The Door Inside the Closet

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Julie meets someone and they insist to go into her haunted house...

Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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Submitted: December 21, 2008



Julie nodded a bit winded and her mind felt unusual because that was the weirdest class on earth. She took her lunch from her locker and followed this girl. “So what’s your name?” she asked.
“Julie…” Julie replied.
“Oh. I’m Ione.”
Ione had long dark brown hair and was quite tall…Julie on the other hand…not so much. They sat down at an unusual table. “So where do you live?” asked Ione.
“Oh I live on Maple Boulevard…that one old house at in the middle sort-of.” Julie replied. Ione looked very scared…she didn’t look at all excited from Julie’s reply. “That’s the haunted house, man!” she gasped. Julie had no idea. Then she remembered that document she pulled up from the internet. “I…know…but nothing weird has happened…”
“Well…who knows?” Ione cried.
“It’s alright. Ione, don’t worry.” Julie coaxed her.
Ione didn’t seem convinced. “I just hope you’re alright. Ask your parents if you can come over after school.” Ione replied.
“Okay…” Julie stammered.
After lunch, she and Ione traveled to Language Arts Class. In that class, they sat there, listening to a seemingly endless lecture from their teacher.
In math, Julie did some weird equation nonsense…
And then there was history. Ione was also in her history class. They worked on a project, and Ione had been her partner. Since Ione had been in a group of three, she broke off and joined Julie since Julie was indeed new.
The bell rang and Ione walked home with Julie. “Okay, ask your parents if you can come over.” Ione said. So Julie went inside. “Hey mom can I go to my friends’ house?” she asked.
“A friend already…? Sure, I don’t care. Just be back before eight.”
“I was hoping I could actually stay the night.”
“Oh! Well if it’s okay with your friends’ mother, then sure. Just get your stuff and make sure you get your homework done.”
At Ione’s house, she practiced her Bari Sax while Ione practiced her Cello. Cellos had been a bigger instrument than Julie had thought, and they sounded beautiful. Her Bari Sax wasn’t exactly “beautiful” sounding, but it had that sort-of unique sound to it. “Do you haul that Bari Sax to school?” asked Ione.
“No. My mom took my Bari Sax back home, and I use a school sax at Cutter.” Julie replied simply. Then she felt unusual for a moment, and it went away. “I’m so glad to be away from my home.” Julie remarked, “I did hear a voice in my little sister’s room.”
“You did?” asked Ione curiously.
“Yes…it was really freaky. I thought it was my sister…but I found out my sister had left to get pizza ten minutes before. I was really scared. My mom doesn’t believe me.” Julie replied ruefully. She wished that her mother believed her. It would make life easier.
“Tell the spirits to leave you alone I guess,” Ione suggested, “Maybe they’ll listen.”
“I guess…” Julie sounded dubious. Would spirits really listen to her, if they seemed a bit evil according to that website she looked at?
“Don’t doubt it. You never know what the ghosts might do.” Ione was definitely trying to assure her, and try to persuade her to use her idea.
“Okay. I’ll give it a try tomorrow.” Julie finally said after a long moment of thinking. It might be a good idea…just to try. Would it be worth it? Yes. It would be worth the while to try. Ione was right. You never know what the ghosts might do, they were just unpredictable.
That morning, Julie and Ione walked to school together. This new school wasn’t half bad, but it still wasn’t like her old school. She really missed it. That night she actually slept well because she wasn’t worrying so much about that voice she heard in Jadyn’s room at her seemingly haunted house. She had slept on the floor, too, and then again it had been on a futon. Still, it had been better than trying to sleep at her house. Her scary, horrible, haunted house…Saturday night she surly heard someone singing some old song. That really freaked her out, too.
What was wrong with her house?
Yes, she knew that her house was haunted, but her house just had that feeling…that crammed-with-radon-chilling-old-not-such-a-good-idea-to-buy-this-house sort of feeling, right? Yes. It really wasn’t such a great house.
Julie’s day seemed to go by too fast for her to even catch up with anything. Today she had no homework, well, that is no write-down-the-answer type of homework. She just had to practice that old Bari Sax of hers. She knew that a Jazz Concert had been an upcoming event, and she had really practiced that music well. She knew all of it, for it was only three pieces. There was “Tequila,” “Azure,” and “Are You Ready?”
Great pieces, yes, and they weren’t the easiest, but then again, she knew Azure by heart now. What bothered her after school was the fact she had to go to the horrid house of hers. What was the point of moving into a new house before spring break? Tomorrow was Spring Break…yay!
The next day of school had been cancelled for no particular reason, so Spring Break had started earlier. Just one day, though. Julie knew Jadyn had to stay home with her the whole break because her parents were going to a secret destination that they wouldn’t tell anything about. Oh great…she had to take care of Jadyn for two weeks in a haunted house. That was just what she wanted, Julie thought dryly.
She and Ione and Jadyn had gone to the Gas Station to get a Frappacino drink. There, they saw that Metallica kid and some other dude. “…and I heard the new girl lives in the Maple Boulevard House…”
“YES I DO!” Julie spat out loud, what she had been thinking.
Ione looked at her. “That wasn’t a good thing to say. UHH…yeah she lives there and nothing has happened—”
“Actually, I heard lots of voices!” Julie snapped.
Jadyn looked at her in fear, “So there are ghosts? Mommy said you were just ballistic!” she fretted.
“Yes, she’s just kidding.” Ione tried to calm her. The Metallica kid looked interested. His haircut looked like a swish of light brown or blonde and his eyes were blue-green. “So it’s true? It’s really haunted, or are you just lying?” he asked.
“I am not lying!” Julie defended her reputation.
Ione sighed, Jadyn cried, Metallica kid snickered to himself, and the other person left. Julie felt embarrassed, and she knew the Metallica kid might believer her, and Ione believed her, Jadyn didn’t know what to do so she cried.
“Jadyn calm down…” Ione tried to reassure her.
Metallica kid laughed. “Okay, I think I believe you. Show me the ghosts, new kid.”
Julie, Jadyn, Ione, and Metallica kid walked to Julie’s house. They walked in. “Okay, I’ll show you Jadyn’s room first.” Julie mentioned.So they jogged up to Jadyn’s room. “Just be really quiet.” Julie whispered.
They stood there, for a really long time. Finally, Metallica kid jumped. He fell to the ground. Julie watched as he squirmed on the ground. “I think…I think he’s being possessed!” Ione gasped. Jadyn almost cried, but she had been too scared to utter a sound.
Julie helped him up, a bit confused.
“Uh…” she mumbled.
Metallica kid got up, his eyes twinkling with a tinge of humor
“Get out of this house now!” he spat.
“No, spirit…leave us alone or perish.” Ione actually talked to Metallica kid, and seemingly knew what she was doing. She probably thought that the spirit overtook Metallica kid, or possessed as she called it. Julie got up dizzily, and looked at Metallica kid. Maybe he was possessed after all!
Jadyn’s eyes clouded with fear. Julie strode up to her little sister. “Its okay, Jadyn, look, he’s calming down.”
“Yes I think the spirit got out after all.” Ione remarked. Metallica kid got up and looked very pale, and then he turned a bright red and broke out into uncontrollable laughter. He hadn’t paid attention…or he was being stupid!
“A ghost possessed you…” Jadyn explained, however, her voice quivered.
“I was kidding! You should’ve seen the look on your faces!” he laughed. Ione scowled. “You idiot!” she spat. “Let’s go,” Julie said, ending the awkward moment.They all agreed and decided to go to the store or something. They all agreed—after long quarrels—that they would journey on down to the park. By the park, they could also go to that one coffee place. They all were very stressed and didn’t like the fact that their whole spring break would be spent at either Ione or Metallica kid’s house, and they all found out their parents were all on vacations, too, and decided to go to Ione’ s house because it was biggest.
“Now I’ll have to clean the house…” Ione worried.
“We don’t care. Well, I don’t care if it’s messy.” Metallica kid seemed a little embarrassed.
“Jadyn and I just want to get away from our house. It’s not a big deal, Ione.” Julie reassured her.
They all walked into the coffee place.
“I’ll order.” Metallica kid suggested.
So they each had a half a lemon pound cake. Jadyn had hot chocolate; Julie had this pink iced tea stuff that tasted fruity and delectable. Ione had a Frappacino and Metallica kid had this weird chocolate Frappacino that had the most chocolate in it Julie had ever seen. Now he’ll be all hyper and we won’t be able to sleep tonight. Julie thought.
After their little snack, they went to Ione’s house.
“Let’s talk about this haunted house.” Metallica kid said.
Julie leaned over to Ione. “Hey what’s Metallica kid’s name?” she asked.
“I have no idea.” Ione admitted.
Well, Julie would have to call him Metallica kid or Rock kid or Heavy Metal kid, or just Metal kid or something. He’d probably have various names.
“Hey Metallica kid,” Julie sounded dry, “Get on with it. You know as much as Jadyn right now.”
“My name is—”
“I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR NAME; I’M JUST SAYING YOU THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR HOUSE.” Julie shouted.There went her chance of knowing it, but Julie was too paranoid to notice.
“Our house is haunted and there is a bunch of little secret passage things. We need an expert. A paranormal expert, if you will, to help us with this.” Julie snapped.
Heavy Metal kid looked stunned, Ione looked confused, Jadyn looked like she was about to cry and Julie was going to burst.
“Not to interrupt…but I think I know a Para—whatever expert.” Ione murmured.
“Okay let’s meet the person.” Metallica kid crossed his arms stubbornly.

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