The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 13, 2009



He seemed impressed by the way you came in.
"Tell us a story
I know you're not boring"

I was afraid that you would not insist.
"You sound so sleepy
just take this, now leave me"

I said please don't slow me down
If I'm going too fast
you’re in a strange part of our town...
Julie jerked awake. What were those words? Well, it didn’t matter now. She just heard some song in her dream, and she looked over to her left and spotted Ione by a pair of speakers. “Hello, Julie! Sorry about that…I just wanted to listen to this song real quick.” She apologized. “Is that…is that The Strokes?” asked Julie. “I don’t know…it’s some song I heard and I just bought it. Do you like it?” asked Ione.
“Well…yes…it is Reptilia…by The Strokes…good song.” Julie sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked at Ione turn down the music. “Well, Jadyn fell asleep on the love seat downstairs. Metallica kid went back to that extra room to sleep, and Joe is still asleep. What do you want to do? Everyone’s sleeping.” Ione looked around the room.
“I don’t know.” Julie admitted ruefully.
Ione turned the music up a little more. She restarted the song, and there was a small bass riff, and then a long chord for the guitar…then guitar riffs over and over and then the part with singing. A good song, yes…it seemed like…she’d heard this song before. Well, it didn’t matter now. She liked the song; and now she felt not as tired as before.
“Hey! Do you want to take out your tenor saxophone? I’ll get my cello.” Ione suggested again.
So, they played a little bit of this one song that Julie couldn’t remember the name to, and it sounded unusually good with the tenor saxophone and the cello together.
“Okay. Well, I’m bored, my fingers are sore, so let’s wake up Joe and get something to eat. I’ll make Metallica some soup.” Ione put away her cello and dashed downstairs.
Julie put her tenor sax away and followed Ione. Already, Ione had been downstairs with Anonymous person. Anonymous argued about which they should make: bacon or sausage. Ione said that it didn’t matter they both were made of pig so they should just make bacon because she didn’t like sausage and then Jadyn threw up because she ate too much of that fudge and Metallica kid came out and started complaining he was “really hot” and so Ione put a fan in his room and they decided on bacon in the end.
“You guys are really…oh never mind.” Julie decided not to say a word, it might offend.
You guys are really strange…she thought secretly. Anonymous person was strange but hard to explain the strangeness, Ione worried too much, Jadyn cried too much, and Metallica kid…had been obsessed with unusual things like collecting those sporks they used to give you at lunch in elementary school and classic rock.
Julie was surrounded by strange people.
Although she liked Ione because they had a lot in common, Jadyn after all was her little sister, Anonymous person had helped them a lot, and Metallica kid…was Metallica kid.
After breakfast, Anonymous person watched T.V., Jadyn took a nap, Metallica kid took a nap, and Ione cleaned. As for Julie: she went on the Internet. She talked to her friend Emily again:
Emily: (Entering)
Julie: (Entering)
Emily: Hello!
Julie: Hello, Emily!
Emily: So how’s the new house?
Julie: Oh…it’s haunted…it’s the Maple Boulevard one…
Emily: …
Julie: I know. I’m staying at my friend’s house for break, and I’m with the weirdest people ever.
Emily: Who?
Julie: Well first of all, I’m with Jadyn.
Emily: Oh…who else?
Julie: Some kid who likes to collect sporks…
Emily: Oh…wow…
Julie: also Ione, my new friend. She’s a bit of a neat freak though. If you know what I mean by that!
Emily: Oh yes. Is that all?
Julie: No. Some Anonymous person (That’s what I call him) that is named Joe or something. He’s like twenty-nine, and he’s a friend of Ione’s. He’s watching us…but he’s weird in a well, weird way!
Emily: Oh…well, my mom wants me to go…bye
Julie: bye…
So Julie logged off and looked around. Ione scrambled around in the living room cleaning. Jadyn slept on the couch. She also could see Anonymous person watching T.V. intently, although the channel just had Infomercials on, and was trying to get Anonymous to buy this cheesy looking guitar. The body of course, had been the body of a Flying V and the color cream. A creamy Flying V, only $19.99! Like all the other things sold on these unreliable, annoying programs formed to get rich off of all those twenty-dollars those people who get sold on the product give them.
The guitar wasn’t a Gibson, who knows what it was. It appeared a plastic guitar, though. Anonymous person looked at the T.V. screen, intrigued.
“I want it…” he mumbled.
“It’s not real! Don’t get sold on it; I bet you have a better guitar.” Julie pointed out.
“Well, yes, but it’s a good deal for a guitar.” Anonymous person retorted.
“Wake up, person! It says only ten easy payments of nineteen ninety-five. Not just twenty dollars.” Julie argued.
“Oh…okay. Yeah, I see it now. Thanks for pointing that out. I almost picked up the phone in the next five minutes to get a couple free guitar picks and free strings.” He sighed, and then looked at the ceiling. “I have a Gibson Les Paul guitar, it’s really shiny…well, and it’s the color black. It’s my favorite guitar.” He finally said after an awkward silence.
“Oh you play…?” asked Julie.
“Yes. Since I was about five years old, and now I’m twenty-nine!” he exclaimed, in a tired, exhausted voice.
“Oh. I play sax.” She murmured.
“Which one?” he asked.
“Well, all of them. Even the soprano, but I don’t like to play it. In band right now I play the Baritone Saxophone, and in jazz I play my alto.” She replied.
“I play the cello!” Ione called from the kitchen.
“Good. You guys know that’s good for college. The first question is what you got on your SAT…then, there are those good ones. It asks if you’re an athlete…and it asks if you’re a musician. You can get scholarships for that. I used to play the Tenor Sax in band, and then I switched to orchestra and played the viola. Yes, it was a really big switch from wind to strings, and I realized as I saw a concert by…someone, it was either Guns N’ Roses or Scorpions, how fascinating the guitar looked. I thought, hey, I could learn that. So I first learned all the scales on acoustic guitar. Then, later on, I picked up an electric guitar. It was my black Les Paul. My first guitar…and my best even though now I have many more, I have a couple more Les Paul’s, two SG’s, one hollow body, an Explorer, and a Fender Stratocaster. I have many. I love to play guitar. I was thinking of forming a band, but no one has called to be drums, vocal, or bass.” He explained thoroughly and in a good way. Now Julie knew more about Anonymous person, and he wasn’t really “Anonymous” anymore.
She called him that, though and he knew nothing of that. “Who taught you guitar?” asked Julie.
“Oh that’s to be kept secret. He doesn’t want anyone to know I taught him, or people might go up asking him for lessons.” Anonymous person explained.
“Oh…well, okay. I just wanted to learn guitar.” Julie murmured.
“After this whole haunted house mess, sure.” He said.
Night stretched its arms around them, and Julie felt more tired than ever. She should go to sleep, and Metallica kid said he felt much better. Tomorrow they would be going into Julie and Jadyn’s house to explore all the hidden places.Julie felt excited and afraid at the same time. She would be excited they would go on a little adventure, and she liked adventure, but she also was in fear of the ghosts, because what if someone would be harmed?
The only thing to fear is fear itself.Julie thought bravely. Although she knew when she actually stepped foot in that house, she wouldn’t be as bold as now, and her courage would float away like a balloon.
She couldn’t be in fear though, it would just increase that fear and make her want to get out and never come back. Hard decisions were ahead, but she’d just have to handle them whether she liked it or not.
“I hate that kid! I really do!” Ione paced around her room. Julie looked at her. “It’s okay he didn’t mean to. Accidents happen, Ione.” Julie explained. Ione stopped and looked straight at Julie, red in the face, “He has no right to snoop around in here anyways!” she spat. Julie sighed. Metallica kid had come in and scratched Ione’s cello, and also had spilled lemon-lime soda all over her blankets. He’d also thrown up in her closet without telling, but of course she found out.
“There is no way you could come in and scratch a cello on accident!” Ione fretted.
“Actually there’s loads of ways.” Julie pointed out.
“Why would he spill soda allover my bed? And how is it an “accident” that he just had to throw up in my closet? On the floor I could see, but in my closet? I hate that kid!”
“Hate is a very strong word.” Anonymous pointed out, walking in. Metallica kid stood just behind him. Julie assumed that Jadyn still slept on the couch in the living room.
“I’m sorry Ione…” Metallica apologized.
“Sorry ain’t good enough, man! You…you ruined Fred forever!” she yelled.
“Fredie?” asked Julie.
“FREDDIE IS MY CELLO! AND HE’S RUINED FOREVER BECAUSE OF THAT GUY!” Ione pointed to Metallica kid. Well, it would be pretty upsetting to get something precious to you ruined. Then again, she’d just have to live with it.
“I remember when my dog chewed up the whammy bar on my SG guitar, and my cat scraped the paint off one of my Les Paul guitars.” Anonymous person remembered.
“That’s a big difference, though. You have loads of guitars.” Julie indicated.
“You’re right, but all my guitars are special.” Anonymous person defended his reputation.
“Okay, okay. Ione just forgive him. Metallica go wake up Jadyn…we’ve got to go.” Julie clapped her hands as if saying “chop-chop.” They really had to go, this, after all, was a really big deal. She did think Anonymous Person had been a bit…crazy. He was letting them go into a haunted house, and checking out a tiny room—as it seemed—that probably had tons of radon gases in it, plus all the pink insulation and Zonolite had been everywhere. “Get in my car, we’re going now.” Anonymous Person announced. They all scrambled outside and into his car. His car had looked like the most boring car ever, but that didn’t matter. It had been painted white; and very messy inside. Julie barely cared anymore, because she’d been living with a girl who was a Neat Freak, but three others who didn’t care at all about anything except what had been going on the very moment.
The car ride had been silent. As they approached her rickety wooden mess of a house, they each got out and stood there. “I can’t do this,” Julie muttered. Metallica Kid also looked dubious. “Usually I’d want to do something like this,” he remarked, “But now I’m a little reluctant.”
Jadyn began to cry. This time I don’t blame her. Julie thought. She couldn’t believe this. What if they died? “Let’s go on you guys it won’t be that bad.” Anonymous Person urged them. Metallica Kid sighed. Julie felt the same way. “It’s alright, Metallica. Let’s go.” Julie tried sounding confident, but it didn’t really work out. As they slowly crept in, Metallica Kid nudged her. “You’re not as confident as you think you’re trying to be.” He whispered. Julie couldn’t believe him. He wasn’t near to confident himself!
”It’s not like you aren’t.” she retorted.
“So?” he spat, “Let’s just do this.”
They were each given some “ghost hunting” stuff, which Julie didn’t know existed. They received an “EMF Detector” and “Thermal Scanners” and flashlights. They also received Infra Red scans, and microphones that helped detect noises. Julie did not like it one bit. This really scared her. She shook, her heart beating so fast she thought it’d burst. “I can’t do it!” she exclaimed, “I am not going in there!”
She wasn’t the only one.
“Me neither!” Metallica Kid whined.
Ione sighed, “I really don’t want to.”
Jadyn, of course, cried.
Anonymous Person sighed, exasperated. “I thought you guys were up to seeing what’s in your house.” He shook his head, and then hung it. “And I got all the gear for you…I trusted you,” he then looked at us with fury in his eyes, “No wonder I’m so hopeless…I trust kids all the time. I’ve got to stop being a kid and start being a man! I’m almost thirty years old and I’m playing with ghost hunting things, and I pretend that I’m not so old and that I am not in debt. How many things happen to me? God never should have put me on this planet; I’m a failure.”

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