The Door Inside the Closet

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Submitted: April 15, 2009



Chapter Seventeen
The light poured into the windows of Julie’s house. Faint chirruping of birds could be detected in the distance. Julie woke up, more calm than she had been in days. She noticed she had successfully made her way to her bed last night, which was an odd night. I think I overslept. She thought ruefully, slipping out of bed and traveling upstairs to gaze out of the window. Bright sun shone as she flung open the old curtains. She looked out; the day was calm as was she. Julie glanced at the time.
It read: 9:32.
I did sleep in! She thought surprisingly, and fell back on to the couch. She took off a piece of paper on the coffee table that looked like a note. As she analyzed it thoroughly, she noticed the familiar handwriting of her mom.
We’ll be back at five, Jadyn’s at school.
There’s food in the fridge and cupboards,
Ione may come over if you would like.
Keep safe, and have your cell phone on you at ALL TIMES!
We love you!
I’ll see you later, call if you need anything.
I love you sweetie-Dad
Julie smirked, and placed the paper back on the coffee table. For a moment that seemed forever, she sat there and indulged relaxation time. “Ghost,” she called, and her voice echoed in the empty house. She gave a smug grin and closed her eyes to think. She wasn’t crazy, she was uptight.
Ghost was the word she didn’t want to hear for the rest of her life.
Unless I turn out like Anonymous Person she thought suddenly, what if I become a paranormal expert? I’ve got loads of experience!
She pushed the thought from her mind and got up from her couch to go to the kitchen. She gawked around for a moment, and then found some oatmeal and made herself some. At that moment, she opened the front door and went outside to eat it. It was a warm summer day, promising the end of school sometime. She wondered where Ione was: at school, or at home.
Julie decided not to call her at this moment. The neighborhood was peaceful. Birds sang, skipping from tree to tree. The air was fresh, and Julie breathed in the scent of warm summer. A day like this would be hard to find again. She ate her oatmeal, and when she was finished, set it on the porch table beside her. The sprinkler was left on from her mom and dad. Julie yawned.
Soon enough, her cell phone buzzed in her pocket. She glanced at the Caller ID hastily, which read: “IONE”.
She flipped it open, “Hello?”
“Hi? Julie? Is this you?” Ione’s voice asked.
“Uh…yeah,” Julie replied, she greets me the same on the phone every time.
“Oh good, hey, do you mind me coming over? I’m bored alone at my house. Is Jadyn there? Is it just you?”
Questions, questions…Julie thought dryly. “No, it’s just me.” She replied.
“Can I come over?” Ione repeated.
“Yes, yes you can. Come in like ten minutes though.”
“Ten minutes…all right! I’ll see you then!”
Crimony! Julie reflected hotly, does she have to bother me all the time? At least I’ve got ten minutes to myself…
Julie, for the ten minutes, sat and watched the peaceful scene. “Why waste it?” she told herself.
As soon as the time passed, she could see Ione’s bike down the block. “There goes my ten minutes to myself,” she muttered, and sat there to wait. Ione stopped, put her bike in Julie’s side yard, and then waved hi, tripping on a tiny stone that barely blocked the concrete path between grasses. “Hi there, Jules!” she exclaimed, “What’s up?”
“Nothing,” Julie replied, meaning every letter in the word.
Ione nodded, hopping up the stairs. “What’re you doing out here?”
“Nothing,” Julie replied, meaning every letter in the word once again.
“What were you eating?” she asked, pointing to the bowl.
“Nothing,” Julie replied blankly, and then blinked, “I mean oatmeal. What’s with you, Question Lady?” she asked.
Ione laughed, “What do you mean?”
“You just did it again!” Julie burst out laughing, “You’ve asked me ten questions today.”
“Oh,” Ione grinned, “The funny thing is you counted all of them.”
The two laughed, and Julie felt good again. She even felt a little normal today, just a little relaxed is all. “Have you heard from Metallica kid lately?” Ione asked.
“Eleven,” Julie counted another question, “But no, I haven’t.”
“What about Joe?”
“Twelve,” Julie grinned, “And no, I haven’t.”
Ione snapped her fingers, “Questions are important!” she declared, “Let’s go inside.”
They both went inside the house and sat on the couch. “So, are you better?” Ione prompted. “Thirteen,” Julie sighed, “Yeah, for the most part, but a little bit of me liked the fact I got an adventure out of life.”
Ione blinked, “Yeah that’s true. I miss it, a little. I miss staying at my house with those two guys and your little sister and her fudge, and daring ourselves to search for ghosts in here,” she grinned, “Good times.”
Julie narrowed her eyes and sniffled; “Well now they’re over.”
Ione bit her bottom lip. “I know,” she murmured, “It was weird. I never believed what I saw, and I didn’t know what was real, was it real?”
“Futureal!” Julie exclaimed.
“Huh?” Ione looked at her dumbfounded.
“Sorry, you were basically saying the lyrics to ‘Futureal’ by Iron Maiden, it says ‘Do you believe what you see’ and ‘do you believe, what is real,’ and then it says ‘Futureal’ so that’s why I…”
“Okay I get it, Jules.” Ione grinned from ear to ear.
“Heh,” Julie scratched the back of her neck in embarrassment.
“So…I’m bored.” Ione muttered.
Julie shrugged, “Yeah there ain’t nothing to do anymore.” She chided.
“Oh, shut up!” Ione laughed, “How’s Joe doing?”
Julie shrugged, “I have no idea.”
Without notice, the room grew faintly cold and an echoing whisper surrounded them. It took Julie awhile to make out the words, but then she heard them clearly. Her heart pounded as they whispered in her ear:
“Death is near, death is here, death is for you, and death will be true…”
“Who’s saying that?!” Ione whispered frantically.
“I don’t know!” Julie froze. Could it be the ghost that remained in her house? He said he wouldn’t harm us! She thought worriedly. Soon his gaunt figure appeared. He didn’t look like the other ghosts, either. He wore torn-up clothes and his face was a skeleton. He had eyes, but his skin stripped from his body. “What do you w-want?” Julie stammered.
“I want you…for dead.”
Julie grabbed Ione and her phone, bolting out of the house. They both raced down the sidewalk. “Where are we going?” Ione asked.
“Don’t ask me where, ‘couse I don’t know!” Julie wailed, and they both stopped. The day was gorgeous still, and at that young. Julie grabbed out her phone. Hands shaking, she dialed Anonymous Person’s number. “Hello, Jules!” he greeted as he answered.
“Joe! Come pick up Ione and I now!”
“Hold your bloody horses, I’ll explain, but we’re a block away from my house!”
Julie closed her phone and jammed it in her pocket. Ione shivered, “That ghost was freaky looking,” she whispered, “And I thought he was good?”
“It appears not,” Julie watched the road for Anonymous Person’s car, “We all thought so.”
Ione nodded, “So, you called Joe? Is he coming?”
“Yeah, he didn’t sound too frightened, but he should have…dang I thought this whole ghost thing was over!” Julie cried, looking up into the blue sky.
“So did I,” Ione was shaking, “Y-you’re gonna have to move, Jules. You can’t be scrutinized like that your whole life, you can’t be in this kind of situation everyday. Plus, if you think about it…spirits are living in your house. That’s scary!!!”
“I know it is!” Julie was shaking too, “And I can’t take it! I hate being so scared! I thought everything was okay…”
At that, Anonymous Person’s beat-up old car pulled up. “Need a ride, ladies?” he asked smoothly.
The two both hopped in, shaking. “So what’s up with you guys?” he asked.
“Stop being so happy, that stupid husband ghost tried to kill us!” Ione spilled out every word as it was.
Anonymous Person’s eyes widened as he began to drive. He then relaxed, but looked beyond exasperated. “Are you serious?” he asked. Julie nodded, “Yeah why would we lie? I’m sick of this, and I’m scared. Dude, he looked like a flippin’…like a flippin’…” she was gasping, “A skeleton or something. Something out of a horror movie…I…” Julie stopped to wipe the newfound tears from her eyes.
“Shh,” Anonymous hushed her, “I understand you’re scared, let’s go to my place, all right?”
“Your place…” Julie stammered, “O-okay.”
They finally arrived at his apartment complex. They got out of the car and they walked up some stairs and went into the apartment number #13. Julie couldn’t help thinking that was unlucky, and she had a bit of a skeptical attitude cross her, but it soon went away. They entered his house, which smelled of popcorn and an old music store. Guitars were everywhere, as well as records and food and drinks. It was a small living room with a tiny kitchen, and one room in the back. “Sorry about the mess,” Anonymous apologized, “All I do is go to college and play guitar…”
“How old are you again?” Julie asked, stepping over a Hollow Body to the couch. Anonymous Person’s face turned red. “I’m actually twenty-three, but I told you guys I was thirty…I didn’t want you to be scared that I was with you and…”
“Its fine,” Ione sat down on the floor, “We don’t care.”
“So,” Anonymous sat next to Julie, “What happened?”
Julie cleared her throat, “Well I heard him whisper in my ear…what was it Ione? It was some sort of rhyme…”
Ione shrugged, “It was creepy sounding.”
“It was…death is near, death is here, death is for you, and death will be true…” Julie explained. Anonymous stared at her, “All right…then what?”
“He said…I can’t recall what he said next. He wanted to kill us though.” Ione said. “He said ‘I want you for dead’.” Julie remembered.
Anonymous looked up, his green eyes twinkling with wonder. “He sure was hostile,” he said, “I…I don’t know what to do. Should we get another exorcism?” he asked half to himself.
“Yes,” Julie said. Anonymous looked over to Julie, his hair bouncing in the motion. “Are you sure? I mean, it costs a lot and I’m not about to pay another price…” he mumbled. Julie frowned, “Okay then what should we do?”
Anonymous shrugged, “I guess I could spare some money, but still. Do I look rich to you?”
Julie looked around his apartment at all his guitars, “Yes.” She replied, grinning up at him.
Anonymous ruffled up Julie’s hair, “Kid, what makes you think that?”
“You have all these nice guitars,” she pointed out.
He sighed, “You’re right. I spend all my money on these things. It’s the only thing I can escape to…”
Julie got that. “So we’re getting another exorcism.” Anonymous muttered.
“We have to exonerate of the portentous phantom.” Julie pointed out.
Anonymous and Ione glanced at her confusedly, because of her newfound accelerated speech.
“Listen Einstein,” Anonymous looked at Julie sternly, “I don’t know if I can pay for it.”
Julie tilted an eyebrow, “Why did you call me Einstein…and not…Jules?”
“Because you used some real advanced vocabulary…?” Anonymous suggested.
“It’s simply seeing as I am a seventh grade level undergraduate, I must be using the lexis the instructors edify us.”
Anonymous and Ione exchanged a baffled glance, but said nothing more about it. “Er…well…what about your parents, could they spare the money?”
Julie shrugged, “How am I supposed to formulate that conjecture?”
“I don’t know,” Anonymous Person mumbled.
“Heh, I’m only a child.” Julie grinned.
“Teenager,” Anonymous coughed, “You’re a teenager.”
“Same concept, I’m thirteen, I’m a pre-teen.” Julie pointed out.
Anonymous rolled his eyes, “Same thing.”
“We should be getting somewhere,” Julie said, “When would the final day of school be occurring?”
“Tomorrow,” Ione replied.
“Then we have less than twenty-four hours to get ready. I must say a farewell to my friends—say, is that Metallica character in school?”
Ione nodded.
“Then…all right…it’ll be summer soon. And we’ll have to deal with another spirit in my house.”
“Eh…” Anonymous narrowed his eyes.
Suddenly, a knock rapped at the door. “I’ll get it,” Anonymous jumped up and swooshed past Julie, to open up the door. A man about Joe’s age stood there. He had dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, just the same figure, nearly, as Anonymous Person.
“Hey man! What’s up?” the guy asked.
“Nothin’ much, just hanging out.” Joe replied, grinning.
The guy cocked an eyebrow and smirked as he gazed at the two girls, “What do we have here, Joseph, girls, eh?”
Joe laughed, “Yeah, got myself a girlfriend.” He patted Julie’s back. Julie blinked. She was his girlfriend? He must be kidding.
The other guy chuckled, “She’s a pretty one! Really, though, man, who are they?”
Anonymous plopped back down next to Julie, “Friends. Seventh-grade friends! Sorry Jules and Ione, this is my buddy Matt.”
Matt grinned, raising his eyebrows, “So the girl next to you is taken? How ‘bout you, honey?” he asked Ione.
Ione’s eyes widened, “I’m single and you’re older than me!” she gasped.
Matt laughed, “You know I’m kidding.”
Ione nodded slowly. “So this is Julie,” Anonymous pointed to Julie, “And Ione.”
“Julie,” Matt gazed at me, “You’ve got a fine woman there!”
Julie felt uncomfortable, “May we cease to persist conversing in such rudimentary annotations?” she asked.
Matt raised an eyebrow, “What?”
Anonymous rolled his eyes, “Matt, you’re an idiot. Just go, I’ve gotta take care of some stuff.”
Matt shrugged, got up, and left.
Julie sighed in relief.
“Sorry ‘bout that Jules,” Anonymous patted her back, “Matt’s weird like that.”
“I could see,” Julie muttered.
“So,” Anonymous clapped his hands, startling Julie, “How are we going to take care of the next ghost?”
“Exorcism,” Julie insisted.
Ione grinned.
Anonymous sighed ruefully, “Fine then. I don’t really want to, but we’ll have to. Come on, let’s set up this exorcism of yours.”
The trio had set up the exorcism. “M’kay, the priest will be here in an hour. Let’s get something to eat and then we’ll head on down to your house. Good plan, Julie?”
Julie nodded, “I’ll call my parents to let them know.”
“No!” Anonymous gasped, “Why don’t we tell ‘em about this li’ul mishap when they come back?”
“Why?” Ione asked, “How come we can’t tell them now so they’ll be aware?”
He shrugged, “I—I guess I would think they’d be a little uptight about it. I mean, we’re exorcising a ghost out of their house when they don’t know it exists.”
“Good point,” Julie sighed, “I guess you’re right.”
Anonymous Person grinned, “We shall see.”
They all ate some cheeseburgers at a fast-food restaurant which Anonymous resented, but went anyways. At last, they arrived at Julie’s house. Anonymous Person glanced at his watch. “Well, it’s about three minutes till the priest arrives.” He reported.
“Okay,” Julie said.
They waited for a couple of minutes, and the priest knocked on the door. Anonymous went up to the door and opened it, finding the priest grinning outside. “Hello,” Anonymous greeted formally.
“Well hello! You must be Joseph?”
“Yes,” Anonymous Person replied.
“Let’s rock n’ roll, then!” the priest exclaimed.
Julie trembled with fear. Would it work? Exorcisms weren’t her favorite thing to do, and she’d already tried it once. It worked, but this time was much different than the previous ones.
“The priest is weird,” Ione remarked, whispering.
“Why?” Julie asked.
“Did you hear him? He’s just weird!”
“No, I didn’t…I’m not really paying attention.”
Ione sighed, “Do you think it’ll work?” she asked, changing the subject.
Julie shrugged, “I can’t tell. I hope so.”
The “Glory be to the Father” prayer began. Julie merely listened. Last time, she fainted from the other ghost because of the fact that it frightened her.
Without notice, the ghost appeared, with matches in his hand. The exorcism seemed not to affect him in any way.
“What’s going on?” Julie wailed.
The priest cowered. Anonymous gathered Julie and Ione in his arms. The ghost cast an evil grin. He said not a word, but lit the match and threw it on the floor. “Run!” The priest called. Julie barely caught her breath. Anonymous gripped her tightly and dragged her straight out. Tears came to her eyes, and they all stumbled into the yard. Julie stared up at the house in horror as flames engulfed the remains.

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