Lamb of God

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God has grown tired of humans. He has chosen a special lamb to be a leader and destroy all heathens one by one.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lamb of God

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013



Martha went outside to feed her birds like she did every day. It was part of her daily habit. Her whole life was a routine calculated to every minute except Sundays where she gave an hour for unpredictability. She enjoyed stability to know exactly what was ahead of her and what would happen. She wasn’t fond of surprises, she didn’t mind a little birthday surprises she could prepare for them but anything out of the ordinary she didn’t like. When she went outside that morning at 08:00 a.m. like always she was horrifically confounded to find there were no birds about. They knew her schedule, they were usually hiding lazily in the trees for their guaranteed food. Martha had never let them down. The birds had never let her down either. She scattered the food like normal going through the seasons and time of year in her head thinking maybe they had migrated. She sighed with dismay and headed back inside trying not to let it get to her. She walked slowly not wanting to be ahead of her schedule. She checked the ticking clock then counted with it forty eight seconds before switching on the kettle. She found herself a cup but when she reached into the tea jar to her horror there were no bags. She took a step back and rubbed her temples gently taking a deep breath.
Later when Martha returned from shopping she was in the worst mood she had been in, in a long time. This was worse than the time when her flight to London was delayed by two hours therefore ruining her plans for the rest of the day. At the shop her regular tea bags were nowhere to be found she had to settle for a new brand. As if that wasn’t bad enough her there was a new bus driver who broke down on the way home. That had never happened before and Martha doubted it ever would have with the other bus driver. He was reliable this one wasn’t, he was 8 minutes late. The previous one, factoring in unreliable traffic conditions which Martha was relatively lenient with, had only ever been at most 6 minutes. She didn’t like the change and now was just looking forward to cooking dinner. As she made her way up her lane way she noticed scarlet blood creating its only trail. She frowned looking at the perfectly weeded ground. She took a deep breath and adrenaline pumped through her as she switched path and did something she wouldn’t regularly do. She followed the path and the unfamiliar feeling of excitement rushed through her. The trail became less than a trickle and she surveyed the surroundings. There was a lamb grazing. She sighed disappointedly she had expected something more.
“Baa” it exclaimed noticing her presence but it didn’t run away like a normal lamb
It turned around and she gawped at it. It baa’d again and sheepily leered at her. There was blood and guts dripping from the lamb’s mouth. It had looked so sweet and pure Martha had not been expecting that! She backed away slowly not knowing what to do but then she heard another baa but from behind her. It was soon followed by a chorus. She stared around horrified as more bloody lambs began to appear. They began to close in on her. She had no idea what to do this was a situation she definitely never planned for. The first lamb started to charge towards her. Before she had a chance to scream it had pounced on her knocking her to the floor. The lamb gave an aggressive baa to the rest and they backed off a little. It crunched into her neck. She could feel the bones snap as its teeth dug in tearing out flesh and as she attempted to scream blood poured out of the wound clogging her respiratory passage.
“Lamb of God, may God have mercy on you” chorused the rest of the lambs as it began to chew on her tongue inside her throat.
“You’re doing well my dear lamb” A voice stated. “One by one we shall destroy the heathens. Now Share! The Lamb of God must not be selfish!”

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