A Love You Can''t Resist

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An arranged marriage has Buffy appalled of her husband to be, a rebellious British punk named Spike who is amused with Buffy's distaste towards him and makes it his number one priorty to irritate her for his own personal amusement.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Love You Can't Resist

Submitted: June 28, 2009

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Submitted: June 28, 2009



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As the light of dawn poured through the veil of curtains a warm and calming atmosphere was created in the room. Buffy, however, was not as soothed by the beauty of the setting as she normally would have been. A shock of realization had struck her in the early hours of morning so powerful that it had her nerves in a twist ever since.

Laying in bed next to the man her parents had arranged for her to wed, Buffy wondered when and how all of this had begun. Studying his features so soft and innocent as they contradicted the way he was when consciousness had him in it’s grasp, Buffy found her answer.

When was at the time he had begun to let his iron guard slip and show her of the man which he hid inside and away from the world. Her inquiring mind had began to wonder what such tragedy could have driven a man to the lengths of turning his back on the faith of humanity and becoming so cold and bitter.

How was as simple as when. Her heart was painted gold and swelled at the thought that she could rescue the man hidden within and call him her own. She had hoped so dearly that she could find a bit of light in this darkness which she was exiled to live in.

Now as she watched him reach out for her with but a whisper of her name on his lips, Buffy knew that she had found her light within the darkness. This gave her the assurance she needed to now grasp that light and make it shine so brightly that it would eventually leave no darkness left behind it in it’s wake.

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