The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 19, 2008

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Submitted: December 19, 2008



“Hey this is my room!” she heard. Julie turned around. What really made her heart pound was the fact that there was no Jadyn to start crying. Nothing could be seen there in the place. It was merely an empty spot. What was going on? Was this some kind of joke? That stupid Jadyn! She probably was hiding behind the door! Julie swung the door. No one was hiding. She sprinted down the stairs (and did trip a little bit and slide on her bottom) in fear. “JADYN!” she yelled.
“Oh Jadyn left ten minutes ago to get the pizza with your father.” Her mother said, as she fiddled around with her cell phone. “Are you serious?” Julie asked.
“Yes. So how do you like the house?” she asked.
“I don’t like it.” Julie admitted.
“Why not…?”
“It scares me.”
“Why?” her mother’s eyes filled with worry.
“Jadyn left ten minutes ago, right? I went into her room upstairs. I explored it a little bit, and I heard a voice say: ‘Hey this is my room!’ I thought it was Jadyn playing a trick on me because when I turned around no one was there.” Julie explained. Her mother rolled her eyes. “If you’re lying stop it. If not, you were probably just hearing things, honey my goodness.” Julie felt hot with embarrassment, “NO! I heard it I’m serious!” she retorted, “Maybe it was a ghost!”
“Ghosts aren’t real, sugar-loaf.” Her mom replied.
“WHAT IF THEY ARE, THOUGH," Julie raised her voice.
“Don’t use that tone. I told you, just don’t worry okay? Ghosts aren’t real.”
What a noob-cake! Her mother knew nothing about ghosts.Julie researched them before and her whole life she’s wondered about them. “Why don’t you walk on down to that Cutter school and ask to try out for the Jazz Band if they have one?” her mother suggested. That could be a good idea. She stopped. “Which saxophone should I play?” she asked.
“Uh…all of them…” her mother clearly wasn’t paying attention at all.
All of them…her mother was either insane or wasn’t paying attention. She only had an alto, tenor, and baritone. She surly couldn’t play all of them. “No. I think I’ll play the Bari in regular band and the alto or tenor in jazz.” She sighed. She took her alto saxophone and walked off to Cutter…at least she could get away from that house.
It turned out Cutter’s mascot was the Hawks for some reason. She knew school was in session, so she went to the front door. She walked to the place that said “office.” She saw some lady at a desk. “May I help you?” she asked.
“Yes…I’m new and my mom registered me already. I’d like to try out for Jazz Band.” She replied. “Okay honey…I’ll escort you to the band room. There’s no class in session right now for this period in band.” And with that the woman took her to the band room. Another lady stood there, playing a trumpet. She looked at Julie. “Oh hello there…I’m Mrs. Hamblen what do you need?”
“This is a new studded who would like to try out for the Jazz Band.” The lady who escorted her replied.
Soon enough, the lady left and it was just Julie and Mrs. Hamblen.
“I see that’s an alto saxophone.” Mrs. Hamblen remarked. “Okay sight read this piece.” She said. It was called Azure, a Duke Ellington piece. She played it quite well actually, better that she thought.
“You’re in Jazz One definitely! That’s the top jazz. That was good.” Mrs. Hamblen exclaimed. Julie sighed in relief. That song had lots of sharps in it (which Julie knew her saxophone was out of tune and her sharps sounded more like flats). “Thank you.” Julie smiled. “So what are you going to play in band? The sax or clarinet or oboe or what?” asked Mrs. Hamblen. “Oh I’m going to play the Bari Sax.” Julie said.
“Good, good. We’ve only got one Bari Sax in our Advanced Band.” Mrs. Hamblen hinted something in that statement. She was in advanced band. SHE WAS IN ADVANCED BAND?
“What do you mean?” Julie asked.
“You’re in advanced band. Now go along now, you’re probably staying home today.” Her new teacher suggested. Julie left her sax there. So she left…and remembered that voice she heard in Jadyn’s room. Her heart pounded. She walked back home, and felt more scared than ever. She didn’t want to go back—who knew what would happen next.
When she arrived, Jadyn and her father were already back. They were eating pizza and watching a program on the history channel about haunted houses. She flinched. “Hi Julie, did you get in Jazz Band?” Jadyn asked. “Y-yes…” she stammered. “OH goodie. What band are you in?” asked Jadyn again. “Advanced—”
“CONGRATS!” Julie’s dad cheered. He took a bite of pepperoni pizza and gave her thumbs up. “That’s nice now eat some pizza and tell everyone abut what happened today.” Julie’s mother sounded stern. “Oh I checked out the place.” Julie explained.
“And you said you heard ghosts.” Here mom sneered, “She’s gone ballistic.”
“WHAT ABOUT GHOSTS, huh?!?!" Jadyn fussed even more from when she swallowed the gum. “No Julianne just thinks there are.” Her mother took a drink of her ginger-ale. “You guys don’t know for sure…you know as much as Jadyn.” Julie defended herself.
“That’s not true. We just think it’s impossible to have the dead come back or anything.” Her dad said. Julie honestly didn’t care right now about what her parents thought. She knew that there was at least one ghost in this unusual house. She was really paranoid right now. So she took out her MP4 player and played the song “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath. Then again, she turned it to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” By Guns N’ Roses. She walked to the room downstairs that was apparently her room. How does he play like that? She thought as she listened to the song, and Slash played it so clearly on the guitar, so good. It seemed impossible to play to her. She took out her tenor sax and tried to play it but it didn’t work out.
She sighed and thought about Slash’s fingers moving all crazy on the fret board as he played in his bluesy style. She wasn’t honestly paying attention to it too much, but she wanted to get her mind off this house. It was definitely haunted. She really wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. She’d be thinking all about that voice she heard in Jadyn’s room. She knew one of her friends lived close, maybe she could sleep over. After all, it was Friday. She decided it would not be worth it though, and besides, there was nothing she could do, really. She’d just try and sleep tonight, and maybe it would be worth it to live in this house after all, hopefully.

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