The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2009

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Submitted: January 11, 2009



Julie didn’t know if Ione had been kidding or not. This “paranormal expert” looked like a miner or something! His name had been anonymous to her. So his new name, like Metallica kid’s name, was similar.
Anonymous person was his new name according to Julie.
Anonymous person had all the gear, though. He looked at them. “So, you have ghosts? Where’s your house?” he asked Metallica kid. “Actually it’s her house,” he pointed to Julie, “and it’s on Maple Boulevard.”
“YOU MEAN THAT REAL HAUNTED HOUSE?” Anonymous person gasped.
“Yes that’s the house now come with us.” Ione said quickly and simply.
“Okay.” Anonymous person followed them.
Ione later told Julie Anonymous person’s real name was Joe, and so Julie called him Joe and Anonymous person; however, she called him Anonymous person secretly.
They soon arrived at Julie and Jadyn’s house.
Anonymous person looked at it, and Julie wondered how all this would work out.
Anonymous person looked like he might faint. Jadyn looked a bit bored, maybe because no one was really paying attention to her. Ione was mumbling to herself, and Metallica kid looked like he might throw up. What would their reactions be; and what were they going to do anyways? Go up into Jadyn’s room and go into that closet? Julie spaced off and knew her friends actually walked up to the house and Ione tried to shake her from her questions.
“JULIE!!!!” she heard.
Jerking, she walked into the house with the rest of the little cluster. Anonymous person immediately went upstairs. Metallica kid followed, and Jadyn was reluctant to go as Ione and Julie followed Anonymous person and Metallica kid. “Okay you can stay down there.” Julie suggested, but then Jadyn had been to chicken to stay and ran up after them, bawling her head off as usual.
“There’s strong reading of paranormal activity up here.” Anonymous person remarked, and looking at a small device that probably picked up ghost readings or something.
“What’s that word again?” Ione asked, “The P word.” She had her glasses on and was writing in a notepad.
“Oh you mean Paranormal?” asked Julie.
“Yes. What does it mean?”
“Umm…it’s hard to explain…”
“It’s of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psycho kinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.” Metallica kid explained simply.
Ione blinked. “How do you spell…that one word…ugh…never mind” Ione decided, and wrote down the words in her notepad in her own spellings.
“Why is she taking notes?” asked Metallica kid.
“Don’t ask me.” Said Julie, shrugging and honestly couldn’t answer his question.
Anonymous person paused.
“You guys be calm. There’s a spirit in here right now.” He said.
Julie stood still, Ione looked around, and Jadyn almost started crying. Metallica kid simply looked calm and not anxious at all.
What would the spirit do…?
“Oh my there’s more.” Said a wispy voice, and Jadyn looked really scared but her expression looked funny.
“Spirits, will you leave the family alone?” asked Anonymous person.
“If they leave, then yes.” A woman’s voice of the spirit actually replied.
“They aren’t leaving.” Metallica kid protested.
“Okay, then we’ll kill them.” Said the voice of the spirit as simple and like the spirit had planned to say that this whole time.
“No, no. If they leave you alone, can you leave them alone? Will it be a deal?” Anonymous person suggested. Julie guessed the ghost didn’t approve. She heard this grumbling noise and then a book hit her straight in the face. “OUCH! WHAT WAS THAT!?!?” she asked, frantically yelling. “I think that was the spirit, dope.” Metallica kid dryly replied.
“Leave them alone, please!” Anonymous person pleaded.
“Just leave! Everyone here always wants us to come out and do terrible things. So that’s what we’ll do. And we’ll do our worst.” Said the spirit getting angrier every minute and Julie couldn’t help feeling terrified.
“That’s not what this family wants!” Anonymous person screamed.
Anonymous person, Metallica kid, Ione, Jadyn, and Julie ran down the stairs and got out of the psychedelic house. “That was scary. Who knows what would have happened. Julie, Jadyn…you have to move out. And I’ll tell your parents.” Anonymous person directed.
Would it be possible to move out of this dreaded house?
“I’d love to do that but my parents wouldn’t believe that pro wrestling isn’t real.” Julie responded dryly.
“We can make them believe if we take them to the Munchkin’s room.” Anonymous person sort-of talked to his self when he said that.
“It’ll be worth a try I guess.” Jadyn stated.
Anonymous person had gone home and it was the first night in Ione’s house. Metallica kid, Jadyn, and Julie slept on the floor while Ione slept on her bed. Metallica kid slept on a different futon, however. “JULIE!!!” someone whispered. Ione! “WHAT?” Julie asked a bit puzzled of what Ione was asking of her. “Is that kid awake? The one you call Metallica kid?” she asked. “Yes I’m awake.” Metallica kid responded.
“Okay just wondering. Is Jadyn awake?” asked Ione.
“No she’s asleep.” Julie replied in relief because then Jadyn would wonder what they’re talking about and then she’d blubber because they wouldn’t let her join in on the conversation.
“Are you guys comfortable down there? Do I need to get more blankets?” asked Ione worriedly.
“No, no. We’re fine, Ione.” Metallica kid said, and Julie stifled a mhm that agreed with Metallica kid. Soon enough, Ione fell asleep and Metallica kid and Julie talked for awhile. Then, Metallica kid fell asleep. Julie tried to go to sleep, but it wasn’t working out. Soon enough, after dilemmas in her thoughts, she drifted off into sleep.
She awoke, at least, she think she woke up. She didn’t know if this was a dream or not. Around her, Metallica kid slept, as well as Ione and Jadyn. She shook Jadyn awake. “Jadyn!” she whispered. Jadyn didn’t budge. So she shook Metallica kid. “HEY! Metallica! It’s Julie, wake up!” and he wouldn’t budge either. She did the same to Ione. Okay, so she listened to each of their heart rates…
…none of them breathed a single breath.
What was going on? Were they alive? How did they die, anyways? She wept. “No! Jadyn, please don’t do this to me…”
And Ione…her first friend at Cutter…and Metallica kid! He was her friend, too! “YOU GUYS I KNOW YOU HAVE TO BE ALIVE!!!” she seemed crazy now.
She shook them endlessly. They didn’t awake. She even pulled out her Bari Sax and played her lowest, loudest note.
Nothing happened.
Julie jerked awake. Around her, she didn’t see either Ione or Jadyn. Metallica kid slept there, and she shook him awake. “No, no I thought that you gave me the Metallica autograph and—AH! What was that for?” he yelled.
“I just wanted to see if you were alive.” She said half embarrassed at her stupidity.
“Alive? Well, I’m alive!” he looked at her all mad like he’d beat her up or something because he was awakened. “Listen, it’s like 9:00 and Ione and Jadyn aren’t here.” Julie explained.
“They’re probably downstairs doing something…” Metallica kid replied sleepily.
“Yeah…okay. Let’s go and see if they’re there.” Julie proposed. Metallica kid agreed as they journeyed on downstairs and they spotted Jadyn and Ione making something in kitchen. “Oh, hi guys—hungry? We’re making waffles with whipped cream and strawberries on top. “I guess…” Metallica kid sat at the table and looked like he’d fall asleep again. Julie sat on the other side of the circular table and looked the same…tired.
“Ione, Jadyn, Metallica,” Julie began, “Last night I had a dream you guys were all dead…”
“Yeah…okay.” Metallica kid sighed.
“That’s terrible!” Ione gasped.
“I was dead?!?!” Jadyn hassled.
Metallica kid pulled out an MP4 player of his own and listened to music, which probably had been a Metallica song or something.
“Do you have any Aerosmith or Guns N’ Roses on there?” asked Julie.
He turned it down a little. “Yeah, I’ve got one Aerosmith song. I’ve got a couple Guns N’ Roses songs, too. Why do you ask?” asked Metallica kid.
“I don’t know. I like them…”
“How about Metallica…? They’re my favorite.” Metallica kid remarked.
I knew that already, noob-cake. Julie thought ironically.
“Yeah sure I like Metallica…I just…when is Spring Break over?” asked Julie.
“It’s like the second day, smart one.” Metallica kid replied dryly.
“They’re ready.” Ione took some waffles to the table and they ate them. They tasted delectable, really, and everyone loved them.
“Ione, Jadyn, these are great!” people around the table remarked.
“What should we do? It’s not like we can just do whatever we want.” Ione pointed out. They were trying to come up with something to do. They didn’t want to go out or anything and they didn’t want to go back to Julie and Jadyn’s house…because of its haunted reality. So, they decided just to stay at Ione’s house and watch T.V, play videogames, go on the computer, and maybe go outside of the house a little bit. They’d basically just relax. After Spring Break, though, Jadyn and Julie had to go back to their dreaded house.
Anonymous person would probably tell their parents about the ghosts, and Julie knew that her parents probably wouldn’t believe Anonymous person one bit. They were like that, not believing all the things that seemed unbelievable and fake, like in old fifties black and white horror flicks. That’s what her parents were like. Oh well. Maybe he would convince them.
Julie had been on the computer, on the Internet to be exact. She was instant messaging an old friend of hers. Her name had been Emily. Their messages read:
Julie: So how are you?
Emily: Good, you? How’s the new school?
Julie: It’s good I guess…
Emily: Oh. Well our class misses you
Julie: Really?
Emily: Yes, you were essential to our class.
Julie: well I’ve got to go. See you.
Emily: See you too, Julie.
And at that, Julie logged off. She watched as Ione scuttled around trying to clean like she absolutely had to or it would be the end of the world. Metallica kid and Jadyn watched a Best Rock Bands Ever documentary and ate cucumbers and cheese puffs, an unusual snack. Julie sat back in her chair and then got up; she stretched and walked over to the chair in the living room where her sister sat by in the couch. Ione still ran around frantically.
“I just have to straighten the kitchen and dust.” She mumbled to herself, and half to Julie.
“You really don’t have to clean we don’t care.” Julie told Ione, who stopped in her tracks.
“No! I must clean so people don’t think I’m a messy person…” she lamented.
“No I’m serious you don’t.” Julie coaxed her.
“Yes I do! Right, Jadyn?” asked Ione.
“No…” Jadyn wasn’t clearly paying attention; she was sucked into the unusual program on the television. Metallica kid was probably sleeping, his head tilted on to a pillow by him on the couch. Jadyn ate cucumber and watched intently. Ione was pacing, murmuring to herself whether she should start to organize the fridge or not.
“Just don’t worry about it Ione. I think we should go to sleep now; it’s late.” Julie suggested. “You’re right…looking at Jadyn she's passed out…” Ione peered over to the couch. Jadyn had fallen asleep, cucumber in her hand, and a bowl of cheese puffs to her right. “Get Jadyn to bed and I’ll wake up the other kid.” Ione sighed. Julie woke up Jadyn and led her to Ione’s room. Metallica kid followed them also. Jadyn, Julie, and Ione changed into pajamas and Metallica kid changed in the bathroom.
Luckily, the whole spring break would be spent here and not at Julie’s abnormal, haunted house. Jadyn fell asleep, and then Metallica kid whispered to himself in his sleep.
“Don’t worry, Julie. We’ll have a good spring break no matter what.” Ione whispered.
“I hope so…” Julie whispered back.
“We will. Just don’t worry about that old house of yours.” Ione assured her.
Julie really hoped her friend’s reassurance would help. Her house was sitting, waiting for the return of the family…just so they could be tortured until driven out. Her parents would soon enough see when that “torture” occurred, unless the torture was death. Then, they would certainly move out…but then again grief would come to the family. Julie couldn’t imagine a death of her loved ones or even herself.
Soon enough she drifted off to la-la land and had strange dreams. They were just strange and had nothing to do with her house at all.

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