The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: January 12, 2009

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Submitted: January 12, 2009



Julie awoke to the sound of birds chirping. It was just a mere spring day…but a good one at that. They all slept in together. Julie gave a yawn and stretched. Around her, Ione yawned and stretched her arms. Jadyn got up sleepily. Metallica kid got up to fast and looked around quite dizzily and lazily.
“Good morning, everyone…” Jadyn said in her little squeaky voice. “Yeah…” Metallica kid mumbled.
“Good morning…” Ione broke off as she yawned.
“Yup, uh huh…Now let’s talk a minute.” Julie suggested. Her friends looked to her for news. “Listen…what’re we even doing today? Have we got anything planned?”
“Oh I’ve got to clean my house…especially my room.” Ione said, just remembering.
“There’s a new documentary on Metallica I want to watch.” Metallica kid said.
“I want cheese puffs!” Jadyn remarked, almost starting to cry.
Julie rolled her eyes. Those things her friends had suggested were all worthless. Ione really didn’t need to clean, Metallica kid didn’t have to watch a program, and Jadyn didn’t need cheese puffs!
“Ione: no cleaning! Metallica: no T.V.! Jadyn—no cheese puffs! We need to do something productive.”
“Like us watching the Metallica thing. See you later…”
“NOT SO FAST!” Julie stopped Metallica kid.
He stopped.
“We should go to the store.” Jadyn suggested.
“Okay. We can get a couple gallons of water and some food. I’ve got money.” Ione remarked. So, they walked on down to the grocery store. Ione picked up some water and they also bought Toaster Pastries and a pizza to cook in the oven.
When they traveled back home, they didn’t eat it all right away. First they had some toast. Then Metallica kid watched his program with Jadyn. Julie and Ione took a small nap.
After that small nap, Julie and Ione started to clean, which Julie wasn’t fond of—but Ione had been lamenting over which she should clean the dining room or not. They did, and only cleaned about seventy-five percent of it.
“Let’s take a break, Ione.” Julie suggested.
“Okay…it’s not ready…” she mumbled.
“Ready for what, Ione? We’ve got the whole spring break after all.” Julie replied.
“Yes, it’s just that…you know you’re right Julie. Let’s go see what the others are doing.” And as in others, Ione meant Metallica kid and Jadyn. “What about Anonymous Person—er—I mean Joe?” Julie asked. “He’s probably just working. We don’t need to worry about him.” Ione replied. Okay, so he wasn’t a problem. Julie just worried about everything. Worrying was on her “plate” as her parents called it. She worried about lots of things. Really, who wouldn’t be worried about their haunted house, a neat freak friend, a not-the-stop-crying type of sister, a not-the-stop-talking-about-stupid-things-obsessed-with-rock kid, and an anonymous person that turned up out of nowhere? Also, on her “plate” could be found the fact she was staying at a friends’ house with some kid, sister, and that neat freak friend. Another thing was that her parents had no idea what was going on and they were out of town on a “business trip” in Wisconsin and had no way to contact Julie and Jadyn in any way whatsoever.
Julie didn’t really have anything else on her “plate” but all of that. School was out, but then again she still had to practice her saxophones just so she could stay good at it.
Would all of this chaos ever end?
Julie turned around to see Jadyn holding a bag of…something.
“I’ve got fudge!” she exclaimed.
Julie looked at it in disgust, “Are you sure?!” she asked.
“Well what did you think it was? A bag of—”
“JULIE!!! METALLICA JUST THREW UP!!!” Ione’s voice called.
Julie sprinted to the area she heard Ione’s voice. She spotted Metallica kid with a very pale face and he stood by a pile of regurgitated fudge and Cheese Balls, Cheese Curls, Marshmallow Goodies, and Toaster Pastries. Ione also stood by him fretting about the mess and that he should stop eating so much junk food.
“Well, who’s going to clean it up?” Julie asked.
“I guess me.” Ione sighed, going to the kitchen to probably get a towel or a rag.
“No, no, I will…” Metallica kid sounded like a squirrel that’d just gargled on nails and drank a gallon of acid.
“No it’s alright. I will. I don’t want you throwing up again, Ione you clean too much, and Jadyn…you can’t do anything…no offense.” Julie compromised.
“None taken,” Jadyn wasn’t clearly paying attention to the whole dilemma. Instead, she licked that “fudge” out of the bag. “Who gave you that fudge anyways?” asked Julie.
“He did,” Jadyn pointed to Metallica kid.
“Is that fudge?” asked Julie.
“Either that or what I cleaned out of the cat box a couple days ago.” He replied, going with Ione into an extra room.
“It’d better be fudge…” Julie murmured.
After Julie cleaned up the mess, she felt alone. She didn’t pay any attention to where her friends had gone, and her sister. She checked in the extra room to see Metallica kid sleeping away, so she closed the door. She checked in Ione’s room, but there could be nothing seen of Ione or Jadyn. Just a tidy room as Ione always left it. She decided to check in the basement.
Julie found Ione and Jadyn watching T.V. down there. They were watching the Metallica documentary! “Hey why are you guys watching that?” asked Julie.
They looked up at her. “We’re recording it so that kid can watch it. It’s because he’s sick and we owe him something else other than taunting him.” Ione explained. Jadyn nodded, still eating that bag of fudge. “Yeah, and he gave me this fudge.”
“All he does is cause trouble. It’s no use doing something “nice” for that dude. Like he does anything! He doesn’t help us clean, or cook.” Julie retorted.
“He watched Jadyn all the time. That’s a big help.” Ione added.
“Yeah, he’s really nice to me. He gives me what I want.” Jadyn replied as stuck up as Julie ever heard her.
“That sounds like a brat to me, Jadyn. So what if he gives you “what you want?” I don’t think that’s right…but if he’s nice and he takes care of you…”
“Just drop the argument, Julie. He watches Jadyn, end of story. We’re just trying to be nice.” Ione sighed, and took out a DVD. Obviously, the program had ended as they argued. “Okay. Do you want me to take this to him?” asked Julie.
“No he’s asleep. Just take it upstairs and if he wakes up give it to him.”
So, Julie dashed upstairs and put the DVD on top of the Television and sat down. She worried. She wanted to know if they’d ever go back to her house. She wondered if they’d explore her house.
She turned on her MP4 player and put on “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns N’ Roses. As she got into the song further, it got to the part that sung: “Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door…” and all of a sudden she heard a knock on the front door. What a coincidence…she thought dryly. She got up and looked through that little hole that showed who stood right there, which she didn’t know the name of. She turned off her MP4 player and put it in her pocket. The person, who stood out there, longer black hair about to the middle of his ears and green eyes and all, had been Anonymous person.She opened the door. “Hi,” she greeted him.
“Hey where’s Ione? And I need to talk to all of you.” He commented.
As soon as she got Metallica kid out on the couch to listen and Ione and Jadyn came upstairs.
“Okay guys, I’ll tell you we ain’t going into that house of yours in a few days. I’d like to get you all prepared. So listen…I’ll get you some gear, and we’ll go into that closet of yours. We’ll have a lot of time and I’ll make sure you get out safe. I want to know what’s in there.” Anonymous person explained.
“How old are you?” Metallica kid raised his arm from behind the couch.
“Who me?” asked Ione.
“No that dude…the guy…” Metallica kid replied in a croaky voice.
“Me? Oh I’m like twenty-nine…going to be thirty…why?” asked Anonymous person.
“I don’t know…”Metallica kid murmured.
“Well, that’s good to know.” Julie broke that conversation immediately, “Thanks for telling us.”
“That’s really dangerous if you guys are alone here.” Anonymous person also added, “Do you want me to stay here? I’ll take care of myself.”
“Okay…” Ione sounded exasperated, as if it was another person to have to worry about.
“Thanks. Hey Mr. Nosey you sick?” asked Anonymous.
“Yeah…” at that, Metallica kid coughed.
“What’s your real name anyways?” asked Anonymous.
“Oh it’s…”
“WANT SOME FUDGE?” Jadyn’s loud voice boomed. She held up the bag of fudge—hopefully—to Anonymous. “Uh…no thank you…it was a very nice offer and,” he leaned over to Julie quickly, “That better be fudge!”
“I hope so. Ask Mr. Nameless over there, though.” She replied.
“Okay. You guys…are you hungry?”
“We ate…” Ione replied. “In that case I’d like you to be in bed at like 11:30.” Anonymous got up and looked around. “I need a place to crash.”
“Oh follow me.” Ione led him to a room where he’d go to sleep. Jadyn ate away at the fudge. Metallica kid moaned. Julie strode up to him. “You go to sleep. We recorded that Metallica program, I’ll put it on for you if you’d like.” She suggested. He agreed, and she put it in. The sky had begun to darken, and she knew it could be late. She looked at the time to see it was about 9:00 p.m. She felt exhausted. She went upstairs after she told Jadyn to come up at least at the exact time she had to go to bed. Julie slept on the futon alone, as Ione cleaned the kitchen and Anonymous person slept. Jadyn stayed up, probably eating that dreaded fudge Julie hoped wasn’t something else.
Not Tootsie Rolls from the cat box or something. It’s just fudge I shouldn’t worry. She thought. That was probably the last thing on her mind, she just wanted to go to sleep…she wanted to have good dreams:Dreams of her old school, dreams without Jadyn and her fudge…and without Ione always cleaning, Metallica kid gone, and Anonymous person disappeared. Also, dreams that held music: Really good music like classic rock and jazz, with saxophone solos and guitar riffs, and Slash’s fingers moving up and down the fret board with a good hammer on or two…or many, and of Guns N’ Roses songs and The Strokes and Iron Maiden and Scorpions and AC/DC. Yes. Now she could really sleep.
And not worry about ghosts.

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