Battle of Legends

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Among the world that we are very well aware about, is hidden another secret world, only a fraction of the people know about. This is a self-reliable world, which is known among its members as the Other World.
This chapter discusses the Prologue, the history that is required to understand the novel.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: March 27, 2008

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Submitted: March 27, 2008



Sir Davian Black was a very influential member of a secret community which was founded by his ancestor. This community was formally called the Pagan Awareness and Worship Network (P.A.W.N), and was referred as ‘The Other World’ among its members. It was founded by Vernon Black, a 12th century scholar and a student of anthropology. He was a great philosopher and a non-believer of god. He had done a lot of research on psychology, human nature and archaeology but he could never find answers to some of the most frequented questions like the “purpose of man’s existence/life”, “birth of the creating hand (God)” and “reason for sufferings” which had troubled him for most of his life.

Vernon’s hard work finally paid him when he found half satisfactory explanations to these questions as lessons from Swamy Lokacharya, an Indian sage who explained all such matters. It was a custom in those days that the wise Indian sages and teachers (acharya’s) opened their knowledge of the material and spiritual world to their disciples only. They never taught or explained their subjects to anyone else. For this reason, the ‘Divine Knowledge’, as it was called by Vernon himself in the manuscripts, was never open freely to the world. Vernon Black accepted most of the teachings as facts ‘put forth by god’, yet he was not comfortable in believing in the existence of God. After seven years of putting his new found knowledge into practice, he found that the knowledge he received was not entirely convincing and he believed that the changes he had made to it during these years were, in fact, very correct. According to him, this modified theory was satisfactory and he believed that the completeness of the knowledge was a path to enlightenment. He also had written volumes of books on it, and his heirs have been safeguarding the original manuscripts through the line of time.

Finally, Vernon decided after the seven years that this divine knowledge must be shared with other men, who had a right to know and argue about it. He started by sharing this knowledge with a small group of people, who later helped him form a school or rather a community which spread it. The community spread like a wildfire in Europe and Asia. Many years passed, and in mid 19th century, it was rated anti-Christian by the Vatican Pope and its followers were punished and prosecuted in the open in mass numbers. All its members went into hiding and soon enough, they could make the Vatican believe that the community had perished. But in reality, it had grown stronger and operated in secret. It disclosed its secrets only to the people who ‘deserved’ to join the community, only after they are taken as a part of it. From then on, the members were recruited to the community very carefully so that the Christian world would not interfere in their business. The present world is unaware of the existence of any such community, as it had been in the open for a very short time period of 7 years. Now, the community has its headquarters in almost all the countries operating in secret, except in the Vatican City.

The community had always been managed by a team of masters, who were called Markaums. The management was called Marqii, in which were a hundred-and-eight different Markaums who were appointed to take care of specific aspects of the other world. It was a definite rule that one place for Markaums, called the Legend Keeper, be reserved for the heir of the Black, who safeguarded the original manuscripts of knowledge.He was also an influential member of the community and exercised a wide power over all the aspects of the community. The Marqii also consisted of a panel of seven members, which was called The Board of Constitution (BOC). This board exercised the power to change the existing rules and rights which were to be followed in the community. They had a capacity to exercise all the powers of the Legend Keeper, provided that at least six of them agree to do so in unison.

Around the early 1940s, Raiden Black, the Legend Keeper decided to encourage the practical side of combat training, who opined that it was ‘a perfect practical simulation of the tough world outside’, as the community also taught its members the principles to face the outside world. The concept gained popularity and the new masters started focusing more on the combat part. Soon enough, the other combat challenges and tournaments conquered the community less and less importance was being given to the actual course. Combat tournaments evolved and a rapid increase in the number of teams participating in it was seen. The popularity of the combat course was reflected in the Marqii which was entirely reformed to make space for managers who were dedicated to encouraging practical combat. Also, this reformation lowered the powers of the Legend Keeper, by transferring the power of decision making to the Board of Constitution. The decisions of the BOC were formally approved by the Legend Keeper. The Legend Keeper, from then on, had become a puppet which had to obey the decisions of the BOC.

Sir Davian Black was the son of Raiden Black and was among the very last persons to have finished the course in the classic style. It was after his course’s completion that the revolutionary shift towards the combat world occurred. He respected the knowledge the world had given him and was an eye witness of the revolution. Soon, at the early age of 32, he became the Legend Keeper, where he tried to change how things went on in the world. He tried his best to restore the classic style of teaching, but failed miserably as the powers of the Legend Keeper were reassigned to the BOC. He cunningly worked his way through to snatch the powers of the Legend Keeper, by making little changes that deceived the BOC to be insignificant and unimportant. He somehow carved a path of power to the Legend Keeper without the BOC noticing it. He was very well known for his wisdom. He was known around the world for being a mastermind in carving out ways to reach his ‘impossible’ goals.

Sir Davian knew well that he could not restore the classic way of teaching during his term as the Legend Keeper. He was in great pressure to train another person in the old style and prepare him to fulfill his dream of restoring the community to its old ways. He had seen many teachers emerge as combat trainers. By the time he expired, he found that all the teachers were replaced by combat trainers and maintained their respective team of combatants who desired to master the art and emerge as the world champion. As the other world entered the 21st century, it was nothing but a whole new world of Combat Training and violent duels, where candidates were recruited based on their raw combat skills, groomed in the art and deployed to champion the combat world. No doubt the combat course taught the members the ways to face the tough world; the truly valuable knowledge was lost in the crowd of millions.

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