The Little Raven Chronicles

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Vandetta

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012



Chapter 3


The police were rather confused at the series of murders, four teenagers mutilated beyond recognition.  They seem to have been dissected and torn apart.  All the while, no one knows what was going on, no one had a hint of who might be doing all of this.  The lead detective spent day and night trying to find a link between the murders, but only two things emerged.  The victims were slashed multiple times, and the cuts contained flakes of rust.  Other than that, no witnesses, no video evidence, no shred of DNA.  If they only knew about Little Raven, then they could possibly prevent more murders.  Alas, they didn’t even know he existed, let alone was responsible for four grisly deaths.

Back at the cabin, he spent time cleaning off blood and chunks of skin and bone off a couple of his weapons, he sighed as he stared off into the distance.  For he was in woe, he still loved his Bernadette.  He could still imagine her, but if he confronted her, what would she think?  Would she see him as a monster?  Would she see him as a murderer? As a freak?  He did not know, but first things first.  He wanted to strike down his next couple targets.  After he murdered his last targets, he did some digging around in their personal files, cell phones, checked their text messages, and he found an opportunity.  It was a couple days after the last series of murders that he was planning to go to a small drinking party at the college and strike down a couple of his next targets.  His next target was Dwayne Borchild, a mean, fat guy who loved to pick on the weak and just torture whoever was smaller than him.  He would enjoy this, because on many occasions Dwayne would often give him wedgies and swirlies.  So he would get the beady eyed bastard and kill whoever else he hated at the party.  He couldn’t get sloppy, for he had a feeling the police were on the lookout for him or whoever else that might look suspicious. 

He started to embark early afternoon, not knowing exactly where the location might be.  He went through the woods into the city park which was adjacent to the college.  He stood up in a tree and saw a set of dorms.  He would watch them go in and out, and see which one might be the party.  He sat there for a few good hours, the sun setting, and darkness took over the area.  It was perfect,Shortly after the sun set, he saw a group of three guys walk to a back door which lead to the basement next to the garage, which he did see people go out of that.  He noticed they had a refrigerator that was where they kept the alcohol.  Perfect, he could lay a trap in there, and wait for the fat bastard to come in and then strike.  As he made his way down the tree, when at the bottom he heard a small growl.  He looked down and saw the Willard’s annoying Chihuahua.  He had a history with this dog, the number of times it got loose; bit his ankles, and so on.  The little rat looking pest kept barking at him, it got loose quite a bit and roamed this city.  He just shook his head at it as it lunged for his foot.  He hopped up and dodged it.  Enough was enough from this dog.  He took a nice step and kicked it.  The dog yelped and went flying off into the bushes.  He snickered then start back to sneaking over to the garage.  He opened a window and looked around, it was an auto shop.  He noticed a large hook with a chain near the refrigerator.  He looked at it, and started thinking of a way to ambush him.  He got an idea and hoisted himself up towards the ceiling.  He swung over to a ledge and sat there and waited with the hook.  He had to wait for a good hour or two.  Several people came in and out.  He waited patiently, as he knew that lard had to refill his cup sometime.  Finally after a long wait, he saw him stumble in.  The drunk wobbled over to the fridge, and opened it, he stared into it like a dumb founded fat kid in a candy store.  He suddenly swung the hook at him, and it came forcefully into his torso.  He grunted and flung back at the hook stuck into his rib cage.  He hopped down and grabbed the hook that stuck in the dazed and confused Dwayne.  He kicked it and it was in tight as blood gushed out of his wound.  He screamed, but alas, the loud music prevented him from being heard.  He circled Dwayne like a hawk, and he glared at him.  Dwayne just looked at him all confused.

“Who the hell are you?” he yelled.  Little Raven snickered and then punched him in the throat.  He gagged and started coughing as he drew out a large rusted bowie knife.  He started lightly cutting into his torso, carving the skin off as he kept screaming.  He tore it off as his exposed muscle and blood.  He tugged the hook up so it would lift him off the ground.  He screamed again, as he heard his ribs crack and tear.  Little Raven then pulled out Howard and with the bowie knife in his left hand, he started hacking into his chest.  He did his usual multiple slashes, and kept relentlessly cutting and stabbing with the bowie knife.  He hung there dead, but he kept slashing and slashing.  Then after he was done hacking, he started ripping out his fat and intestines.  He reached in and pulled out his heart.  He just stared at it as suddenly a party goer came in.  It was a woman drunk off her tail end.  She looked in and screamed at what she saw.  Little Raven acted on impulse, grabbed a hammer and threw it as hard as he could at her head.  The end of the hammer hit her in the temple perfectly, killing her instantly.  She fell back from the doorway as the music suddenly stopped.  He threw the heart at her body then kicked the door and ran out of the garage.  He heard a couple people come in and scream, as he jumped into the brush and vanished.  He went around the bushes and headed back to the trail.  This time the police responded within minutes of the murder.  They quickly taped off the area, but then they started arresting the teens there for underage drinking.  Several teens were busted, and the college’s rep started going down,


“What in the blue blazes is going on here….” The lead detective was astonished.  He was looking at the body closely.  He saw the brutality of the attack, and automatically linked it with the other kills.  “We have a serial killer on our hands….” He said crouching down.  He glanced at the missing intestines and the pure hate that was put into this attack, he could feel it.


“Sir, check this out…” another detective said.  He looked at the body of the girl who was dead.  They were taking pictures, and they examined the hammer that killed her.  There was some blood on it from the impact it made with her temple. 

“This is very strange, the murdered mutilated the guy, but the girl there was just one blow, I wonder why….” The detective said.

“Sir, there are no footprints leading to the body.  Witnesses claim that she opened the door and the hammer flew up and struck her.Yet no one saw the assailant, which didn’t help police at all.He was getting good at hiding and keeping a low profile.  He figured e would stay low for a while, let the dust settle before striking again.  If he kept it up, he would get closer and closer to getting shot or caught. 


Meanwhile, at another area, Mr. Willard and his son Derby were having a heart to heart talk.

“Dad, we have to do something, Kip, Dwayne and Vlad are all dead.  Some psycho is killing them all!” Derby said, staring at a raging fire in their black marble fireplace. 

“Son, relax, they were small time crooks, and whoever did this will not dare touch you or your sister.  Everyone knows our connections, so just sit.”  Mr. Willard said drinking some scotch.  He wiped back some of his gray and blonde hair.  He was right; he made so much money from his sales of crystal meth.  He had a nice network of goons to protect him and his family.  They failed to realize their enemy was not a competitor, and they racked their little minds that night to try and figure out who the murderer was.  It even got to the point where they issued out a hit for the murderer.  Five grand in cold hard cash for his dead carcass, not that they’d ever get it, but it was worth a try, right?

Meanwhile, let’s go back to the situation at hand, next on his list of victims was the notorious Natalie, the school slut who slept with the whole basketball, football and lacrosse team.  The thing is that, there is no lacrosse team!  That’s how much she got around and she was going to have her way with her second guy of the night.  Shortly after the party, he moved out to her apartment.  He had to dig for this one, but Kip had a text from her stating that he could come over to her new address.  He went down the woods, then headed through back alleys, making sure he wasn’t spotted at all.  Once someone would see that a masked psychopath roaming around, the police would be hot on his trail. 

He came up to her street, and started looking at the addresses, and he found hers.  He looked around; it was a third story apartment, so he had to climb through the back.  He hopped up and grabbed the railing of the back porch and hoisted himself up, He climbed onto the roof of a back laundry room, and then he leaped up and grabbed the window above it.  He pulled up and then jumped and caught the corner of the room.  He pulled himself up to the roof and then picked a window.  He hopped down then slid it open.  He hopped in, his foot landed in dirty laundry.  He looked around, it was her living room.  He sniffed, smelly the awful air, he shook his head, then he heard the outside door start to open.  He hid real quick.

“Hey I’m here…” a man’s voice said.  She was in the shower, and she responded.

“Alright, just come on it….” She said.  He looked and saw some random guy with a ball cap and a goatee walk in.  He suddenly recognized him.  It was Mr. Circot, his math teacher.  He failed him three years ago claiming his presence was “ominous and strange.’  He felt his anger rise, as Mr. Circot looked towards the window.  Little Raven snuck up behind him, and then suddenly lunged and snapped the man’s neck.  He gasped then fell dead instantly.  He looked towards the bathroom, and he grabbed a few of her belts then a pair of dirty underwear.  He listened as she started finishing up in the shower.  He listened quietly as he slowly opened the door.  She smiled with her back turned to him as he started going behind her.

“Now now….someone has to be patient.” As she turned around but then gasped and screamed as he grabbed her and threw her into the wall.  She screamed more as he kneed her in the head and knocked her out.  He picked up her unconscious body and dragged it into the living room.  He took the belts and strapped to her arms and feet, tying her up and propping her.  He then shoved the underwear down her mouth and gagged her.  He waited patiently for her to wake up.  He sat on the chair and sat his legs up on the table.  He made sure the door was closed and locked tightly and the blinds shut tight.  He waited and waited, before she awoke, freaking out and trying to scream but she couldn’t.  She was kept hanging up as he got up and pulled out his machete off his back.  He held it up to her face as he slid it down to her torso.  He suddenly chopped off one of her breasts, she screamed with her gag as he watched it fall off and muscle hang out and blood pouring out.  She screamed at the top of her lungs, but the gag made her quiet.  He cut off the other breast, as her torso filled with blood, he pulled out his meat cleaver, and cut open her ribs, he ripped them out one by one.  She grunted with each, by the fourth rib, her body went limp as she died of he wounds. 

He started mercilessly hacking into her chest, slashing multiple times. He then slashed her throat, and ripped out her heart.  He looked at it intently then threw it away.  He put his knife and meat cleaver back onto his belt when he saw flashing lights.  It seems a neighbor heard some disturbing noises and decided to call the cops.  He looked out the window and seen two cop cars, he looked out and noticed his way of escape was blocked off.  He had to act quickly.  He went out the window and climbed onto the roof hidden away from sight.  He looked over and saw a tree.  This was his only opportunity, and he jumped out.  He grabbed a branch, but it snapped and he plummeted twenty feet to the ground and landed with a thump.  The cops heard and started going for the location.  He was dazed a bit, and he jumped to his feet and held his arm, and he saw three cops with their flashlights looking around.  He started backing up slowly trying to be stealthy.  He overheard them.

“What the hell was that?” one of the officers said.  He narrowed his eyes and he kept low, hiding in the brush.  A fourth officer looked out one of the windows.

“We have four stiffs here! He struck again!” as they held their guns up.  He started sprinting towards the forest.  They seen a shadow and screamed.

“Stop! Don’t move!’

“We will open fire!” another yelled.  He kept low as one officer shot towards him.  The bullet missed by five feet and hit a tree.  He went deeper and deeper as he hopped in the stream so they couldn’t follow his trail.  He went up stream away from the highway and went for three miles before going back onto his main trail.  He followed it home as he went in and flopped onto the chair.  He wiped his head and calmed down.  He then snickered and loved the feeling of being shot at.  He had a sadistic laugh in his head, and he tossed his belt full of weapons away and took off the second strap that held his machete and his throwing knives.  He went down stairs and continued to mend his weapons.






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