Finding Father

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3 - The Man in the Black Car

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Submitted: January 02, 2011



Ethan stood staring at the leg. He was frozen. Was all this really happening? This had to be a dream, it had to. Right?

Ethan’s thoughts were interrupted by his mom violently shaking him. She was yelling at him.

“Ethan. Ethan! ETHAN, get back into your car. It isn’t safe here; your dad must be around here somewhere. There is no way he would leave like this; he would wait for us to show up. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Just… get in the car, Ethan! It isn’t safe!”

“Mom,” Ethan said calmly, “it isn’t possible for dad to have done this.”

“What? Ethan, just get in the car. Don’t you see that your grandma is DEAD? That is her blood at your feet Ethan, her blood!”
Ethan takes a quick look at his watch. “Mom. You called me an hour ago. You were told that dad escaped jail…”

“Around an hour and a half ago, Ethan. Why do you want to know? Can you stop with this time wasting and just get in the car? You and your brother are in danger! Stop fooling around, call the police and get in your car!”

“So let’s say that dad escaped about two hours ago, then. Mom… The jail is three and a half hours away. There is no way that dad could have done this. The time doesn’t match up; he would had to have been going in a plane to get here that fast, and there is no way he did that.”

This calmed Ethan’s mother for a second, Ethan could see it in her face. That relief faded quickly as Ethan’s mom started giving Ethan orders again. “Well even if it wasn’t your dad, someone did this to grandma. And that someone could easily still be lurking around waiting for us. Get in your damn car. Now.”

Ethan could see tears in his mom’s eyes. They started out as barely noticeable drops in the corner of her eyes, but in seconds the liquid fear was streaming down her frightened-pale skin and falling to the ground where the bloody, severed leg lay. Ethan’s mom had a death drip on Ethan’s arm. Ethan could hear Jon crying at the top of his lungs from all the confusion that had just taken place. In a scared voice, but with an attempt at a calm overtone, Ethan’s mom started talking.

“I’m scared, Ethan, I really am. You need to get Jon and put him in his car seat. I’m going to get in my car and we are going to drive to the police station, it’s only a few blocks away. Please, just do as I say.”

Slowly, Ethan folded his knife that had been clenched in his hand the entire time back up into his pocket. He took Jon from his mother and started walking toward the car. Ethan heard his mom say what he thought was a prayer before turning away from his grandma’s body and chasing after him. This surprised Ethan. His mom stopped praying after that bastard Winston was sent to jail. Ethan guessed it was because she just lost all hope of every having her life return to normal. Ethan shook off the thought as he placed Jon in the blue car seat in the back of his car.

“Follow me out Ethan, and stay close behind me. I want to be able to see you at all times, do you hear me? All times.”

“Yes mom, don’t worry. I’ll be safe.”

Ethan opened his door and Zeus hopped onto his lap and into the passenger seat, completely oblivious to the grotesque happening of the past few minutes. As Ethan began to pull out of the driveway, he rolled the passenger side window down to Zeus could stick his head out and smell all to be smelled.

But then Ethan halted for a moment. I wish I were a dog, thought Ethan, I’d be able to do as I please, shit and piss anywhere I want, sleep all day… This just sucks.

Ethan laughed at the thought of ‘this just sucks.’ Did I really say that, he thought. All of this just happened and all I can think of is ‘this just sucks?’

Ethan’s thoughts were once again severed, this time by his mom frantically honking her horn and waving at Ethan to pull out of the driveway and follow her. Ethan slowly eased out and made his way down the road to the police station.

If Ethan had looked up in his rearview mirror, he might have seen the man in the black car load a gun. He might had seen the man in the black car stash his gun in his waist band. He even might have seen the man in the black car start his car and quietly follow Ethan and his mom down the road.

But Ethan did not see the man in the black car.

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