Virgin Inferno

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The couple revealed (part 1)

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Submitted: June 16, 2011



Zack and Skyla, both tied up back to back on the floor of the living room with rags tied around their mouths for silence, sit nervously and shaken by the shocking truth. Deadala and Colton were their captors this whole time. Deadala and Colton kiss passionately. They look upon Zack and Skyla with dissapointment.

"How stupid are you guys?" Colton asked.

Deadala then added, "You couldn't even recognize us and yet you've been dating us for quite some time. Don't you see the hole in this story? The fact we were wearing masks shouldn't have anything to do with you not being able to recognize us right off the bat."

"It's pathetic really," commented Colton, "We didn't even disguise our voices and still you were clueless. I swear you two are the worst boyfreind and girlfreind ever, even if you don't take into account the factthat you were cheating on us. It's hilarious! At that rate, If we got caught for what we did to you two, you wouldn't be able to pick us out from a line-up."

"But we won't get caught, will we?" Asked Deadala cutely while nuzzling Colton.

"That's right sweetheart. No one can stop us. We're untouchable!" Replied Colton while also nuzzling Deadala. They kiss some more. Zack and Skyla both grow more and more alarmed. Zack wonders what they will do to him and Skyla. What kind of torment will they endure? Skyla wonders if she'll make it out alive. Both are left to ponder in fright.

As they do, Deadala and Colton pour all over eachother with great affection and love, shuddering in heavy breath. Kissing, hugging tightly, rubbing, groping and nuzzling eachother constantly, their passionate sessions carried on almost endlessly. Both of their faces flush brightred as their love and obssession burn white hot. The warmth they both felt in their hearts and bodies was infernal.The excitement they experience is nonstop and unfaltering. Minutes of this heavy display of affection slowly creep by and drone on.

Then it all slowly comes to a halt, ending in both of them reluctantly disengaging with sweaty, red faces and deep respiration. Deadala's eyes roll back while her eyelids flutter. Her entire body becomes limp and shakey, leaning and holding desperately onto Colton for support, her head resting on his shoulder. Colton, holding and carressing Deadala in his arms, looks to both Zack and Skyla while grinning and giving a nod. Zack and Skyla are not amused but rather disgusted. Had Deadala and Colton come to capture and torment Skyla and Zack just so they can watch them makeout constantly? What was the purpose of all of this?

Colton takes a deep breath and finally begins another speech.

"Clearly, you see we're perfect for eachother. Ever since we caught onto what you two have been doing behind our backs, we had nobody but eachother to get us through that sickening grief you two caused both of us. We were forced to endure crushing heartbreak while both of you flourished without a care in the world. It was what you two did to us that lead Deadala and I to each other, so I thank you for that. You're probably wondering how we found out, huh?"

Come to think of it, Zack did ponder that very question in the back of his mind. How could Deadala and Colton have found out?

"Well," Colton awnsered with another question, "do you remember that day back at the gym, when no one else was around?" They both thought back to that very day.

The incident happened only a month ago, when the school year was coming closer to an end. The school was bustling and noisy as usual. The halls were crowded and alive with chatting, busy teens as always. It was lunchtime. Colton emerged from the classroom doorway, looking for Skyla, his girlfreind. She was supposed to be waiting for him outside of the classroom. He peered around the halls, scanning the crowd for Skyla. He then saw her, walking down the hallway away from him. She was giggling and chatting with her girlfreinds. She and the group of girls came upon Zack, slouching against the lockers. They all smiled to each other. Skyla's eyes were fixed onto Zack's. Colton felt a bit of jealousy and had to intervene fast.

As Colton was about to make his move, a high pitched, shrill voice sang,

"OH ZACK!" A very tall girl, with long,golden curly hair, large shiny blue eyes, a busting chest and a large rump, came rocketing down the hallway toward Zack. She made collision with him and hugged tightly. It was Deadala, Zack's beautiful girlfreind.

"My boyfreind!" Deadala sharply scolded to the girls. Zack and the girls had the most discomforted expression on their faces.

"Hey, listen sweetie," Zack said to Deadala, "Why don't you go save me a seat at one of the lunch tables? I'll be there in a minute or two okay?"

"Okay!" Chirped Deadala. She gleefully jogged off to the lunchroom. As she left their sight, the girls began talking smack.

"Wow, what a freak," one of the girls rudely commented, "Are you banging her or something?"

Skyla had the most wide-eyed expression of shock andanger as she glared at her. Her friend looked back at Skyla and shrugged inquisitively.

"Uhm... nah," he awnsered sheepishly.

"Liar!" Skyla's freind teased Zack accusingly.

"No, I swear I'm not!" Zack stated to his own defense. "She keeps, like, talking about bondage and stuff. She's always saying she's gonna stay virgin until she's married and blah-blah-blah! It's really annoying actually."

"Damn, that's messed up Zack!" Commented Skyla's freind.

"Yeah. Hey Sky," he then focused his attention on Colton's girlfreind. "Wanna meet up at the gym?"

"Sure!" Skyla awnsered gleefully. Zack then strutted down the hallway.

"Damn, did you see the titties on his girlfreind? She's got melons!" Skyla's freind again rudely commented.

"Hey!" Scolded Skyla to her freind.

"Man, that girl had a big ass too!" Skyla's friend seemed unable to keep those nasty words to herself. Colton then finally made his move toward his girlfriend.

"Hey Sky!" Greeted Colton. But Skyla didn't seem interested.

"Oh, hey Caleb,"Skyla replied distantly,"Go save me a seat at the table, I'll be back." Skyla then rushed off toward the lunchroom.

"But my name's Colton!" He corrected. But she didn't even look back. Colton, felt rather hurt. Skyla's friends giggled and commented on how carefree Skyla acted toward Colton.

"Hey, you're Colton, Sky's boyfreind right?" Asked her freinds.

"Yeah," replied Colton in a most upset tone, "at least you got my name right. She's my girlfreind and she called me Caleb!"

"That's messed up!"

"Tell me about it." Colton sighed. He then stormed off toward the lunchroom. Deadala sat alone at a table in the middle of the lunchroom. Colton, unable to find any other open tables, decided to take a seat at Deadala's table. They both sat down, arms crossed and leaning on the lunch table. They both looked down at the table with the most loneliest look on their faces. Both of their significant others have not arrived at their tables yet. Everyday, it happens like this. They both wait and wait. By the time lunch is over, neither of them end up sitting next to their boyfreind or girlfreind. Finally, Deadala and Colton both looked up at eachother and began to make conversation for the very first time.

"Hi!" Both Colton and Deadala simultaneously greeted. Then they giggled. "What's your-" again they attempted to speak but got caught up. They laughed more.

"You go first." Offered Colton.

"Okay, what's your name?" Deadala asked.

"Colton, yours?" returned Colton.

"Deadala." She awnsered.They both looked eachother in the eyes. For a moment, they were both lost in each others gaze. A deep connection of some sort sparked between them without warning. Subconciously, their hands began to slide toward another. But by the reality that they both had boyfreinds and girlfreinds, they quickly snapped out. Despite the feelings they experienced for each other on that moment, they had to stay true to their significant others. Maybe next time.

"So," Colton inquired, "you're Zack's girlfreind, right?"

"Yeah," She awnsered. "Aren't you Skyla's boyfreind?"

"Yeah," awnsered Colton. "Weren't they together one time?"

"Hmm," thought Deadala, "Yes, they were. He says they grew apart because things weren't exciting enough for them. Oh, well. He's with me now. I wonder were he is."

Colton had wondered where Skyla was too. But then he remembered. Things have now seemed more suspicious.

"I think Zack and Skyla may both be in the gym," he informed Deadala, "I heard them both talking about it. I'll go check it out." As Colton walked off, Deadala began to worry herself. As Colton makes his way to the gym, his heart paces with anxiety.

"What is Skyla doing with that guy in the gym?" He wonders to himself.

He stops at the door, takes a deep breath, and steps through.

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