into a dark abyss, deathly mind-sets surrounding her. Would she live, or would she die? She heard fuzzy, faint voices. They weren’t happy, but alert and anxious. Soon, something covered her mouth and nose and let her breathe in some sort of gaseous air. That’s when she fell into a deep sleep.
Luckily this prevented her from feeling the sharp point slipping through her neck flesh and stitching her skin and tendons back together. The doctors and nurses apprehensively fixed Julie up, dabbing cloth to her neck and cleaning up the scarlet blood dappling Julie’s collar.
When Julie awoke from her slumber, hearing doctor’s voices and her parents, she didn’t open her eyes. “Yes, she’ll be fine. Just a scar will be left there. I advise not to let her scratch it, or it may open again. Just make her avoid…avoid the—ah—neck area. Then, she’ll be fine. Look, she’s stirring.”
Julie made a mistake of shuffling around in her sleep. She immediately opened her eyes. She spotted Jadyn, Ione, her father, and her mother. “Mrs. Clark, tell your daughter the news.” The doctor advised.
“No, I heard everything about me not being able to scratch it.” Julie’s hoarse voice assured. “Mrs. Clark,” the doctor said firmly.
“It’s Andrea,” Julie’s mom corrected him, “Just call me Andrea. What is it?”
”Your phone is ringing.”
Julie’s mom grabbed out her cell phone. “Oh, it is. I don’t know the number.”
She immediately answered it, “Andrea Clark, how may I help you?”
The voice on the other line was loud enough to hear, “Is Julie there?” it asked.
“Well, yes…she’s in a hospital bed.”
”What? Can I please speak to her?”
”Who is this?”
”My name is Joe, I’m a friend.”
Julie’s spirits lifted. “Let me talk to him!” she cried. It was Anonymous Person!
Her mom handed Julie the phone. “Hello?”
”Jules! It’s me!”
”How are you?! How’s Iraq?!”
”First of all,” Anonymous said sternly, “Why are you in the hospital again?”
“Oh,” Julie gulped, “My scar opened up again. But, it’s fine now. I thought I’d die, Joe…”
”I’m sorry,” he apologized, “You shouldn’t have to go through this. But things in Iraq didn’t go so well. When I said I was in the Air Force…well I kind of lied. I’m in the Army. I wanted to inform you…well…I kind of got shot.”
Julie gasped. He got shot?!
“Are you all right?!” Julie lamented.
“I’m fine,” he sighed, “But it hurt so bad…I got shot in the side of my leg. Not the femur part, but the lower part. The medics brought me back to the uh…well anyways I’m fine now, but it still hurts. Man, it’s like we both are in the hospital at the same time. I’m getting out of battling, so I’m coming back home. How’s everyone else?”
“Ione is fine, Metallica is…fine, and Jadyn is fine. We’re all good. I just had a little incident at school.” Julie replied.
“What happened?”
Julie (in depth) explained about her foolishness about school, about testing the limits and whatnot. The whole time Anonymous kept laughing. “If I had not been crazy off this whole ghost thing, I would’ve been suspended.” Julie explained seriously. She didn’t think it was that funny. “Oh, I’m sorry you don’t think it’s funny, do you?” Anonymous realized.
“Yeah, it isn’t.”
”Sorry, well do you want me to come up and visit? I’m in crutches but that doesn’t matter.”
“I don’t care, you don’t have to.”
“I’ll be on my way then,” he decided, and then hung up.
Julie handed the phone to her mom again. “He’s coming,” she sighed. “Who is?” her mom asked. Julie looked up, “His name is Joe, and he helped with the ghost stuff. He also almost died.”
“Oh, that guy!” her mom pointed a finger in the air as if indicating: “ah ha”.
“I thought he was in Iraq?” Ione asked.
“No,” Julie said, “Well, he was, but then he got shot and came back home.”
“Oh! How’s he getting here?”
“He’s driving, but he’s on crutches.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Julie I thought you were going to die!” Jadyn cried, and then waddled up to Julie and hugged her. “I thought I was going to, too.”
“Really?” her mom asked astoundingly.
Julie nodded.
Suddenly, Anonymous Person, crutches and all, blasted through the doors. “I am here!” he declared. Julie glanced at him oddly. He sure arrived quickly. He limped in. “These crutches,” he squeezed out the words, “Are hard to walk in. Hey there, Jules!” he waved to her with a fake smile on his face. “Hi…” she muttered wryly. “Hey, I came all the way down here and that’s all you say?” he pointed out. Julie shrugged, “I could’ve died…again.”
“Sor-ree, same here,” he muttered.
He then turned to Ione. “Hi there, Ione, how’s it going?”
Ione shrugged, “Couldn’t complain, except the fact I thought Julie would die again.”
”Ain’t it life?” Anonymous chided.
He looked at Julie’s mom. “Well hello,” he greeted, “I never formally met you. My name is Joe.”
”I’m Andrea, Julie’s mom.” They shook hands. Julie didn’t feel happy or sad. She felt neutral. She just wanted to get out of the hospital.
The next week, Julie had felt better than ever. Her spirits lifted more and the thoughts of the spirits she had battled during the times of decadence. Turmoil over this had been lost and she relinquished the thoughts. They would be bound to her for eternity, but she tried not to remember at any free time her thoughts wandered. She had to go to school today, the last week she sat around the house and didn’t really do anything. Her mom dropped her off at school.
“Have a nice day, Julie I hope you’ll be fine.”
Julie didn’t reply. She didn’t really want to go to school, but she had to. Julie walked into the familiar hallways of mayhem in which anything and everything could happen. An ocean of people surrounded her as she weaved passed them. She finally arrived at her locker. She opened it up, twisting the lock and lifting the latch. She put away her belongings and got out her binder. She went into home base and sat down quietly. Mrs. Goodwin glanced up from her work.
”Hello Julie,” she greeted, “Are you feeling any better?”
Julie nodded. She felt hot tears welling up inside her eyes. She was okay, wasn’t she? Her school life would be atrocious. She yawned and then began to read her book for the rest of home base. Hopefully the day would pass quickly. She was glad summer break was in a month.
Her mind was blank the whole day. She nearly dozed off in first period keyboarding. Next would be second period band, where she played horribly and gratefully switched to alto saxophone. Third period: science. She would be able to see Ione and Nameless. She wondered how they couldn’t know Nameless kid’s name, but she guessed somehow they couldn’t know.
Did his parents know? They probably did.
That period passed by, as did the rest. She barely paid any attention in them, and did the work easily.
The next couple weeks went along the same.
Easy and boring, passing by horribly every time Julie faced her school that brought her in, mocking her every moment she took a single breath. Bringing up the spirit and all the energy she had left, she went, and did stuff, and left. She didn’t even talk to Nameless or Ione. She just did what she had to do. All the other people in her school rambled on about what they would do during summer, and how close it was. Their days possibly looked vibrant and happy, Julie’s not so much.
It felt like everything surrounding her spilled out colors and voids of black, gray, and white. Her world was an old-fashioned horror movie. Before any incident, as if last year, her eyes would’ve gleamed with ravenous excitement to even arrive at school to see her friends. Yes, the education part was not at all pleasurable in any way, but she didn’t mind it. Soon enough weeks passed, and only about two weeks remained in the school year.
Julie barely noticed.
June 16th was the date when school would be over, and break would loom over everybody in the school business. The jostling might of the crowd of kids you had to sift through would be over for three months for the teachers and staff. Listening to the tedious lectures from the ominous teachers would finish for the students. The eighth graders would leave to see the day of advent: high school. Julie had to face another year of middle school as an eighth grader herself. She didn’t mind, though. Maybe it might be easier, or so she heard.
Trusting eighth graders wasn’t the key, though.
All the ones in her band class boasted to her about their classes and how they seemed much more at ease than the former year. Julie only listened, sitting there with her giant instrument of destruction and wishing she was in an entirely different place. While she randomly thought about other thoughts, they rambled on, text messaging on their cell phones and doing other eighth grader stuff. Julie didn’t like being the only “Sevie” as they called it in that class, but look how far she’d come! Being the best wasn’t the best, but she wasn’t even the best! However, she could play quite well and in doing that she deserved this being of a higher rank in her bands’ system.
Summer: the one word every teenager exuberantly loved to death. When they could get away from their business and do seemingly anything. Extreme happiness fulfilled the dreams of anyone who got a break from working during the summer. However, not many workers got this opportunity. A nuance of work loaded some jobs, while others it took them easy. Julie felt glad she didn’t have to have a job yet, her job consisted of school and nothing but it. Yes, chores now and then, but she merely paid attention to that.
The bad thing about her was that she didn’t pay much attention to anything. She seemingly knew what to do, though. She followed her own directions. She knew that was bad, but she couldn’t help that her mind wandered anytime and anywhere, just as at the moment. Her mind wandered just now, but it was how her personality was. What do they call that?
Julie slept long hours at night, as well. Usually she stayed awake, listening to Iron Maiden all night long, thinking and worrying about things. Julie’s parents worried about her.
“She’s a different kid,” her mother tells her father.
“I know,” her father sighs, “If she keeps this up…well, maybe we should get help for her.”
Her mother’s eyes widen, “Are you saying she might be…” she lowered her voice, “Like…mad?”
“Things like that could create madness,” her father pointed out.
Her mother shakes her head. “Yes, we’ll take her to a psychiatrist tomorrow.”
Julie’s mom shook her awake. “Julie, Julie, wake up.” She whispered. Julie opened her eyes. “If you’re taking me to the psychiatrist, you’re wrong. I’m not crazy, mom. I’m just impressed.”
“With what?” her mom asked dubiously.
“I mean depressed. I want to be unaccompanied for awhile, don’t fret, I’ll convalesce rapidly. I just have to quaver off the dire recollections of the gaunt poltergeists.”
Her mom gazed at her daughter bewilderedly. She didn’t know when Julie began to use such advanced vocabulary in her speech, but she got up. “All right honey, I’ll leave you be.”
Julie sat in her bed for a long time. My parents think I’m crazy. She thought anxiously, I can’t let them think that.
She relinquished any ideas from her mind and traveled upstairs to notice Ione’s presence. “Hi Jules,” Ione exclaimed, “How are you?”
“Okay,” Julie replied, “I’m still a little shaken.”
Ione frowned, “Well I’m sorry.”
Jadyn finished off her fudge and threw it away in a near dome-like trash can. “Man, that was good.” She said contentedly, her eyes narrowed in delight, gazing beyond Julie’s reality in her own little world.
Julie sat on the couch and yawned. “I think I’ll be all better, though. When’s summer break?” she asked.
Ione glanced at the calendar hanging by the chair. “Oh, in a couple days, but I reckon we shouldn’t go to school anyways.”
Julie sighed in relief. She didn’t want to go back to school till next year. Then again, she had switched to Alto Saxophone in band, and she kind of wanted to play it. “Can’t I go back on the last day?”
Ione flinched, “Yeah, we both could.”
Julie’s hopes lifted.

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