The Door Inside the Closet

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 23, 2009



“Listen to the riff…listen to it,” Julie ordered Ione. Ione bobbed her head up and down, listening to the guitar riff of “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses. “That’s a great riff! Better than even…oh I don’t know. Maybe…Reptilia?” she commented. Julie nodded. “Probably,” she considered, “Slash is better than Nick.”
“Nick?” Ione echoed.
“He’s the guitarist for The Strokes.” Julie explained.
“Hey,” Metallica Kid scampered up to them, “How about the guitar part in “Creeping Death” by Metallica?!” Julie and Ione stared. “Since when did you get here? I thought you were on an errand with Anonymous…err…Joe?” Julie asked. Metallica shrugged, “I almost went but decided to stay.” He explained. “Creeping Death”! Oh I love that song!But I mustn’t tell Metallica Kid or…he’ll go ballistic and think we can be best friends. Julie thought. She couldn’t hold it in, though. “I love that song!” she blurted out. Metallica Kid’s smile turned to a humungous grin that Julie almost got scared by.
“You do? Oh I know its so pimp!!!!” Metallica Kid almost like…fainted or something…Julie became frightened. “Yeah…” she murmured. She felt very uncomfortable and weird. “Let’s talk about…something else.” Ione suggested. Julie cast a thankful glance to Ione. “Okay,” Metallica agreed, “How about guitars?!”
“Guitars,” Julie echoed, “I want to play it really badly, more badly than I wanted to play Bari Sax.” Julie shifted, taking it back, “Never mind…I just really want to play.” Metallica nodded, “I can play guitar.”
“I play cello, but I might not be able to because it’s ruined forever!” Ione emphasized the word forever, glaring at Metallica Kid. He shrugged, “It’s a long story how it happened.” He admitted. Julie was silent. Ione put her hands on her hips, “Oh yes? Then how did it happen, smart one?”
“I said it’s a long story,” Metallica Kid objected.
“Tell me now.” Ione insisted.
Metallica Kid sighed. “Okay, so I was in your room looking for my Metallica shirt I lost and I decided to look at your cello. I ended up dropping it, and it scraped up against the bow. So then I spilled my soda on your bed in surprise.” Ione stared at him, “Well, why did you throw up in my closet and NOT tell me?!” she snapped.
“Because beforehand I drank my soda really fast and…well I got so nervous I just…threw up…in your closet…and I didn’t want you to get mad at me so I—err—didn’t say anything.”
“Likely story…” Ione muttered.
“It’s only true you retard!” he retorted.
Ione gasped, “Don’t call me that!”
Julie nodded, “There are people out there that are really mentally retarded, and it wasn’t their fault. It’s nobody’s fault. If you say that word one more time I’ll punch you in the face.” She replied simply. Metallica Kid looked skeptical, “Yeah right! Like you could beat me up? I could knock you out.”
“Want to bet?” Julie cracked her knuckles. “Stop it you guys! Remember these aren’t the greatest times for violence, let alone any time!” Ione eased in between them and pushed them apart. Thank you for reminding me…I almost pummeled him. Julie thought, relieved. If Jadyn had been here to “back her up”, well, Jadyn would egg her on, shouting things like “fight, fight!”
“Metallica, what is your real name?” asked Ione. Don’t even try. All of a sudden, something is going to interrupt this conversation! Julie thought ironically. “Oh, it’s…”
“HI GUYS!” a squeaky voice abruptly cut in.
Of course, it had been Jadyn.
“Why is it that you don’t even try to tell your name?! I want to know instead of calling you Metallica Kid!” Ione grumbled. Metallica Kid shrugged. “Whenever I try to even say it, I get interrupted. Watch this: My name is…”
“So how are you guys doing?” Jadyn squeaked.
“YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT!” Julie cried, “We don’t even know this kid’s name! Jadyn just shut up alright? Try again, Metallica.”He rolled his eyes, seemingly knowing that nothing would work. “My name is…” All of a sudden Julie yelled in pain as something twisted in her palm. “I just got a strain in my hand! Sorry!” she gasped. “See? It will never work!” Metallica complained.
“What if you tell me over text messaging?” Julie asked. He took out his phone and spelled his name in it, then sent it to Julie. She picked up her phone and opened it. “Darn it! It’s out of battery.” She cursed. “See? Now I’ll try writing it on paper.” He took out a pen and wrote on a piece of paper. Ione went to her window.
She then opened it. “Ah, now we have some fresh air!” she exclaimed.
Metallica handed Julie the paper, but before she could even glance at it, it got taken by the wind. Metallica shrugged. “I guess it’ll forever be a secret.” He decided.
Julie sighed.
Now she was beyond perturbed!
“Where’s that one guy?” asked Ione. Julie turned to her, and threw a piece of cheese at her. “What ‘one guy’?” she asked, within the question. Ione peeled the cheese off her couch. “That one guy you call Anonymous Person.” She explained. “Oh, he told me he was going to go and get some of his guitars and go to the bank to get money.”
“For what, more guitars he doesn’t need?” Ione asked peevishly.
“I don’t know,” Julie admitted, “What I do know is he’s trying to teach me guitar.”
”Guitar,” Ione echoed, “Why would you want to learn such a repulsive instrument?”
“It’s not repulsive,” Julie bit back, “I really want to learn it, alright?!”
“What’s up?” a voice asked.
No, go away. Julie thought crossly. She didn’t want Metallica ruining their conversation. “Nothing,” Ione replied neutrally, “We’re not talking about anything, either.”
“But I heard you talking,” Metallica insisted, “What was it about?!”
“What if it’s not your business,” Ione pondered, “Then what?” Metallica Kid shifted nervously. He shrugged, “Err…I don’t know…?” he responded, dumbfounded. Then that means leave! Julie thought sourly. At that moment, she had sympathy for Metallica. This kid got nothing but rude responses from them. “Oh, we were talking about Anonymous Person and how he’s going to try and teach me guitar,” Julie told truthfully. Ione shot her a surprised glimpse. Julie leaned over to her.
“All we ever are to him is mean,” she pointed out.
Ione nodded unwillingly.
“Cool! I know a little guitar, too!” he carried on the conversation. Julie tried to talk with him, which wasn’t working out. She ironically, keeping it to herself, carried on, “Yeah…cool.” She lied.
All of a sudden, the door slammed open. Anonymous Person stumbled in. “You guys! Err…Julie! Julie I have my guitars!!!!!” he exclaimed. Oh, great! Whenever I want to think about doing something else, he barges in. Julie thought deprecatingly. “Julie when do you want to learn?!” he asked, out of breath. “Not right now,” Julie sighed. “Well if you really want to learn, you can’t put it off.” He indicated. Julie cast him a wry glance. “Well, this is a bad time! Once we’ve got this whole ‘haunted house’ thing figured out, then I’ll actually be calm!”
Anonymous nodded. “That makes sense.” He pondered a moment. Julie stood there. Metallica Kid tapped her shoulder. “So, you play saxophone?” he asked randomly. Julie turned to him. “Yes I do. Every single one of them, although you can play all of them once you’ve learned one.” She explained thoroughly. He nodded. “Cool! Which one do you play right now?”
“All of them. I play my alto for Jazz Band, Tenor just for fun, and Baritone, or Bari sax in real band…”
“You’re just in regular Sevie band, huh?”
“No I’m in Advanced Band.” She corrected him.
He gasped. Ione skidded up to them, “So what should we do? We can basically do whatever we want.” She grinned. “Let’s take a walk!” Julie decided.
As they trotted down the pavement, Julie noticed Metallica Kid had a limp in his walk. “Are you alright?” she asked. “I’m fine, just twisted my ankle and…ah, there. It feels better.” He elucidated. Julie fell in beside him. “So, where are we going?” she asked Ione, who ambled beside Julie to her left. “I was thinking…the Mall?” she wondered. “That’s fine with me,” Metallica Kid gave an offhand nod.
They approached the Mall shortly afterwards. They entered the mall and they started making their way around. “Look, its Zach!” Metallica Kid exclaimed. “And look, there’s not Zach,” Ione pointed to a crowd of girls, which included her friends. Julie didn’t know half the people here.
She shuddered as she noticed the girl who was in her keyboarding class that stared at her gibbered in a corner with some other people. “What’s wrong?” Ione inquired. Julie swung over to face Ione. “Oh, nothing, nothing at all!” she fibbed. Metallica Kid stood there, his hands jammed in the pockets of his black sweater and his hood on. In Julie’s opinion the kind of looked “Emo” but that did not matter. “What are we doing here?” he quizzed. Ione shrugged, “I just thought we could come here. We’ve got nothing better to do.”
“Well, can we go back? I’m really bored here.”
As the trio arrived back at the house, Ione paused in front of the doorway. Metallica Kid and Julie did, as well. “What’s up?” asked Julie, worriedly. Ione swung around to face them. “Oh, it’s nothing…I’m just…”
“You’re just what?” Metallica Kid incited.
“Never mind,” Ione shook off the thought, and then rushed inside. Julie shrugged, glancing confused at Metallica Kid, who looked exactly the same. As they entered, Metallica Kid pulled Julie aside. “She’s acting weird,” he reported, “Do you think she’s alright?” Julie shrugged. She didn’t understand why Metallica Kid seemed worried. She then, developed the same feeling probably. She became worried. She glimpsed over to Ione, who paced around the room restlessly.
“Tell us what’s on your mind!” Julie provoked.
Ione stiffened.
“I have a hunch.” She finally replied. “What is it?” Metallica asked. Ione’s eyes shot toward him. Her bangs flipped as she elevated her head. She stared at them for a long moment, and Julie felt as if she had been scrutinized; and could not escape her gaze. “I don’t feel like telling anyone, not until I’m sure.” She finalized. “Maybe we could help,” Julie suggested, “Please just tell us.” Ione stared at Julie sternly. “I’ve made myself clear, now leave me be!” she cried, running off to her room.
“Somebody’s angry,” Metallica Kid chided.
Julie glared at him. “I can tell she’s angry, you idiot, but that doesn’t mean you can make fun of her!”
“I’m sorry, I can’t help it.” He continued.
“Please don’t go on, you’re being a Smart Alec,” she snapped.
He shrugged his face serious this time. “I’m sorry…”
“Think before you act.” Julie muttered, easing her way into the kitchen. She sifted through the snack drawer for anything that she liked. She reached her hand into the back of the drawer, and felt a tiny pack of chips, sour cream and onion flavored, to be exact. She clutched the bag, and it made a sharp crackling sound. Julie then ripped it open and took out a single chip. She slid it into her mouth in between her teeth and crunched on it.
Such a delectable snack, yet so horrible if consumed in large amounts.
“Awesome…can I have one?” Metallica Kid pranced up to Julie, wide eyed and looked like he might start drooling. “No,” she replied simply and sharply, then veered around him and plopped on to the couch. She grabbed the remote and clicked the on button. Julie didn’t pay much attention to the program on; she ate her chips and then laid her head back.
All I need is a good rest. She thought wearily. Metallica Kid fell on the couch beside her. “Yeah I’m bored, too.” He put his head on his arms.
“I’m not bored,” She grumbled, “I’m just tired.”
“Bored…tired…same thing.” He argued.
Julie turned her head left to where Metallica Kid nodded slowly. “Will you ever be quiet?” she asked, seriously this time. He shrugged, and then put his hand on Julie’s left shoulder. She shook it off irritably. “Don’t touch me!” she quarreled. He flinched, and then watched the T.V. noiselessly. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled.
“I just don’t like you here…you shouldn’t be here. You should be at your own home.” Julie remarked.
“I have nowhere else to go, my parents are gone.” He argued.
“This is like a fantasy! I’m stuck with my sister and my friend, plus two dudes who just don’t get it…I wanted a good life! I didn’t want my house to be haunted! I didn’t want to be under control of some guy who doesn’t even know how to care! I’m also with an idiot kid who shouldn’t be with me, and I’m not even in my own house. I hate moving! This wouldn’t have all happened if I were back in my old town!” Julie complained.
“If I were back at my old home, I wouldn’t have to deal with this. I wouldn’t have met Ione, yes, and I wouldn’t have been in advanced band. The only thing is I wouldn’t have had to meet Anonym—er… Joe! I wouldn’t have to deal with you being such an idiot! Why are you here? Why did my parents even leave? They never tell me anything. I never know anything anymore. I don’t even know what to think anymore! I didn’t know ghosts were real! How do I know that this isn’t some idiotic dream of mine, huh? I hate you, I hate Joe…I hate my life.”
Metallica Kid congealed. Julie’s blood must’ve turned to ice. He stifled a smile. “I’m sorry,” he repeated, “I shouldn’t be here.” He simply got up, and gathered his belongings. He didn’t even say goodbye as he opened the door and wandered off.
Julie thought she’d faint.
Why did he just…leave?
Julie flinched as she spotted Anonymous Person at the corner of her eye. “When did you come back?” she queried. He didn’t say a word as he opened the door and slipped out, away from the house.
Julie realized something.
This was my entire fault. He must’ve overheard my conversation…and he and Metallica left. Ione is basically insane, and Jadyn…is Jadyn. What do I do?
After five o’ clock, Julie realized the house seemed emptier without extra company. Half of her enjoyed the fact that the two had left the other half of her felt hopeless. Without at least Anonymous Person, she’d never get anywhere. She wasn’t that disappointed about the guitar, except that she never may learn and her chance had failed, but her house. Her house really paranoid her, she thought about it almost every moment of her life. She half-wished she was back in her old town, not having to worry about all the stupid events happening due to the annals of her house.
The other half of the wish gladdened her. She met new friends, at least. Julie gritted her teeth. She hated the fact her spring break had been wasted.
She sat alone on the couch, still thinking. She thought a lot. She didn’t like to be noticed thinking, but with the loss of two people to help, she didn’t feel sorry for herself.
This whole thing was my fault and Ione and Jadyn don’t even know. She thought wistfully. Sudden guilt fell upon her. She shook it off. Clutching the corner of a pillow in her hand, she thought to herself. I’m not an idiot I have to tell them. She finalized. She shakily elevated from her seat, and marched up stairs where Ione and Jadyn dozed off.
“Wake up, now!” she ordered.
Jadyn jerked awake. “What?” she asked sleepily.
“I have something to tell the both of you!” she spat angrily.
Ione rubbed her eyes, and sat up. “What is it? We were just getting a good nap in, too!”
“They’re gone,” Julie replied.
“Who’s gone?”
“You know who!”
Ione paused. “The two dudes? Wait a minute…why are they gone?” she glared at Julie suspiciously as if she knew the reason why.
“Because of me, don’t say anymore.” She turned around, stomping down the stairs and hopped back on the couch.
I hate this. She thought irately.
It seemed forever as she thought and thought upon the couch, of how all of this was her fault. She threw a pillow at the T.V., and then blasted Metallica on her speakers. “Turn that down!” she barely heard Ione’s call.
“Make me!” Julie retorted.
Soon enough, Ione came skittering down the stairs and faced Julie. “Turn it down now. Honestly, I and Jadyn don’t care if you’re throwing a fit. We want to get a rest!” she seemingly pointed out. Julie leaned over and whispered in Ione’s ear, “You can’t tell me what to do.” Ione leaned over, “Actually, I can. It’s my house, my rules.”
Julie clenched her fists. What was with her? She couldn’t be the ‘boss’ just because this was her house, right? Julie sighed. She was probably wrong, but she hated the fact that everyone around her seemed to always abuse their power.
Ione did. Anonymous Person did.
Julie felt sick and tired of it. She was fine that her parents did it, they weren’t abusing the power; they had the authority all along. Julie reached her arm back, about to punch Ione. Ione’s eyes widened, clouding with shock and fear.
Julie stopped, dropping her fist. What had she done? Why was she about to hurt her best friend?
“Ione I’m sorry! I—I would never…”
Ione didn’t seethe with anger like Julie thought she would. Instead she stifled a small smirk. “Don’t be sorry. I know that you are under stress, about all of this…with your house and all but…that doesn’t mean you can treat your friends that way.”
Julie seemingly congealed.
“I thought you’d hate me.” She whispered.
“I would never do that!” Ione gasped, “You’re my best friend, Julie! Just don’t let your anger control you.”
Julie nodded, “My anger has never done that before. Usually I’m carefree but…I’m stressed. Very, very, very, very…”
“I can tell...that’s why Metallica and Anonymous walked out on you, because you were pouring out everything. That hurt them, Jules.”
Jules, that’s a new one. Julie thought in surprised. She raised her eyebrows and stifled a seemingly frown in amusement. “Jules, eh?” she mentioned, “That’s a new one.” Ione laughed. Julie laughed too, and couldn’t help it either. “It goes well with you.” She barely said because of her giggling.
“So,” she stopped, “When’s break over.”

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