The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 23, 2009



Bright flames crackled in the day. The priest’s eyes widened, “The g-ghost burned your house!” he cried. Tears came to Julie’s eyes. Why? Now we have no place to live and all our stuff is gone! She thought anxiously. Her heart thumped wildly. She’d moved most of her belongings to Ione’s house, as did Jadyn. But what about her parents’ belongings, would they all just go like that? Soon, firemen came without notice. Anonymous must’ve called 9-1-1.
When they put out the fire, trauma simply went through Julie’s mind. “No…” she whispered. Her eyes were unblinking, her body unmoving.
“Julie?” kept repeating.
“No,” she echoed.
She felt large arms wrap around her as she stared up at her charred house. She knew the only one big enough to be doing this right now would be Anonymous Person. All that went through her mind was shock and pain.
Tears came to her eyes. What would happen?
She stared at the house as the firemen facilitated the fire go down. She blinked, and soon enough she heard voices behind her.
It was her mother. Julie looked up at her mother and father. Her dad had a crying Jadyn in his hands. Her mom was in full tears. Julie embraced her mom, and soon enough, burst out crying as well.
“We’ll stay in a hotel for now…” Julie’s mom explained, wiping tears from her eyes. They were at the police department, and Julie’s dad was trying to figure things out with the house. Ione’s eyes widened, “Well you guys could stay at my house!” she explained, still in shock. Julie’s mom thought for a moment. Julie yearned for her mother to say “OK” to it.
“If it’s not any trouble…” she murmured.
“None at all,” Ione replied.
“What about all of our stuff?” Julie wondered aloud, speaking for the first time in a long time.
Metallica Kid’s eyes shifted from Julie to her mom. Jadyn sat stationary. Ione looked wondrously around, and Anonymous Person sat on a chair, biting his nails. His eyes rested on Julie’s mom for her answer.
“We had most of our things in storage anyways,” Julie’s mom replied. “We only lost our furniture and some belongings…but…it’s no big deal.”
“Our TV, our…everything is gone!” Jadyn cried.
“No,” Julie’s mom assured her. “Most of our stuff is in storage, remember?”
Jadyn sniffed. “What about my stuffed animals and my toys?”
“You only had a couple, honey.”
“They were my special ones!”
Julie’s mom paused. “I’m so sorry, sweetie.”
Jadyn began to cry. And unlike most times, it wasn’t an angry cry. It was a devastated cry of hope and loss.
“I’m sorry.” Ione muttered.
Julie stared at the ceiling. “I’ll deal with it.” She said flatly.
Metallica Kid smirked, “Jules, you shouldn’t have to deal with it.”
Anonymous shook his head. “You shouldn’t have had to deal with any of this. From the beginning with the ghosts, to the middle with the scars, to the end with nowhere to live, you shouldn’t have had to deal with. Now the memories will never go away. Nobody should have to deal with that. Especially a girl your age, a girl Jadyn’s age, and two hard-working parents, and I’m so sorry that you have to. I’ll do anything I can to help.” He declared darkly, and put his head in his hands. Julie blinked.
I always hear the strongest words from that guy. She thought wistfully, gazing at Joseph; the one person who had really encouraged her since they’d met. On top of this all, she knew that everybody, even Jadyn, had helped encourage her. Yet she knew that Anonymous Person did it best and most of the time.
“What’s your last name?” Metallica wondered.
“Whose?” Ione asked.
Metallica gave a nod to Julie.
“Clark,” Julie replied. “My full name is Julianne.”
“Julianne Clark.” Metallica Kid said.
Julie nodded.
He stared off into the distance. They all didn’t know what to think at the moment, because of the incident that had just occurred. Julie could picture the blazing flames engulfing and charring her house. Tears dropped from her eyes as she thought of it.
Metallica Kid frowned, and looked at Julie, who was on the bench with him to his left. He cautiously scooted closer to her and asked sympathetically: “What’s wrong, Julie?”
Not too aggressively, for she was too sad, Julie pushed Metallica Kid away from her, since she hated it when he did that. “We have no place to live!” she cried. Everybody noticed her cry. “I’m sorry!” Ione wailed.
“Me too…” Metallica Kid agreed.
Her mom was busy crying, as was Jadyn. “I just…I wish…I wish all of this didn’t happen. I wish there were no ghosts in our house in the first place!” Julie wailed. Metallica Kid shook his head, “I know. I’m sorry. I am so sorry.”
“It’s not your fault.” Julie pointed out, wiping her tears away.
Metallica sighed, and scooted faster to Julie, wrapping his arms around her.
She stayed in her position, unaware of what to do. Stiff with awe and confusion, she couldn’t stifle a word.
Her mother and Jadyn didn’t notice, only Ione did.
A small smirk formed at the corner of Ione’s mouth. She knew exactly what Nameless had aimed to do, and she knew exactly what he wanted to tell Julie back at the house that he couldn’t.
Finally, Nameless let go. He stared into Julie’s eyes for a moment. Julie blinked, “What was that for?” she asked tonelessly, her voice merely a mumble.
“I don’t know.” Nameless admitted. “To cheer you up, I guess.”
Julie shifted uncomfortably. “It did not cheer me up nor did it continue to create my ever-growing angst; it made me…” she searched for high vocabulary words to say, but instead just said it upfront: “It made me feel weird.”
Metallica nodded, “I felt weird, too, Jules. But I…”
Before anymore could be said about the scene, Julie’s dad came out. He explained to all of them the circumstances of what would be happening.
The government would keep the whole situation secret, and lent them some money to buy a new house. For now, however, the government would have to wait to give them the money, so they had to stay at Ione’s house for now.
They arrived at Ione’s house at about eight thirty P.M. solemnly, with the belongings they had and themselves. Anonymous Person had gone off home in the same mood.
Julie was getting ready for bed. Tomorrow she wanted to go back to school, yet, she didn’t. She had somewhat gained a sort of ‘popularity’ she didn’t care about at school for being the ‘new kid’. She wanted to say bye to everybody and do all the stuff that happens on last days of school.
Julie brushed her teeth in Ione’s bathroom and soon went downstairs. She was dressed in her pyjamas, which could be also known as her regular clothes: a T-Shirt and basketball shorts.
Curious to know where everybody was, she turned around in the living room to face Metallica Kid.
“Where is everybody?” she asked.
“In the kitchen,” he replied. Julie noticed the lights on in the kitchen and people talking. She sighed.
“Are you staying the night?” she asked Nameless.
He nodded, “Yeah. My mom went on another business trip, and my dad lives in New York, so I’m basically home alone all the time. She told me I could stay here.”
Julie smirked, “Cool.”
“Are you okay?” he asked.
Julie frowned, “No.”
“What’s the matter?”
Julie broke out into tears. Metallica embraced her once again. She merely noticed, since her grief took her over. “I can’t believe this all happened…I can’t believe it…I am so in absolute shock that I met dead people in spirit form, and then my new house burns down, and…and…”
“It’s okay…” Metallica muttered oddly. He felt awkward at the moment but wanted to comfort his friend as much as possible.
“Thanks.” Julie said, wiping her tears furiously. She hated that she broke down crying like this in front of him, since he was so criticizing. But this time he wasn’t, this time he supported her.
They let go. Julie couldn’t believe her and this kid had just done that for the second time.
Friends hug all the time. She thought certainly, knowing it always happened. Something in the back of her mind nagged at her, but she pushed the thought away. She didn’t quite know what it was, but she didn’t really like it.
Julie lay in bed and thought over the day. She ended up crying herself to sleep. Why am I the one who has to deal with this? Why did my family end up being the ones? How come it can’t just be anybody else?
Julie realised her family was anybody else. Everybody in the world was anybody else. She was just another person, in just another family.
The next morning she felt exhausted. Her mother reluctantly woke her up. “Jadyn is staying home, are you sure you really want to go to school today?”
Julie nodded, “I suppose so.”
When her and her two comrades arrived at school, Julie sighed. They did all the stuff you do on the last day, and she got lots of signatures in her yearbook. She wanted this time to be more festive. Yet, the image of her burning house stuck in her mind all day.
Getting to Ione’s was what she looked forward to. When she got there, she laid down on the bed she got lent. I wanted that to be better. She thought remorsefully.
The rest of the day soon passed. It was summer. Julie couldn’t believe she would be in eighth grade next year. She was a little scared, but it was better off than going to high school. She would sure miss all the entertaining eighth graders, soon to be ninth, in her band class. The thought of it gave her a pang of sadness. After dinner, Julie bumped into Metallica Kid again.
“Let’s talk.” He said, leading her into the bedroom he was lent at Ione’s house. They sat on his bed. Julie felt awkward and tried to relax herself. What was with her? It was just Metallica Kid. Why was she so nervous?
“So,” Julie began. “What did you need to talk about?”
He shrugged, “I just thought you might want to vent. I think a lot is on your mind.”
Julie sighed, “Truthfully, there are many thoughts circulating in my brain, yes.”
“Do you want to tell me anything?”
“It’s not much,” Julie admitted. “I can’t get my mind off my house burning down, and the ghosts…think about it. Ghosts! Isn’t that scary?”
Nameless gave a nod. “I’ve learned to accept that.”
“You’re not scared anymore?”
“Not really.”
“I’m scared…”
“Don’t be. They’re all gone.”
“How can we be sure there’s not ghosts here, in Ione’s house?”
“Ione’s house isn’t that old. She told me it was built in the seventies.”
“Ah,” Julie muttered, “Hippy ghosts.”
“No,” Nameless chuckled. “No ghosts. Even if there are, they’re not doing anything to harm her or us.”
Julie began to hum the Pink Floyd song “Us and Them”.
“Where’s Ione?” she asked absently.
“Downstairs,” Metallica replied.
Julie got up. Metallica followed. She met up with Ione.
“Are you okay?” Ione asked, turning to face Julie.
Julie shrugged, “I could be better. I could be way better…”
“I’m sorry,” Ione sighed. “I wish I could help.”
“Don’t worry,” Julie assured her friend. “You’re helping us as much as you can. You’re doing well.”
Ione smiled, or at least tried to. “All right then. When are you going to bed? It’s already ten o’ clock.”
Julie shrugged, “I don’t think I could sleep if I tried.”
Ione didn’t reply. They both stood for awhile. Jadyn was harassing Nameless for a reason nobody knew of but the two. Julie’s parents were talking to Ione’s mom. Julie and Ione decided to go to sleep.

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