The Snow

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Normal

Submitted: October 27, 2012

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Submitted: October 27, 2012



The rest of that week was as normal as any person could hope for. It rained constantly for most of that week, though it was not too uncomfortably cold. People went about their early spring as if summer were to come just as it had the last year.

Kelsey’s schedule was unchanged, waking early so she could get to work and listen to Shantell’s newest gossip. They gossiped about most everything. Gossip included residents living at Meridian; about how Genie had quieted down yet cursed at anyone who walked too closely to her as they passed. They talked about the nurses who slacked off and took long breaks. The two women even talked about their personal lives and about their children.

Allie went to her honors classes largely without seeing Dwayne at the school since his classes had finished between quarters at the college. After class she would then go to her job shadow at the Meridian with Kelsey who had happily agreed to be her program supervisor. Whenever she was free in the evening she and Dwayne would see each other. They would go to the coffee shop and do homework together, or read quietly together. Anything from school books to Dwayne’s new script.

Christopher attended most of his classes as necessary to graduate. He also paid special attention to stalk Dwayne’s locker, though of course he was rarely there, or anywhere to be found. He would make snide remarks to Allie and though he could see it bothered her, there was little fun in harassing a girl.

Danny continued to argue with the college theater administration about casting, budgets and schedules. She did not see Dwayne or Tommy again that week, but they had plans for the week end. She already had most of the script memorized and was going to emphasize they start doing the same as they worked through their lines.

Perhaps the only one, who was not enjoying life as normal, was the arrogant cat Dog. No longer allowed outside whenever he wanted he took great pains to sprint outside whenever a door was opened.

Then Saturday came.

Danny was on the highway heading into Ellensburg after a short trip to Spokane and back. This trip was not nearly so bad, having brought along her MP3 player this time. She anticipated being a little early to Dwayne’s before picking up Tommy.

Kelsey sat at her desk typing on her computer while Shantell talked about, “what a slut her sons’ new girlfriend was. She could tell.”

Genie had gone from passive aggressive to crying out profanities and begging for help, to be released from her damn chair. Kelsey watched as a cafeteria nurse offered her a glass of hot chocolate. Genie promptly served it back into the woman’s lap then proceeded to laugh in her wheel chair as the nurse gasped and turned for the kitchen to try and save her blouse.

The world, as most people know it, has not undergone a great change. There have been plenty of technological and social advances. There have been great telescopes launched into space to look across the stars, and Twitter allowing everyone to stay in touch with their smart phone. The world has not, however, experienced a great catastrophe. There has been no ice age, no great heat wave that melted the arctic ice mountains flooding the world. Disease is more and more under control and plagues like Ebola have not gone air born yet to wreck the world.

Even the threat of nuclear devastation was thought to be avoided.

At 10:00AM Dwayne’s alarm went off as it was meant to. That may have been the last normal thing that happened in the world.






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