Finding Father

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Ethan has a good life. He lives in a nice house, much bigger than is needed to accommodate the three inhabitants, and is young and invincible.
Or so he thought.

Content: Strong language, use of drugs/drug reference

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 - Introductions

Submitted: December 31, 2010

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Submitted: December 31, 2010



Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and then he died, and so did Jill. The end.

That’s how the story should go, thought Ethan. That would be much more entertaining. Ethan put down the baby book and turned toward to face his baby brother.

“The damn kid is just sitting there drooling, why do I need to watch him all day?” Ethan said, directing it at his mom, who was finishing up her makeup in the hallway mirror.

“Because you’re his big brother and that’s what big brothers are supposed to do,” said Ethan’s mom as she batted her eyelashes, making sure she looked her best after applying her new mascara.
“This is fucking stupid, I want to go out with everyone,” mumbled Ethan under his breath.

“Hey! Watch your language around your brother, you know better than that.”

Ethan rolled his eyes.

“Anyway Ethan’s mom said, obviously irritated, “I’ll be back at 5 so you don’t need to worry about putting him to bed. And for God’s sake, don’t just sit him in front of the television; do something constructive with him okay?”

“Yeah yeah mom, I’ll do my best. Have fun on your girls’ day out,” said Ethan, his words dripping with angst and sarcasm.

Ethan got the five-second death glare from his mother. She was good at that look, but then again, she’s had 17 years to practice, Ethan thought to himself as his mother closed the door and started the minivan that had taken him to so many soccer games, baseball games, karate and swimming lessons. I hated all those activities, Ethan thought to himself, I’m glad that shit’s done with.

The minivan pulled away and Ethan turned toward his brother. He was still drooling, staring into space. Ethan wondered if he could get away with putting his brother in front of the TV all day, exactly what his mom said not to do. I’m such a rebel, he thought. Ethan laughed quietly to himself as he clicked on the magic box that would keep his brother occupied and flipped through the channels looking for that talking sponge that his brother seemed to like so much. When he found it, he turned the volume up. His brother snapped out of his trance-like stare and moved in front of the captivating sponge. Awesome, now for some me time, Ethan thought happily to himself.

Ethan walked through the ancient house, up the winding stair case with the brown and faded paint, past the dark hall that led to his mother’s room, and up to his blood-red door. Ethan turned around and took one last look at the hall, the door, the railing, and walked into his room and silently shut the door. The house seemed so empty with dad gone.

Ethan looked around his room. He was quite happy with it. Band posters on one wall, babe posters on another wall. What more did a guy need? A freight train sounded like it was coming through his room. Ethan spun around, startled. He saw his dog, Zeus, laying on his bed. Zeus was snoring.

Sometimes he hated that dog. He loved taking it outside for walks and playing with it in the yard; it was an escape from his frustrating and dysfunctional family life.

Ethan nonchalantly strode toward the third drawer in the burnt-orange dresser that had sat in the corner of his room for as long as he could remember.

First drawer: Slacks and jeans.
Second drawer: Socks, underwear, white tees.
Third drawer: Band tees, regular tees. And his stash of Playboy magazines and a dime bag of pot.

Ethan didn’t actually hate babysitting, but loved it. It was especially nice today because no one was home, he wasn’t missing out on seeing his friends because they are all on vacation, and his pot was freshly purchased a few days prior. Life is good, Ethan thought, and now for some bud.
Unfortunately, Ethan did not know just how wrong he was about how life was and how horrible and twisted his life was soon to become.

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