Love to Kiss You

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012




The sun’s warmth shined down on Maya and I as she drove towards my house. We had stopped at her house to pick up a couple of her things that she’d need for sleeping over.

The moment we stepped into my house we ran up to my room and grabbed a bunch of sappy love movies to watch.

I texted my mum saying Maya was sleeping over and then she did the same. By the time my mum got home which was around eight pm we had watch three movies and order two pizzas.

One for Maya and me and the other one for Nat and Jake since her dad was coming home late today and we were too lazy to make anything.

We finished any home work we had and soon around eleven pm climbed into my queen size bed.

“Hey, Sarah do you think... everything will be ok...tomorrow?” she asked.

“May” I said using her nickname. “Don’t worry everything will surely work out sooner or later. I promise.” It was silent for a while before she let a deep sigh out.

‘Ok.” She says flipping onto her side facing me.

“Good night” I whisper as I watch her eyes slowly close from sleepiness.

“Nighty night” she says yawning and then drifting off to sleep.

I lay in the bed, not letting sleep over take me yet. I could still smell the slight hint of Maya’s sweet rose perfume she liked to wear still clinging to her.

I could understand why Nathan had freaked out. He didn’t know how to handle what he had just heard and then how to handle Maya when she was like this cause he had hardly ever seen her acted this way.

Luckily I did though. I just needed to give her time to calm down and soothe her for now. Having someone be there for her right now was all she needed.

I just hope Nathan won’t make it anymore complicated then it already is.


Two weeks later…

I finally stop running to tired to chase him anymore. I lean over placing my hands on my knees and try to catch my breath again.

It’s been two weeks, two! Maya is better now but keeps saying she knew she shouldn’t have told him. Aaron as well stopped bothering me… as much since we’re no longer art buddies since he decide to try and paint my hair green.

Nathan on the other hand as been avoiding Maya and me left and right. Every time I see him, no matter what he’s doing he drops it and runs away.

Just today after school I saw him hanging with a group of his guy friends. I tried to sneak up on him but no one of his friend just had to point me out.

That’s how I ended so out of breath, so tired of chasing him. Then it hit me. I forced myself to run back to his group of friends and found what I was looking for.

His bag still lied on the ground where he had tossed it earlier. I said a message to his friends for him before running off. “If you want your bag back, you’ll have to come find me~”


I couldn’t help it. He had made me run all over looking for him it was now time for pay back. I first hide his bag in my locker and started walking down the hall.

“Sarah!” Nathan Shouted. I looked over my shoulder to see him jogging my way. It was now time for paid back. I smile a sly smile at him before taking off and running away from him.

I hide in the girls’ bathroom needing to take a break. I was so out of breath that I was gasping for air. I had lost Nathan right before I turned the corner and hide.

It had been five minutes and I thought it would be safe to sneak out of the girls’ washroom so I did. I slowly made my way out only to be grabbed right away.

I squealed as I was picked off the ground.

“Caught you” Nathan said from behind me, his warm breath caressing my neck.

“Nathan put me down, ok?” I asked.

“My bag?” He said while gentle putting me back on the ground.

“It’s in my locker.” I replied.

He follows me to my locker and I open it grabbing his bag but instead of giving it back I tighten my grip and turn around keeping his bag behind me as I lean against my locker.

“Sarah?” Nathan asks rising an eyebrow.

I shake my head no not looking him in the eyes.

He gently grabs my chin and lifts my head so I’m looking him in the eyes. Tears threaten to spill over and when he asks “What’s wrong?” I just break.

I throw his bag at him harshly and shout “Well I don’t know? You’ve been avoiding Maya and I left to right. What do you think is wrong!” He takes a step forward and tries to place his hand on me but I swat him away.

“No don’t you even dare act like that. You’ve been a really jerk and all cause you found out Maya likes you? I ask. I watch as he opens his mouth to say something but ends up closing it again.

“What? Are you going to tell me there was a reason?” I growl.

“It’s because she knows” He mumbles.

“What?” I ask.

It cause she knows, Maya knows!” He shouts throwing his arms up in the air.

“Knows what?” I ask staring at him.

The next moment his arms are wrapped around me and his lips are on mine.

Ok so how can I say this… within the last months since school started I’ve been missing so much school do to health problems that I’m barely passing a lot of my class so I’ve been really busy. Then the sadder part right after Halloween on SundayNov. 4, 2012 We had to put down my cat Beso so RIP? Baby girl~ hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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