Lost In The Darkness

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While William is tricked into living forever as a vampire in a world he can not stand to be in after the death of his wife, Elizabeth lives with memories she has never made and a love for a man she remembers but has never met. In depth summary inside.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lost In The Darkness

Submitted: June 28, 2009

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Submitted: June 28, 2009



Summary: William is left alone in a world he can not bare to live in after he looses his wife and unborn child in the same night. Angry with God for taking away the only reasons he had to live William decides to take his own life but is stopped by a stranger who offers him a death that will have him forever wrecking his vengeance upon God. William takes the strangers offer and finds out that it is not at all what he expected. Now a vampire he is forever stuck in the world that he so desperately wished to get out of.
Elizabeth is a sixteen year old girl with memories she has never made and a sense of emptiness that will not go away. If it were not for the memories she would never have realised that she was missing something and would be able to go on with her life blissfully unaware that she would be so much more happier with a companion to love, but not just anyone, the man from the memories.

Warning: Mention of God and someones hatred toward God.


London, England. 1883

The soft autumn wind blew William's brown curls out of place and nipped at the exposed skin of his face and hands. He stood on the ledge of the church bell tower over looking half of London and still he somehow remained unnoticed to the passing pedestrians below. Though the wind chilled him and set his appearance into a state of disarray William remained unmoved by any and all factors of present time. His eyes might have been fixed on the cobble stone street eight stories below but his presence of mind was else where.

A few nights prior two lives very dear to William had been taken from him. One had been his beloved wife and the other he had not had the chance to meet. His wife had gone into labour a few weeks earlier then the doctor had expected and ran into more then a few complications. He was meant to gain a life that night but instead lost two.

The wooden stairs leading up to where William stood at the top of the bell tower creaked under the weight of a presence who wanted to make their approach known. The heavy footsteps, which indicated a male, stopped shortly after he reached the top of the tower. "It seems to me ironic that a man lookin' to take his own life, a sin against God, would do so at a church." The lower class Irish accent seemed out of place in the heart of London as it reached William's ears. "This leaves me to wonder what tragic event, or events which ever the case maybe, could lead a man to grow such a fury against the Lord."

A strong sickened and irritated feeling rose in the pit of Williams being. He slowly turned his head to the right so that the stranger behind him could hear his solemn reply. "I do not see how it is of any business to you." There was a beat of silence before William turned his head back to face the night of London before him.

The Irish stranger took but one step towards William. "What if I told you of a much more sinful death that would have you wrecking vengeance upon His Almighty for eternity?" A victorious smirk took form of the Irish man's lips as he heard William hold his breath a second too long, signifying his interest. "I suppose it would be my business then wouldn't it?"

From the church bell tower William watched for the first time that night as the busy and minuscule lives that were the gifts of God rushed around on the land he had gifted them with. They were all blissfully unaware of the cold hard cruelty their God inflicted on those who deserved it least, punishing them mercilessly for wrongs which they had not done. William stepped down from the ledge and took a few paces backwards into the safety of the bell tower. If what this Irish stranger spoke of was true then William would take his offer. A world with out his beloved was not a world worth living in, it was just a means of exiting the world and the more defying that means be towards God the better.

The Irish man closed some of the space between him and William. "The names Cillian." He introduced with a dark smile.

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