The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 21, 2009



Julie gasped, “No! I’m going in no matter what! You deserve your life, Joseph! Let’s go! C’mon, Metallica you know you have us! And Ione, you’re going to be fine! Jadyn don’t worry: it’s either come or stays behind!” she shouted dexterously. She didn’t know she was adept in such nonsense, but all of her friends looked more confident now. “Okay,” Metallica decided, “I’m going.” Ione nodded, and Jadyn reluctantly gave a little nod.
So this was it.
If they came to their deaths in here…Julie could blame no one but herself. We won’t die…we won’t die…she coaxed herself over and over. Nothing seemed to work, but she tried to push out the feeling from her mind.
“Shall we proceed?” Anonymous Person asked.
Julie looked up and nodded. She didn’t want to, but she also did not wish for Anonymous Person to be upset with them. After all, they did make a large commitment to him. Anonymous put Jadyn up to the door as he heaved it open. “You go first, since you’re smallest. Then, Julie, Ione, Mr. Nameless, and me.” He suggested, organizing the order of who would proceed first.
Jadyn hopped in. Her voice echoed. “It’s big in here!” she exclaimed. Julie felt excited, now. She wanted to see what it looked like! She jumped in, then landed flat on concrete. She scanned the place. Nothing stirred, and nothing shone in the mere light from a small window. Yes, it looked extremely larger than she thought. She looked beyond her point to a never ending view of darkness. Ione landed beside her, and gasped. “This is huge!” she breathed. Julie nodded.
Next, Metallica Kid fell beside herself, and Anonymous Person shortly afterwards. “I don’t know how long this will take,” he enlightened, searching the blank void, “But I’ve brought only a limited amount of food and water. You each have a little bit in your backpacks I have given you.”
Julie pulled out her headlight, and put it on, as did the others. They each turned them on and started pacing forward. Metallica Kid fell in beside her. Ione scurried close to Jadyn and Anonymous Person. Julie realized Metallica Kid shaking. “Stop it,” Julie complained, “You’ll be fine!” Then she became conscious that she herself shook as well. He looked at her, “You’re doing it, too.” He whispered. Julie nodded regretfully. She always accused him for things she did as well. I’m such a hypocrite! She bit her lip in anger. Though, she didn’t want to worry about such in a place and time like this; they were in a different dimension, it seemed. Her house didn’t stretch this far. “This is weird,” she commented, “Our house doesn’t stretch this far, though it looks like it goes on forever.”
“The ghosts are creating the optical illusion,” Anonymous Person explained, “They want us to think it’ll take days for us to get there when it may only take us a few hours.”
“Wait,” Julie stopped her thoughts to new ones, “What do you mean ‘get there.’ Get where? Is there a specific destination? I thought we were only exploring!”
“We are,” Anonymous sounded neutral, “And we aren’t.”
He’s not making any sense! Julie thought hotly. Sudden rage welled inside her. She became very, very paranoid. “That makes no sense!” she snapped, “How do you expect me to understand all this stuff you’re throwing at me!?” Anonymous looked much taken aback. “Don’t get so angry at me…besides, you’ll find out soon enough what’s going on. Nobody but me knows; you’re not alone.”
“I don’t care,” Julie muttered.
“I care,” he argued, “It’s better for you to not know, just like everyone else.”
Julie ended the argument, not paying anymore attention to Anonymous Person. He’s abusing his power! Julie then thought curtly. He really was; he thought he was the ‘baddest of the bad.’ Julie giggled…’baddest of the bad’…just like “King of Rock” by Run DMC. “What’s so funny?” asked Metallica Kid.
“Oh, nothing…I just remembered something.” She hid her own thoughts.
Metallica Kid looked like he would nag her for what it was, but then=looked ahead, not caring anymore. “I’m bored!” Jadyn lamented. “Well it will be for awhile.” Anonymous Person sighed regretfully. Don’t tell her that! She’ll just start—
Jadyn began to bawl.
“Oh, just what we need when we’re exploring for ghosts!” Ione complained.
“Don’t worry. She’ll stop eventually.” Julie assured Ione.
One hour later, Jadyn in fact stopped crying after about fifteen minutes. They still walked, and Julie couldn’t believe how much her feet ached. “Can we please take a break?” Metallica Kid echoed her thoughts. Anonymous Person stopped in his tracks, and then everyone else did. “I guess,” He sighed, “We haven’t found any paranormal readings yet that I know of. Have any of you gotten anything?” he asked hopefully. Everyone shook their heads. They all settled. “Everything looks the same,” Ione sighed, “It doesn’t feel like we’re getting anywhere and it’s already been an hour and a half.”
“I know,” Julie agreed, “But we’re bound to find something, right? And if we don’t, there are loads of secret passages in this house. I’m surprised it’s not used as a display.” Ione nodded, “True, but the reason they don’t is because deaths have happened because of these ‘ghosts.’ Fake or real, it gives me the creeps.” Julie was about to reply, but didn’t. Ione had a crucial point in her response.
Metallica Kid sat beside Julie. “Are you scared?” he asked neutrally.
Julie stiffened. “Well, yes…aren’t you?”
“Yes,” he admitted, “I just thought I was the only one.”
“Everyone’s scared, man.” Ione pointed out.
Metallica Kid looked up at her. “I understand,” he whispered, “I just don’t want to look like a coward.”
Julie loosened her stiffness, “Why is that?”
He looked at her, “Because I’m with a bunch of girls who would think that I’d be an idiot if I were scared! I’m not a girl; I’m supposed to be the fearless one.”
“Fear,” Julie echoed, “That’s every person’s obstacle in life.”
She remembered what she thought to herself before, “the only thing to fear is, fear itself.” A great quote from President Franklin Roosevelt. Ione nodded, “That’s very true. Don’t be embarrassed about fear, dude.” Metallica Kid looked beyond to his right, into the distant darkness of the illusion of the unusual setting. “This place is really weird.” Ione remarked, half to herself. “It is,” Julie concurred, “It looks endless…an endless void of dark nothingness.”
“You’re quite the poet.” Metallica commented dryly.
“Don’t make fun of me!” Julie snapped, “This is a bad place and a bad time!”
“I’ll do what I want.” Metallica kid retorted.
“Please,” Julie sighed, “Fighting won’t help; and this is NOT the time for it!” Julie snapped.
“Honestly I won’t take your opinion to heart…” Metallica Kid continued.
“Dude, stop it!” Ione shouted. Metallica Kid froze, and then looked down. Julie sighed. Why did he have to be so difficult? And in a situation like this, it was unnecessary to be behaving like this. After all, they were in an illusion basically! Soon enough, about a half an hour later they started off once again. Jadyn didn’t complain for awhile, either. Julie felt very impressed with her. She then stopped in her path. It felt very cold all of a sudden. Julian noticed too, as did everyone else. “Be quiet,” he whispered. They heard a misty sort of sound, then a hissing sort of noise.
Then a faint voice…
“If you don’t leave now we’ll be forced to kill you…” the voice seemed to whisper due to its tone. “No,” Anonymous Person shouted, “Can’t you leave them alone? They’ll leave you alone if you do!” The voice didn’t reply for a little while, until a woman, faded, appeared. Julie’s fear overcame her. She felt her stomach in her throat. She felt her heart pound. She strode up to Anonymous Person. “You’re a very handsome young man,” she spat, “But this doesn’t matter! If you do not leave, we’ll kill you!”
“No! They will not leave!”
“In that case,” the spirit thought a moment, “You’re choosing death?”
Julie stood in fear, her friends doing the same next to her. “JULIAN WE HAVE TO GO!” Julie screamed. The spirit turned to her, “Leave the house forever?” it asked. “No,” Julie yelled, “Just now! Let’s leave!”
“Not until we settle this!” Anonymous shouted.
Julie felt angry. Why didn’t they just leave and go to Ione’s house? The illusion ebbed away, soon the room became smaller. Julie fell to the ground. “What was that?” she cried. Julie searched around her. All but Metallica Kid were gone. “Where did they go?” he asked, frightened. Julie got up quickly.
“IONE!” she yelled.
Ione got up shakily, Anonymous too. Jadyn was still missing. “Where’s Jadyn?” Julie asked. They all searched, but no trace could be found of her. “The spirit is gone, too.” Anonymous pondered. Not the coldness, though. Julie could still feel the spirit’s presence. “We’ve taken the girl somewhere you cannot find her.” the voice returned. Anonymous Person’s eyes widened. “No! Give her back to us!”
Julie could hear Jadyn’s faint scream somewhere.
“She’s far away!” Julie fretted, “Can’t you hear that?”
“I can,” Julian replied, “She’s still in this house, though. It’s another illusion.”
The coldness transformed into warmth. “We’re not leaving, now! We need to find Jadyn!”
”I know that!” Anonymous Person seemed frustrated, “We’ll just have to get out of here and search the…” Anonymous Person scowled.
“JULIE!” Jadyn came running up to her, blood allover her face.
Jadyn hugged Julie. “Are you alright, Jadyn?!” Julie gasped. Jadyn rubbed the blood off her face. “I’m okay, they put stuff on my face…but I saw…the…” Jadyn looked dazed. Whatever just happened to her was very awe-striking. “Let’s go,” Anonymous Person decided reluctantly. “Okay,” Julie honestly didn’t care; she wanted to get out of this house.
Julie felt relieved when they arrived back at Ione’s house. She stumbled inside and sat on the couch. “I hate all of this!” she hollered. Metallica Kid sat next to her, “You know it’s not that bad…” he then thought for a moment, “Never mind…it’s really bad.”
“That just made my day.” Julie replied dryly.
“You know, you don’t have to be so rude all the time.” Metallica Kid spat, “And my name isn’t ‘Metallica Kid’, it’s…”
“I don’t care!” Julie retorted.
Yet another chance of actually knowing this kid’s name had vanished. Julie realized she could just ask him anytime, but knowing it’d be interrupted, she never bothered. Plus, she didn’t really care. Then again, he was her friend kind of, but the nickname just stuck like superglue. Really, really strong superglue that you couldn’t take off even if you wanted to!
Exactly how it could be described.
Anonymous Person waltzed on in with is ebony Les Paul guitar. “Hola Mi Amigos,” he announced. “We don’t want to listen to you!” Jadyn spat. “Oh yes you do, if Julie here wants to learn from a master.” He retorted. I don’t want to learn right now. Julie thought. “I’d like to learn,” she replied politely, “But I really don’t feel like it right now.” Anonymous Person shrugged, “I was afraid that you would not insist.”
Julie was quite surprised at that.
Ione had of course, been cleaning. “That girl cleans a lot.” Anonymous remarked.
“You just noticed?” Metallica Kid wryly observed. “I’m really bored.” Julie moaned. “Then guitar it is!” Anonymous exclaimed. “NO!” Julie spat. She didn’t want to do that right now! Everyone around her was being really unusual today, although they were usually like this everyday. “Why are all of you guys so annoying?” Julie couldn’t believe she said it out loud. Everyone looked at her. Anonymous Person looked troubled, Metallica Kid looked beyond taken aback, Jadyn didn’t really pay attention—whereas she was told this often—and Ione looked sad. “I’m sorry.” Anonymous Person sighed. “WHAT? I am not annoying! You are!” Metallica yelled. Soon enough Anonymous hushed him. “I didn’t know…me…I’m sorry…” Ione looked down.Oh no! Now Julie was in trouble. “No! I only meant Metallica.” She lied. Ione looked up. “Well…I can believe that.” She glared at Metallica. Metallica Kid’s mouth dropped open. “No I’m not!” he tried defending himself.
“I’m sorry,” Julie apologized, “You’re not very annoying. I’m just frustrated.”
“You’re always frustrated.” Jadyn whined.
“Who said anything about you, huh?” Julie threatened. Anonymous Person put his hand up, as if saying “stop”. “You all are being idiots.” He admitted, “So just break it up. We have serious times about us right now.” Julie rolled her eyes, “We already knew that.”
“I said stop it, alright?” Anonymous Person looked very serious now. Julie shushed. Anonymous Person looked as if he’d lecture them. “Now,” he began, “We’re going in that house again tomorrow!” Julie’s mouth slumped. “I’m not going back in there after what happened today!” she objected. Anonymous turned to her. “Did I ask for your opinion?” he asked sternly. Julie settled again. “No,” she replied hotly, “But that doesn’t mean I can’t express it.” Metallica Kid looked comfortable and completely un-shook by the decision. “I think it’s a good idea.” He laid his head on his arms. “Like you weren’t scared today," Ione blurted out. Metallica turned to her, getting up from his seat.
“And you said everyone was scared—so what does it matter? Y’all need your house, right?” he swished around to Jadyn and Julie. “So why not go in and try to coax the ghosts, or at least do it when your parents get back?!”
He had a point.
A key point, at that, however, Julie pretended not to notice. She shrugged, “I didn’t say anything.” Jadyn looked around, picking out the last of the fudge in her bag. Julie looked at her in disgust. “What does that taste like?” she asked. “Chocolate!” she exclaimed, eating it while it smeared allover her hands and face. Julie turned back to Metallica Kid. “Why don’t we do it when our parents get back?” she suggested. Anonymous Person nodded in thought, “I suppose so…” he deliberated. Julie believed it was great to consider doing—after all, her parents would be back in about a week and five days. Julie wanted to take a break from her house, anyways.
Anonymous Person grinned, “Then so be it.”
Julie smiled.

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