Surrounded by the darkness

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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A/N: Just to remind you, the '1st chapter' is actually an insight, it wasnt technically the first chapter, this one is. This chapter was before the previous chapter, as in the events in this one, and possibly a few more have happened before the previous chapter, thought i'd just clear things up haha :) now enough of my boring, useless chitter chatter, on with the chapter.. :3

"Macey! Up up up!" A young boys voice cuts through the silence, jolting me out of my dreamless sleep.

"hmm?" I hum, sitting up wand rubbing my eyes, exhausted.

"School soon!" My younger brother, Toby says, exasperated.

"Shit!" I curse and jump out of bed, hurriedly rushing to my wardrobe.

"You said a naughty word!" Toby gasps in shock before running down the stairs shouting, "MUM Macey said a naught word! I chuckle quietly to myself and pull out a pair of skinny jeans and blue and white striped tank top. Rushing, i brush my teeth and have a quick shower before  throwing on my clothes. After that, i brush my still damp hair and open my makeup bag. I quckly put on some mascara, going over it a few times to make it look even thicker, light blue eye shadow, blue liquid eye liner and pink lipgloss. Smiling into my mirror, proud of my work, i grab my school bag and phone and go downstairs. I look at the clock; 8:45. Oh well, school's aready started so i'm going to be late now anyway. Taking my time, i pour myself a drink and make someone toast and jam. Slowly eating it, i hear footsteps come down the stairs.

"Love, you're going to be late!" My mothers worried voice says as she walks over to me.

"Already am," I say simply and i get a sigh in response. My mum walks past me to the kettle and fills it with water. After i finish my toast, i put my plate and cup in the sink before walking to the front door. After picking up my school bag, i glance at the clock; 9:04. I shout a quick goodbye to my mum before leaving my warm house to be greeted with the slightly cooler weather outside. After having a short argument inside my head, i decide to take the long way to school. When i'm halfway to school, i feel my phone vibrate in my bra. I pull it out and glance at the screen to see it's a message from my bestest and only friend, Alice. I open the message and quickly scan my eyes over the text;

Dude ur even l8er than usual, ur norm here by now, where the fk r u? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I roll my eyes and hastily write back;

took the long way, b there soon bout another 3/4 hour xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Afterwards, i put my phone back in my bra and resume my walk to school listening to the wildlife and looking at the foliage. Finally, i get to school. When I'm standing outside the school doors, i pull my phone out; 11:00. Wow, i really am later than usual. Ignoring the glares from the secretary, i make my way to my 4th lesson, History.  Once i get to the room, i open the door and stroll in casually.

"Where have you been?" Mr Baswald asks me, glaring at me in the process. I shrug at him and walk to my seat. As i sit down, i meet Alice's eye and shes smirking at me hugely.

"What?" I ask, confused.

"Nothing," She says grinning and looks away innocently. I frown slightly and take my jacket off as it's hot in here. Suddenly, the door opens and in comes Mr Georges, the headteacher.

"Could i see Macey Green, please?" He says, his eye catching mine. I roll my eyes and raise from my seat. Slowly, i follow him out of the room. Mr Georges walks over to the window and gazes out at the greenery outside. After some seconds pass by, he turns around to face me. Expectantly, i raise an eyebrow and look around the corridor, bored.

"You were far too late today, Macey," Mr Georges sighs, his eyes boring into me.

"So?" I shrug, glaring at him coldly.

"So, it isn't acceptable. I'm sorry but you're bringing our schools reputation down. Tomorrow is your last day since it's thursday today. I'm sorry," Mr Georges says, looking around the corridor, avoiding my gaze. I frown, annoyed.

"Why?" I say, raising my voice slightly.

"As i said, you're ruining our schools reputation. You don't bother half as much as you should, it's obvious you don't want to be here, so fine.. You don't have to be here anymore," Mr G states calmly.

"What?! No! You can't!" I scream in horror, my eyes wide.

"I assure you i most certainly can and i will," Mr Georges argues, piercing me with his boring brown eyes.

"Oh for fuck sake!" I yell in anger and storm into my classroom. Stomping over to my seat, i grab my bag and go back over to the door. When i'm at the doorway, i turn around to my face my class.

"So bitches, according to this fat, cock-sucking ugly dickhead here," I say and gesture towards mr Georges, earning a snicker from my classmates, "tomorrow is apparantly my last day, but fuck it. Whats the point in carrying on today and going tomorrow? why drag it out? So my point is, this is the last time most of you fuckers will see me, so i just want to say, fuck you all. you're classes will be shit boring without me, i know, and you'll all miss me like fuck, but i wont miss any of your fucking butters asses. Oh, and before i do go," I say and walk over to my crush who is also my ex- boyfriend. He looks up at me with wide eyes and i try to keep the tears in as i say my goodbye. Smiling, i place my hands on each of his cheeks and slowly lean in closer and closer until our lips finally meet. Faintly, i hear my peers errupt in wolf-whistles, causing me to smirk slightly. A couple of minutes later, i pull back and lean my head against his.

"I love you, i've always loved you. You mean the world to me and you made me happy. Thankyou. I'll never forget you and i'll never stop loving you," I whisper and quickly peck him on the lips again. Hesitantly, i back away towards the door again. As soon as im about to leave the room, i turn to look at my friends for one final time. My heart thumps and i feel tears threaten to spill. I give them a small smile nod my head to them, before turning around and confidently stride down the hallway.


As i walk down the stairs, i hear my name being called. I turn around and one of the women from mediation is standing behind me.

"Miss Green,  why aren't you in class?" The women asks me, pulling a concerned face. Noticing i ignored her, she continues, "Please make your way back to your classroom."

"Fuck off," I growl and continue walking down the stairs, smirking when i hear and shocked gasp escape her mouth.

"Miss!" She scolds, slightly louder and shuffling in front of me, blocking my way.

"What?!" I say, gritting my teeth frustratedly.

"I think we should go to RA?" She answers me, glaring at me slightly.

"Are you fucking death? i said, FUCK OFF. I'm going fucking home so piss off you stupid hag!" I shout at her, furiously. Her eyes widen and she cowers back a little. Instantly, i feel remorse take over. I ignore it and shove past her, making her stumble to the side. As i get to the doors, i hear the secretary start to speak up.

"Go play with a fucking bus," I say icily. She growls angrily and i hear her rise from her chair. Before she can say a single word, i open the doors and step outside, feeling a soothing breeze hit me, calming me immediately. Breathing in the chilled air, i decide to take the extra long way home, so i'm less likely to catch my mum at her lunch break. About ten minutes after i've started walking, realisation settles in. I got kicked out of school! Mum's going to go mental. Damn, i'm going to be grounded so badly! Absentmindedly, i bite my lip and look down, allowing my hair to fall into my face. Maybe i could just leave home every morning at my usual time, hang out anywhere and then go home at the usual time and get away with it? No, surely they'd phone mum telling her i've been excluded? Oh, i'll just fake being ill tomorrow and then figure something out on the weekend. Shaking the thought away, i put my ear phones in, select shuffle on my ipod and put it on the loudest volume my ears can handle.


After what felt like an hour, i feel a hand tap me on the shoulder, i pull my ear phones out and turn around, Blake.

"Uh, what do you want?" I roll my eyes.

"You," He winks at me with a boyish grin. If it had been a year earlier, i would have melted, now, not so much.

"Piss off," I glare at him and turn away.

"That's rude," He states.

"And?" I say, spinning around to face him.

"AND you should apologise," He finishes, raising an eyebrow at me, clearly waiting for an apology.

"You wish," I reply, looking at him distastefully.

"Again, rude," Blake reminds me.

"Again, fuck off," I imitate him and glare at him, earning a glare back in return. Suddenly, i hear a hiss behind me and Blake's eyes widened as his whole body goes stiff. Confused, i frown at him and turn around to see what has caught his gaze.


sorry i didnt want it to be too short so i kept taking ages writing it up and re writing it and editing it lol. sorry i havent uploaded any of this for almost a year :( sowwy

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