To Reverse What Is Done

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Its the year of 2584, 572 years after the last "doomsday" scare. The world is no longer how we knew it as. Everything is changed. The people have moved underground, almost forgetting of the top-world. And though there have been many changes, the daily life of the straggling human population is monotonous. Except for every 5 years, that is.

It's in this strange world that the twins Anna and Dana realise that not everything is lost and doomed to fail. They find themselves catapulted into an adventure they never expected until it was too late.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: August 13, 2012

Reads: 93

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Some 572 years have passed since the last "end of the world" scare. But this time it's different. This time it's a slow starvation suffered by the inhabitants of what once was a thriving land. The land that once had blue skies, rushing rivers, and little (or big) creaturesof any coloror shape imaginable. Trees that seemed to reach for the very heavens and the swaying tall grass that seemed perfectly harmless but usuallyheld a deadly predator, lying in wait for just that perfect moment to pounce...
No longer would one see that. It's all gone. Slowly squished out and used up by the growing demand of the most recent intelligent race. Unlike the previous two intellirae (as they came to be known as), who were sadly wiped out by some poorly timed natural disasters, they didn't think of protecting the planet. The legacy and the ideas of the first of the three races, thosewho thrivedat the time of the dinosaurs... until the unfortunate downfall of most, were scrappedand labelled as "primitive"or "just not good enough for this advanced era". Much the same with the second ones. The first race that used horses, although at the time they were three toed. And the only ones in which one race was biodiverse. Many lived on land, some took to the skies and the rest explored and prowled the deep waters. But all had a peaceful way of living. With each other and the land.
Now the surface of the planet holds only the solar panels, turning what used to be the distant blue marble into the distant silver marble. Remnants of dry, rocky soil blew around on the storm winds. Almost like sand. And what used to be vast trenches and valleys were now filled up by the rubble of the mountains, courtesy of humans. Allfor the goal to make more places with full access to the sun.
The nearly dissipated atmosphere holds home to some of the most violent thunderstorms. Invisible to the naked eye but that much worse while the unrelenting sun beats down on anything and everything. Or along withthe cold that can reach almost -97 at night.
The straggling population of people is striving to survive in their failing cities underground, and mostare oblivious to the conditions "up there". Its almosta taboo to speak of the outside world. And only select few go there.Few return from the mission, but those whodoreturn, returnas if they had witnessed an unimaginable horror.

And its in this world that the twins Anna and Dana are now ready to face the outside.

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