Following her hearts desire

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The Pirates attack the Kingdom in the middle of the night.

Garnet is awoken by a storm but she knows something else is wrong so she checks the horizon.


Garnet is the daughter of a very rich Lord. She hates the life that she has to live. She has to be a young lady but her mother orders her around and keeps trying to marry her off into another family. But when she makes contact with the Pirate Captain, she gets lost in his eyes and his eyes begin her adventure.

Captain Alexander has been in the pirate life since he was only 5 years old and has been best friends with his right hand man Aaron since than. Both men have grown up together and have been together for 18 years on a pirate ship.

Join Garnet on the start of an adventure for a life she thinks she wants.

Will she finally admit to herself that being at sea is what she wants?

Will Alexander accept that his family gave him away for reasons he was told?

When the time comes will Garnet choose to stay or go back to her family?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - This is where the adventure begun

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



I woke up to the sound of a storm and sat up instantly. My white lacey nighty clung to my body as I felt the sweat cover my body, not only was I afraid of storms but I could hear the faint noise of cheers from the ocean.


I stood up and lit the candles around my room before opening my balcony doors, the rain soaking me completely. I groan and walked onto the balcony, ignoring the rain as I watched the ocean from where I was stood. I spotted the waves were large and crashing against the beaches hard, sending the stones flying up onto the roads but what caught my eye was the large ship flying no flag.

I glanced over at the guardhouse and shook my head, remember that all the guards and soldiers but the Queen's guards were sent to war. I must admit Queen Victoria is a fabulous Queen but she was selfish, she had the protection only for her and not the town around her. I disappeared back into my room, closing the balcony doors behind me.

I stripped down as I gladly wrapped a towel around my body, drying myself off before slipping on a dry nighty with a silk dressing gown over the top. My family was one of the richest ones around other than Queen Victoria, we were very close to her highness but it was very different when townspeople were around us. I felt like different, like I was meant for something greater than to become a housewife like most women were nowadays.

"Garnet!" I ran out my bedroom and glanced over the winding staircase banister.

"Yes father?" He looks up at me with fear in his eyes. My mother ran out the dining room fully dressed with her servants behind her.

"Get dressed now baby girl, we're going to the Queen's palace so that we are safe. We will meet you there, if you can't leave through the front door, go through the tunnel. You know the one we mean" I nodded swiftly and ran into my bedroom.

I searched through my dresses and ran my hands over the many layers before deciding on a red dress. It would take me a while to actually dress as it consisted of five different layers. The first being the basic like the black stockings, a garter with cotton drawers and then to top that off was a sleeveless chemise that went down to my knees. The next layer consisted of a corset that was always tightened so that I could barely move a muscle. On top of this, I was forced to wear another chemise with a petticoat. Once I had all this on I had to wear a dress with long sleeves and a high neck, it was so itchy and big. But of course, I had to go out with gloves and a bonnet. No woman was ever seen not wearing it with their dresses during the daytime.

I looked at the different layers and I knew I didn't have the time so I stripped and pull on some simple underwear before pulling a plain blue silk dress on over my head. Luckily this had a corset around the back so I tightened it myself before pulling some white laced heeled boots on and running quickly. I spotted the door being smashed down and slowly retreated back to my bedroom. The tunnel was downstairs in the kitchen but I wouldn't make it down the stairs without the men being alerted that I was here. I locked my door silently and tied my hair up with a ribbon; I had to act like I was completely oblivious to what was going on in the manor we lived in.

I heard footsteps stop outside my bedroom door before it was kicked down. I just had enough time to flee onto my balcony, I was glad that I had wrapped my cloak around me tightly. It was still storming and the rain was coming down hard, I didn't want to ruin my dress but I couldn't get caught. I heard footsteps come close to the balcony.

"Captain, the men saw a flash of blue on the balcony" I heard a voice, it was smooth and deep. I clenched my cloak tighter in my fists, trying to hide in the corner as much as possible whilst a man walked onto the balcony. He took a glance around but his eyes went straight past me and I shook my head.

"There is no-one there!" I heard a deep and velvet smooth shout. He was heard over the storm and it was authoritative. I was so attracted to this man without even having known his name or face, but his voice was pulling me towards him.

I screamed and nearly fell over the balcony railings as there was a loud crash of thunder before an arm shot around my waist, pulling me against a hard chest. I breathed heavy as they kept the cloak around me before swinging me up into their arms. I soon felt the warmth of a fire in front of me as I sat on a rug. The pirates were moving around me but ignoring me completely, the guy who saved me hadn't come near me again since he put me down.

I shivered and closed my eyes before I felt a blanket dropped around my shoulders, my cloak was drying off on a chair so I was just left in the thin material dress. I glance over as a guy dropped next to me, he had a nice smile.

"The Captain has asked if you would like any dresses to bring on the journey as we cannot leave you here to tell of our secret" I felt myself nod before he took my hand, standing up. "You may take as many or as little as you like" Two men walked in with an empty chest. "You may place all your belongings in this chest"

I look through all my belongings, choosing simple dresses mainly and 2 beautiful dresses for any special occasions. After 30 minutes, I finished packing and they locked the chest. I glanced over at my dresser and noticed that my jewellery and essentials were missing. "The Captain has sent them aboard already Miss"

I took his hand again as he sat me in front of the fire again, taking a seat next to me. "My name is Aaron. I am Captain Alexander's right hand man. I will also be your protector when other ships come aboard to speak to Alexander"

I felt myself smile slightly as I looked at him. "Thank you Aaron" I pull the blanket around me before all the men straightened as a dashing young man walked through the door.

"Aaron! Are the men ready?" Aaron stood up and pulled me up gently. He kept the blanket around me as one of the men handed the Captain my cloak.

"Yes Captain, they are ready to plunder the town" As soon as the men heard these words, the Captain moved as they all ran outside cheering with their swords held to the sky. I looked at the floor as the Captain took large strides over to me before swinging my cloak around me once Aaron had pull the blanket away.

"You ready to leave my lady?" I looked up into his dark blue eyes. I felt like I was rocking as I could see waves in his eyes. They were so beautiful and different. I shook it off as I felt a hand take mine gently and I took one step forward before I stumbled slightly. I was quickly swung up into the Captain's muscular arms as I let my head rest on his shoulder whilst he carried me down to the dock. He took me down to a fancy cabin, placing me down on a four poster bed with red velvet curtains and red silk sheets.

"My lady, you shall be safe as long as you listen to my orders and stay in this cabin unless I or Aaron is by your side. Do you understand?" I smiled as I nodded before slipping my cloak off. He took it and hung it up before leaving again.

I took a chance to look around, spotting my jewellery box and essentials were organised on a dresser with a larger mirror and a stool. I also spotted my chest beside the dresser, it looked so beautiful and the details were just amazing.

I felt the ship start to move and I heard a knock at the door. "Enter" I sat at the dresser as I untied my hair, brushing my hair slowly. I stared at my reflection before spotting Aaron behind me.

"Would you like some breakfast or a snack Miss?" I kept a smile on my face and took the hand he offered to me before taking my time to climb the steps onto the dock not wanting to get my dress ruined. I watched as the town grew smaller in the distance, the flames high up in the sky.

"Aaron, I shall escort her to the galley" I felt a rough, large hand take my petite, soft hand before continuing to lead me down the steps and into the galley. The Captain held a chair out for me to the right of chair at the head of the table before pushing me in as he sat down himself.

I watched at the crew all filed in through the door, each taking a seat. One sat down next to me and instantly put his hand under my dress, touching my crotch. I froze up and closed my eyes, feeling a few tears running down my face before the hand disappeared. I glanced round to see the Captain had the crew member held against the wall by his neck.

Aaron sat next to me and took my hand gently, slowly relaxing me as his thumb rubbed my hand. He coughed and the Captain let go before taking his seat again.

"I apologize for my crew my lady; they have not been within hands reach to a young lady like you for quite some time now. It will not happen again if they wish to keep their hands" The threat was heard easily in his voice and the crew all gave a short nod before digging into their food.

Aaron let go of my hand as I started to eat slowly, eating like a young lady. All the crew had finished and this left only me eating but I ignore the stares as I continued to cut the meat into small pieces before I placed the cutlery down on the plate and pushing it away.

"My lady, are you okay?" I smiled politely at the Captain.

"Please excuse me" I pushed my chair back and lifted my dressed as I made my way from the galley. I made my way up onto the deck as I leant against the side. I dropped my dress as I let it blow in the wind before I took a deep breath. I wondered if this was my new life, the one I had been destined for. This was the one and only life that my heart desired to have.

I shook my head and tried to forget about his blue eyes. I watched the eyes and they reminded me of his eyes. I looked up at the sky and I saw his eyes. I was trapped in this life. I was trapped in his eyes; they haunted my mind and were all that I saw. I felt the ship rock as I went over the side, screaming as I grabbed the side quickly. I heard footsteps running as I kicked my legs around.

"HELP ME!" I screamed as I tried pulling myself up before 4 hands grabbed onto my, pulling me onto the floor of the deck.

"My lady..."

"Garnet" I whispered and blacked out.

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