The Vampire Prince & the ordinary girl

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A girl is walking home and she keeps hearing sounds coming from behind her but when she turns around there is nothing there, a white van pulls alongside her and some men grab her and knock her out. When she awakes she is on a four poster master bed with silk covers. There is a mysterious man leaning against the fireplace. Who is this mysterious man? Where is she? Will she escape alive?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Vampire Prince & the ordinary girl

Submitted: August 24, 2009

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Submitted: August 24, 2009



I was walking down my street when I heard a noise coming from behind me. I turned to see no-body. I heard it again but when I turned I saw a shadow. I picked up my pace and kept heading down my street to my house. Just as I was about to head down the drive to my house which was the biggest on the street. I had my own little house which had a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedroom. The normal house had 6 floors, ground floor had the lounge, kitchen and a bathroom.  The next 5 floors had 2 rooms each with a non-suite. A white van pulled up alongside me but I didn’t pay attention to it I just kept heading up to my driveway. A hand covered my mouth and pulled me into the van. The last thing I remembered was a man saying “Our prince will love you. Such a nice figure” then I was knocked out cold.I woke up to find myself in a mahogany four poster bed with silk covers. I looked around at my surroundings I see a dresser, French doors leading to a balcony which overlooks the sea, a couple of leather chairs and a fireplace. Stood next to the fireplace was a mysterious man I didn’t recognize. He was wearing a leather jacket, a tight white t-shirt, skinny jeans and black converse shoes. He looked quite hot to be around my area cause all the boys were spotty and nerds. I could see his abs through his shirt and he looked quite muscular. I couldn’t help but stare and that’s when he turned around. His eyes connected with mine and as soon as I saw his violet eyes I just started deep inside them. “I am Denzel, The prince of vampires” he said. His was like smooth velvet. I just scoffed thinking that vampires aren’t real and that he isn’t the prince. He just chuckled. “May I ask your name please?” he asked walking over to the bed. “My name is Tequiefah. You can’t be a prince because you don’t dress like one and you can’t be a vampire cause they don’t exist.” I said very politely. He just smiled at my comment and I saw two fangs where his canines were supposed to be. I got off the bed and headed for the door and he just stayed where he was just looking at me curiously. I opened the door and started to run down a corridor. “Tequiefah!” I heard Denzel shout after me. I just kept running until I turned a corner and bumped into someone with spiked blue hair, he wore a hoodies and trackies. He looked like he was going for a run. I didn’t know what to do so I backed up and while I did he turned around. “Maher! Roth! GET DOWN HERE, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!” I kept on backing up until I hit two guys who were standing behind me. “So why would a puny human be running around a mansion full of vampires.” The guy with the blue spiked hair said. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. “Hey Leanian, don’t scare the human. She’s the one I picked up for Denzel” The one in a suit said to the spiked blue hair dude. Hearing his name made me shuddered. “We better get her back to Denzel before he wonders where she disappeared to.” Leanian spoke over to the two guys. They moved out my way and Leanian pushed me forward back to Denzel’s room. They all followed and when I got back to Denzel’s room they pushed me inside and closed the door. Denzel was sitting on the bed looking at me. “Will you please sit on the bed and tell me about yourself. If you try to leave again I won’t hesitate to kill you” I just nodded my head and did as he said. I started explaining my life. After I explained everything he told me to get some rest, so I did. He walked out the door and started talking to Leanian “I don’t know why but I am attracted to her. I can’t help but look into her hazel eyes. What should I do? She is after all a human and I am the prince.” I was eavesdropping on his conversation but the thing was Leanian didn’t say anything. My eyelids felt really heavy and suddenly I was in a deep sleep.

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