Together Forever Or Not Ever?

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Lucy - She'll Always Be In Our Hearts

Submitted: December 19, 2010

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Submitted: December 19, 2010



I ran over to Dave silently grinning to myself.

"Who was that?" Dave gestured towards Ben who was still perched on the fence.

"Just a boy," I said and continued grinning. Dave shook his head and walked away, leaving me to close the door.
I gazed towards the fence to see Ben walking away with his back to me.
"Bye," I whispered softly and blew a kiss in his direction before shutting the door with a slam. I walked into the kitchen to find Dave searching through the cupboards got food he'd just placed in them. I then noticed my brother, Jeremy, sitting silently at the table, texting on his phone. I walked up behind him, catching a glimpse of the name of the person he was texting.
"Oh Isabelle, I love you so much! I'm missing you so so so much! My heart is longing for you. I wish I could see you. I long to see your beautiful face covered in so much makeup that you look like an oompa loompa!" I over-exaggerated dramatically and received a death glare boring into me. I smiled and span around, flinging my arms out.
"What the hell is wrong with you, you freak?!" Jeremy asked, raising his eyebrows at me. I then noticed my younger siblings weren't in the room. Immediately, I stopped twirling and jolted to a stop.
"Where's Jack, Jay and Phoebe?" I asked titling my head slightly.
"Upstairs in their room," Dave replied and pulled out a can of Spaghetti from one of the cupboards.
"How do you feel about Spag Bol tonight?” Dave asked, holding the spaghetti up. I know what your thinking, oh my
God, there’s a man in the kitchen looking for food to cook. See the thing is, normally your mum is a good cook and your dad is a rubbish cook. But to be honest, Dave is actually an amazing cook! But the thing is, I never knew my dad so I wouldn’t know whether he was a good cook or not and from what I remember before my mum died, she was a complete disaster in the kitchen! So, I know your probably really confused right now so ill just clear everything up for you,, my dad left my mum and wanted nothing more to do with her when I was 3 years old. Sure, I have pictures of me, Jeremy, my mum and my dad, but I cat actually remember my dad, so I don’t really miss him since I never really knew him. Then, my mum met Dave when I was 7 years old. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 9 and she was sadly told she would only have 8 months left to live. Everyone was devastated but mum kept telling us not to cry otherwise she would as well and she didn’t want us to remember her with tears streaming down her cheeks. Anyway, she said she wanted to ‘live her life’ before it was too late. So she got married to Dave 6 months after she was diagnosed. She managed to live another year before she finally passed away in her sleep. I miss her a lot but Dave has been there for us all and he’s stood behind all of us., then, 2 years later, Dave wanted a change and we were all obviously finding it hard to move on from mums death since we were living in the house full of all the memories of her, so we decided to move here. I’m now 12 years old, I write in my diary sometimes to sort my feelings out since I’m still finding it tough to move on. It’s funny though, how you can go from one house where everything’s cold and awkward and a school where everyone thinks you’re a freak, everyone ignores you and you don’t have any friends, to a happy, sunny house and I haven’t been here for a day yet and I’ve already met a really cute boy who actually noticed me. Maybe I’ll like it here, just maybe. I finally noticed that Jack, Jay and Phoebe had appeared downstairs in the kitchen.
“Whatever,” I hear Jack say which brought me back to the present.
“Mmhmm,” I heard phoebe mutter quietly.
“Sure,” Jeremy replied, clearly hooked on his text conversation.
“Kay,” Jay stated
“Lu?” Dave asked me as I was the only one who hadn’t answered.
“Spag Bol sounds great!” I replied cheerfully, trying to brighten up my younger siblings moods’. It sadly didn’t work. Jay pulled a chair out opposite Jeremy and silently sat down, staring at his hands. Phoebe walked over to the door leading outside. She leaned on the door and stared through the glass, her eyes scanning over the bright, colourful flowers and fresh green grass. She stared at the green trees with delicious fruit hanging off the branches. Jack walked over to Jeremy and stood next to him like a ghost while staring at the floor.
“Mummy would’ve loved this garden,” I heard phoebe whisper shakily. Dave glanced at me worriedly.  I walked over to Phoebe so I was standing behind her. I lowered myself to her height, wrapped my arms around her and rested my chin on her head. I felt her lean her petite body against me.
“I know,” I whispered softly into her ear, “But just remember, she might not be here with us, but she’ll always be in our hearts,” and i gently placed my hand over her heart.

A/N: I know the last chapter was crappy because it was the first one and i know this one is as well but it will get better soon, I promise! Anywho, please please please comment telling me what you think!! x

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