The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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Submitted: December 21, 2008



Okay, so today was finally Saturday. Julie had actually slept that night, in her empty room. She needed to repaint it because she was already tired of the ugly olive green paint that already started to peel. Jadyn had actually slept well, too, in that haunted room—which that’s what Julie thought—of hers. She awoke, tired because of that night she didn’t think she’d sleep and she kept hearing weird noises and it was actually her father listening to techno music and her mother trying to watch Desperate Housewives. And she also had heard Jadyn crying because she had a stomach ache and thought that was the aftermath of swallowing that horrid little piece of gum and so her mom went in to calm her down and gave her a breadstick to eat because that was probably why Jadyn felt so sick.
And that’s what Julie had to listen to.
It didn’t entertain her, it bothered her. She hated all this bickering and whining…it started to get on her nerves. She put on some clothes and opened her room door. She walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. All that remained inside the freezing box had been cold pizza. So she took out a piece and ate it, then drank a glass of water.
No one else was awake.
So she got on the computer. She logged into the laptop and went to the internet. She put in the address: and looked up the simple topic:
Haunted Houses
What really made her heart stop was the mere website that...waits a minute. There were various links that said “MAPLE BOULEVARD: A TRUE HAUNTED HOUSE.”
Her heart must’ve skipped a jillion beats. That was her house! And it specifically said it IS located in her area.
She felt like she needed to die and come back to life again.
Her house was haunted. She clicked on one of the sites and read an article thing:
Maple Boulevard’s Oldest House by Chris Topher
If you’re wondering if there’s an actual Haunted House, there is. It’s not the only one, but it’s in the top five worst, and its number three. Want some history? Well, a man that no archeologist knows the name of—let alone anyone and it’s not in the records—lived there. He was sent off in the army, leaving his little boy and his wife behind. His wife found out he had died in war and felt so horrible, she committed suicide.Her son didn’t know what to do, exactly. He took a gun that was lying on the ground.
What was it? He didn’t actually know, really. He pulled the trigger, curiously. Well, the rest is history. He died, and legend says that he and his mother still haunt the place and can be very dangerous. And, according to the stories, the father returned, and tries to find his family in the house…but for some reason, they won’t let him.
Lots of paranormal experts have found high readings of paranormal activity in the house. It’s for sale, and whoever buys it is either lucky or not. People who have lived in it won’t say a word to the public, and the Government keeps their identities a secret.
Tired of too much beef cravings? Go to
That didn’t make Julie feel any better. She felt a little sick and really paranoid, so she shut down the computer as livid as she was. Before she had shut down the computer though, she bookmarked that page (not the yes you are fat website, however!) and decided to watch T.V. Should she tell her parents about this? No…it wasn’t like it was important or anything. They wouldn’t believe her, either. She knew they wouldn’t. And, it would be too good to be true for Jadyn and she’s start bawling and all that jazz.
So she decided not to.
It just wasn’t worth it.
The weekend flew by like a gust of wind. It was Monday, Julie’s first day of this dang new school. What were her classes going to be like? What were the people like? WOULD SHE BE ACCEPTED?!?! Honestly, she didn’t want to know. It would be hard…hard not to think of going to Hudson Junior High, and go to first period math and second period science and third period band and then health and fitness, language arts, and history. It would be different. WAY different. She couldn’t see her old friends.
Her mother drove her to school.
She walked in, her old binder and all. The principal showed her to her first period. She sighed. She had first period keyboarding class. As she walked in, she wondered how Jadyn was doing. She’s probably bawling her head off saying she doesn’t want to be at this darn school. Julie thought…although that was what she had been thinking. Different heads turned to her and stared. The teacher looked like a mean person. She had gray hair and glasses and a skinny little body and looked not happy whatsoever. Julie sat at a desk and started to log in to the computer. The person next to her stared at her endlessly…and she couldn’t help feeling scrutinized. At least she could be away from her dreaded house. “What are you staring at, huh?” she snapped.
“YOU…are you new or something?” the girl asked.
“Yes, I am “new” but that doesn’t mean you’re not new, you noob-cake.” Julie replied hotly.
“Noob-cake…? Hey listen here, I am not new. Besides, noob-cake, what’s your name?” the girl asked.
“I don’t think I want to tell you that.” Julie bit back.
“Tell me or I’ll smack you upside the—”
“Girls quiet down!” the teacher had a quite squeaky voice and she looked at them with her blazing livid eyes.
Julie glared at the anonymous girl next to her. What a noob-cake!
She just typed away. Julie glanced at her schedule. Second period band, yes! She was going to play the Bari Sax—which she hadn’t played for awhile—and be good hopefully. After a really long period (or it seemed so) the bell rang.She knew exactly where the band room could be found. So she ran off to the magical place.
Mrs. Hamblen stood by the doorway. “Hello, Julie. I’ve got your Bari Saxophone from your mom.” She greeted. So Julie took out her wonderful sax and carried it to where she had been instructed to sit…by another Bari sax player.
“You are the new one.” He remarked.
“Yes…” she replied.
“Okay Mrs. Hamblen will be copies later, so we can share music for awhile.” He said, getting out music. One entitled “Seagate Overture” and the other “Spring Island Celebration” and “Greensleeves” They looked a bit difficult, but it wouldn’t make a difference. She almost felt excited. Well, wouldn’t she be? This was new! New, cool, complex music!
So they played it.
Sight reading wasn’t as easy as it had been before. Then again, the bass clarinet beside her said “good job” and the Bari Sax dude said “pretty good.”
Next period…she looked at her schedule. Ah ha! Her next period was…science. Oh great. It wasn’t her favorite subject, but it would have to work. She sprinted to the science room and was actually late because she didn’t know where it was at first but it didn’t matter and she kept thinking of how horrible her house was.
She sat in the front row. Behind her was a never-stop-the-talking person and at her left some other kid who wouldn’t stop eating in class whenever the teacher left and at her right some other kid who talked to the kid behind her.
She had gotten a composition book from her new teacher and had to write science stuff in it about pollution or something and she really didn’t understand it.
The kid behind her wouldn’t stop singing some Metallica song, and she turned around and told him to be quiet or she’d tell the teacher but she got in trouble instead for talking in class and she sighed and felt like beating that darn kid up.
She was relieved to know that lunch was next.
The girl behind the Metallica kid walked up to her. “Hi! So you’re new, huh? Want to sit by me at lunch?”

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