Love to Kiss You

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



I’ve just finished getting ready and am opening my door, when Natalie’s room door across from mine closes.

Did they just go into her room…? Does this mean we’re not leaving now? Wait… does this mean I can escape going with them…

I walk as quietly as I can past her door and down the hall. I turn and am about to take a step down the stairs when I slam right into to something. This something or should I say someone starts to fell backwards and grabs onto me causing us both to go tumbling down the stairs.

“Fuck” the guy cusses.

“Language” I say hitting him in the head. He stares at me with a confused look.

He has dark brown hair that slightly goes into his eyes and wait… who the hell is this and why are they in my house? “Natalie!” I scream so loud my throat hurts a little.

My eyes widen with fear and I try to get up in a hurry. “NATALIE!” I scream louder panic clear in my voice. “What the hell, Stop screaming!” he shouts at me.

He grabs me around the waist and pulls me down into his lap as I continue to shout Natalie’s name.

By the time Natalie and Jake come down the stairs this guy’s has his hand over my mouth and an arm wrapped around my waist trying to keep me still.

“Aaron let her go.” Natalie orders him.

“Why should I? She’s the one who started it and look what she did to me.” He says showing her the long scratch mark I made on his cheek.

The big baby can’t even handle a little pain now can he?

I bite hard into his hand. “Fuck!” he yells letting go of me.

I get up and turn around sticking me tongue out at him.

“You bitch. What the hell!” He shouts glaring at me with hatred.

I couldn’t help myself. No one gets away with calling me a bitch especially not some stuck up jerk who doesn’t even know me. I attack him with rage till Jack rips me off of him and pulls me back.

I stare at him with a satisfied smile on my lips. He stares back at me with flaring nostril, an angry glare and a gash on his lower lip that won’t stop bleeding.

He runs his fingers throw his hair try to fix it but failing too.

Still glaring at me he finally gets back up and takes a step towards me. Before he can even take another step though Natalie steps in front of him.

“Aaron go back to the car.” She says crossing her arms.

“But she” he starts.

“Aaron go back to the car before I make you walk to school!” she snarls pointing towards the door.

My eyes widen as I watch his shoulders slump in defeat. He lets out a deep sigh before walking out of the house towards the car.

“Who the hell was that? Why were they in our house and you better not be saying that I have to ride in the same car as him!” is what bursts out of me.

“Jake hold her tighter for a moment I need to fix her hair” she sighs completely ignoring what I asked.

That’s when the ache appears. His arms tighten around me, as Natalie comes up to me and starts doing things with my hair. All I can think about though is the warmth that seems to be surrounding me and the light flattering in my tummy.


The moment the car stopped in front of the school I stormed out of it and rushed into school pissed off. After I had refused to even get into the same car as this Aaron guy, I was carried forcible into the car and then he wouldn’t stop bothering me!

The whole way there he was poking me and trying to get my attention. What, was he deprived of attention when he was a child or something? I wouldn’t give in though. I stared out of the window the whole time day dreaming.

I looked at the clock and had an instant headache appear. Ms. Blaze my homeroom and Art teacher was so not going to be happy with me… again.

Ever since my first year of high school I’ve always been late for the first day of school. I don’t know why, it just happens no matter what...

I sigh, at least I have Maya and Nathan in this class so I can tell them all the drama that happened this morning instead of holding it in till lunch.

The doors opened a crack so I gentle push it hoping to sneak in if it’s possible, of course it was not.

Ms. Blaze is leaning against her desk, staring at the door with the rest of the class and now has a smile forming on her lips. “Hi… sorry I’m late” I whisper so softly I’ll be surprised if anyone heard me.

About half of the class is smiling, the other half frowning. What the hell is going on?

“Nice of you to join us Miss. Kaden” Ms. B says while reaching for a bowl on her desk. “Now if you don’t mind can you give everyone on this side of the class a lollipop please.” She says handing me the bowl.

“May I ask why?” I asked giving her a strange look.

“Well I asked the class if they wanted to play a game and they said yes. Well I guess you could call it a bet more then a game but anyways, I asked who thought you would be late and who thought you weren’t coming at all and we spilt the class in half according to that. Since you’re here but late this side wins and gets their prize.” She said this while smiling at me.

This was so like her... Ms. Blaze as you can see is not your normal teacher. She’s different and loves to try things differently then how they were suppose to be done, even if it meant she could get in trouble for it.

I grabbed the bowl and started handing them out till I reached the last person who so happened to be Maya.

“Hi Care bear” She says popping the lolli into her mouth. I stuck my tongue out at her and then look to Nathan who’s looking rather disappointed.

I smile at Nathan who smiles a sad smile back. Even though I’m not suppose to give him a lollipop I can’t help it. I grab a lollipop and as I take the bowl back to Ms. B’s desk, I slip it into his hand. Then I walk back to sit with Maya for the rest of homeroom.


Sorry that it took so long and please tell me what you think of this chapter beause truth be told I don't know what to think about it. I feel like its unfinished... Anyways Thanks For READING!! ~

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