Future Dive, Book1: Havok City

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Ryan Sharp finds himself in a strange land. What does this new world hold for him?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Future Dive, Book 1: Havok City

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013




Chapter 1


The first thing I noticed was my head, it hurt. It felt like I had slammed it on something. The second thing was the sounds. I could hear people talking, a lot of people, like a crowd. I also heard a lot of low whines. A lot like the sound those hybrid cars make.

I opened my eyes and immediately wished I hadn’t. Suddenly that sharp pain in my head was the last thing I cared about. I was right about one thing; there were a lot of people. I was sitting in a middle of what looked like some type of road. On both sides of me were buildings with little to no space between them.

This seemed to be a city, but not one like I had ever seen before. People were all walking around me, no one stopped to see why I was sitting on the ground. The weird thing was the fact that there were no cars. Well, no normal cars. Above me and the rest of the crowd were cars. That’s where the strange whines were coming from, floating cars.

I had no idea what was going on. I could barely remember anything. My name is Ryan Sharp, twenty-two years old, and I am from a small town in Indiana. That much I knew for sure, but I had no idea how I got to this strange city. Was I dreaming? It didn’t seem like it. It was all so real.

I was still taking this all in so when a strong hand grabbed my arm I was taken by surprise. I followed the arm up to see a man with long silver hair. He looked to be in his late twenties. “We have to go now,” He said as he pulled me to my feet.

“W-What? Who are you? What’s happening?” I struggled to get out. I felt like I was in shock.

He started to pull me along. “We will have time to talk later,” He said and looked me in the eyes. “But right now we need to be somewhere else.”

I have no idea what it was, but for some reason I trusted what he was saying. It wasn’t that he looked like a trustworthy guy, he didn’t. It was the fear in his eyes. When he said we needed to go he meant it. He took off running, and I followed right after him.

As we ran I saw a lot more of the flying cars overhead. They looked to all be convertible. I also saw flying motorcycles mixed in with the crowed. The city looked huge from what I could see. People didn’t even look at us as we were running by them.

The silver haired guy ran fast, though for some reason I could keep up with him. This seemed weird to me. From what I could remember I was really bad at running. I couldn’t even go more than a block without almost passing out, but not now. We ran block after block. We never had to slow down for intersections because all the cars were above us.

We kept turning down different streets. Wherever we were going we weren’t taking a fast way, it was like we were trying to lose someone. I caught up with the guy and looked over at him as we ran.

“What are we running from?”

He ended up not needing to answer me, I found out for myself. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my back, like someone punched me. Then my legs gave out, I tripped and landed right on my face. I couldn’t move. I felt like I was paralyzed.

Someone jumped on me and flipped me over. Whoever it was there were in a full black armor. It went from head to toe, I couldn’t see his face. Behind him I saw at least ten more of these guys running up. I couldn’t see the silver haired guy anywhere.

“Please do not try and resist. We shot you with a stun.” The man spoke. His voice was a bit amplified, like it was coming from a speaker on his helmet. He had an odd looking rifle in his right hand. My guess is that’s what he shot me with.

“Mark Crater you are under arrest.”

“What?” I managed to get out. “My name is Ryan Sharp. You’ve got the wrong guy.” I had no idea who Mark Crater was.

Another one of these armored men walked up. “Here I’ll shut him up,” The new guys said. He then pulled his riffle up and took aim. I couldn’t do anything my body was paralyzed. He pulled the trigger. The end of the gun lit up as some sort of energy came out and shot me straight in the face. I blacked out immediately.


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