Jean is God! A journey into the future... or past?

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The time machine was invented in the year 2022 A.D. and was tested in the same year by dispatching 32 ping-pong sized balls two years into the future. Today, as the whole world watches, the balls appear one by one out of the portal, but something is not right. The experiment did no go as expected.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Time Machine

Submitted: October 19, 2008

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Submitted: October 19, 2008



Chapter – 1

The Time Machine

Existence has become increasingly dependent on the advancement of technology. Revolutions have frequented from the end of the 18th century and have become a part of the technologically developing society. It all started with the Industrial revolution when the introduction of steam power underpinned the dramatic increase in production capacity which led to Industrialization. In the 20th century, calculators evolved into processors which rapidly shrunk in size to what is now called the microprocessor which has become a part of every little smart device we carry in our pocket. Physicists around the world had their share when Albert Einstein proposed the incredible Theories of Relativity. It is on one of this theories that the most astonishing invention of all time was based upon, the invention of the time machine.

The time machine was first tested two years back, on the 9th of July 2022. It was the materialization of the world’s craziest ideas where man could travel through time. The time machine was invented by Indian, Dr. Aamir Nagre and Dutch, Earn von Born. Fourteen years of tireless effort from their team had shown off then and it was tested for the very first time on a variety of objects. They had dispatched thirty-two ping-pong sized balls two years back to make a journey of two years into the future. The objects were scheduled to pop out tonight at eight in the evening. The whole of the apparatus was set up in the Icelandic plains and the event was being broadcasted to the whole world of enthusiasts.

“The time machine works on the principle of time dilation, a phenomenon that followed Einstein’s postulates of the Special Theory of Relativity, or rather exploits it,” Dr. Nagre said on world television before the samples were dispatched. “A difference in the progression of time is noticeable among the objects that are travelling at great relative velocities, comparable to the velocity of light. Where one object spends one second, the other might spend an hour or a year, all depending upon their relative velocity. We create the circumstances by accelerating the objects to a velocity 99.8% the velocity of light which creates the time dilation effect. So where the object spends one second, the world spends two years.” Dr. Nagre stopped here expecting a doubt to be asked by the host that was asked to him every time he recited the principle to his enthusiasts, but was disappointed this time. The interviewer surely had not done her homework. When he was thinking along these lines, a boy in his late teens among the audience raised his hand which brought a smirk across the lips of the great scientist and professor.

“But sir, how can something travelling at such a great velocity exist in its physical state? Doesn’t Einstein’s theory say it decomposes into radiation?” Not quite up to the mark! The professor expected a slightly more intelligent question than just that. However, somebody else had worked so hard to resolve this problem in its advanced state and was right there that the professor considered giving her a chance to explain the matter. He said, “Ms. Jean Evans here has resolved this issue to a further degree, it would be unfair not to hear it from the person herself.”

Jean Evans started. She had faced the media on a number of occasions before, but never had she been so unprepared for what she was to say. Being the professor’s personal secretary, she had always spoken what she was asked to by the professor, but today was different. She was sure the professor had decided this in advance and was grateful to him for giving her a chance to speak upon her own work.

“These travelling objects or rather frames are intact within their own limits,” she said. “It is true that objects travelling at such great velocities decompose into energy almost equal to the product of their mass with the square of the velocity of light (E=mc2), but that is when observed from the other frame. Within its own frame, the object is still intact and possesses the physical nature that it did when at rest. The problem arises when the object is accelerated so rapidly. It is during this acceleration phase that the objects are deprived of their physical self. Care had been taken that during the deceleration process the object attains its original physical form.”

The same young boy had his hand up in the air again. This time, Jean Evans knew what was coming so did the professor. “Does that mean it is not possible to travel backwards in time?”

The professor smiled at the young boy. “Travelling backwards in time is a hypothetical consequence which is practically impossible. If you believe time travel gives you the power of God, it is time you learn; not even God can travel backwards in time.”

It was a bold statement. The professor realized that, though he did not feel sorry for it. There has never been any evidence or saying claiming God to have exhibited such power. Jean was awestruck. She was just amazed by the way the professor had put it, though she realized what he said was perfectly true. Not even God can travel backwards in time.

Jean Evans looked around the examination chamber where the ping-pong balls were expected to arrive in another five minutes. An unexpected fear gripped her; a fear that threatened the work of her life. She had always been aware of the fact that she was too young to be where she already was. Maybe today is not the day. Maybe I will have to wait a few more years. Jean Evans suddenly realized the fact that it was her birthday tonight. She remembered how she had forgotten the one when the samples had been dispatched. At 33, she is a well known personality alongside Dr. Aamir Nagre, yet she felt there was still time for her to succeed.

Jean was lost in deep thought when the examination chamber lit up with blue electric bolts all concentrated in the center of the space. The light had gone as soon as it had come, and there was silence. It lasted only for half a second, and there it was, a shining orange ping-pong ball. It had arrived a minute earlier than expected. Within the next fifteen minutes, the remaining thirty-one balls all appeared in the chamber. Jean was surprised about the weird thoughts she had had moments ago about the experiment not going right, but she was so wrong. Or rather, she thought she was. It didn’t take a minute to declare after the examination of the balls that there was still work to do. The experiment was not entirely a success….

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