The Devil's Circus

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



He drove me back to my house and instructed me to get all my weapons. I had alot. It took us seven trips before we got everything in the car. Meanwhile. he smashed something on the dash board. I didn't ask why.

We drove out of town and into the next. I wondered if we looked conspicuous in the police car. I mean, there must be a report for a missing cruiser. He stopped us in front of a mall.

He grabbed one rifle, and with the tail of it. smashed the window of a red truck that he parked next to. He unlocked the door and hot wired it. Soon, he got it working. We tossed all the weapons in the bed of the truck, and covered it with the tar that was already there. He handed me a pistol, and he still had his rifle. He drove all the way to the other side of the parking lot and stopped the car.

"C'mon," He said, shutting the door. I followed his lead.

"What now? A massacre in the mall?" I asked, being doubtful of myself.

"You need clothes, don't you?" He said, grinning. I grinned back and followed him. He walked through the glass doors, like nothing was wrong. Like he wasn't even carrying a gun.

At first, no one noticed. People these days tend to not maintain eye contact, or even notice another human being is there. So, we walked into a clothing store. Xander shot something that made all the lights go off. He blocked the door and whistled loudly.

"Listen up!" He shouted over the screams, "Me and my girlfriend here are just going to get some clothes, and be on our way. Anyone gets in our way, you die. Simple. Don't try to call the police. If you do, I shoot you where you really wouldn't want to be shot. I know people outside are already calling them. So...Rosalie? Picks out stuff." He said.

I walked down the isle and saw a mother hunched over her baby. I smirked and walked by her, grabbing a yellow top with matching shorts. I filled bags full, when I heard sirens. I looked at Xander, waiting for his command. Usually, I would've left on my own, but he was my partner now. We had to act together.

He as well, had bags full. There was a back door that we took and ran from the mall. He went back to the red truck and I jumped in. He sped off, and we passed the police who pulled in the parking lot. They didn't even noticed us.

So, he sped off. We both laughed wildly. After hours of driving we pulled up to a motel and stayed there for the night.

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