Oishi Namida (Tasty Tears)

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The troubles of having a "unique" meaning of a name. At least the guy is very calm about it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - What's in a name?

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



She kept running as fast as her legs can allow her to, when she suddenly heard some footsteps behind her as well. When she turned around, it was the boy from earlier. She started to freak out.

What does he want?

"You really should talk to people once in a while," he shouted, his voice still calm.

This time the two of them were nearing a tall wall, and to the girl stopping means giving a chance for this strange boy to talk to her, for whatever reasons he has. Without giving a thought to the fact that she was wearing a skirt, she jumped over the wall, pushed herself farther and looked like a perfect flying bird.

However it seems that the boy is not going to lose.

He jumped over the wall itself, but did a perfect somersault instead. The girl glanced behind her and immediately proceeded back to running.

"Nice panties!" A guy whistled.

She felt her cheeks redden. But she just shook her head, tried to ignore the guy who whistled at her, and was about to increase some of her speed when she heard someone say:

"You saw it, didn't you?"

The girl spun around, just in time to see the boy -- the one who freaked her out -- point a mailbox with his finger and as he pointed his finger to the guy who made comments before, the mailbox smashed the guy's face.

She stood rooted to the spot, unable to move. When she saw that the guy was still moving, she breathed out a sigh of relief. As she rose up her head she saw that the strange boy was walking towards her.

"Please don't run away," he said, still calm, as she was about to took a step forward and dash off again.

"You..hit...a mailbox..." she said, her voice barely a whisper, as she was trying to think of the right words, but unfortunately these words got out of her mouth. She quickly covered her mouth as an involuntary reflex. He just smiled.

"Please, don't run from me anymore. Do I look like any threat?" he asked.

The girl bluntly nodded her head. This stung the boy a bit, but he shook the thought away.

It's impossible if this guy can read minds, the girl thought.

"Yes, I can read minds, and yes, you can now talk to me," he said directly to what she just thought, smiling happily.

Slowly taking away her hands from her mouth, she said quietly, "You're a strange fellow."

"The same goes for you too," he said calmly. "You can't produce tears."

"You read minds."

"You don't care about being a female."

"That's not strange," she protested.

"You protesting about it makes it strange," he said.

She stared at the guy who was also staring at her calmly. He was a bit taller than her, and he has fair skin, blue-green eyes, and ebony black hair. She sensed something different.

"You...are a foreigner?" she asked in a very tiny voce, uncertain whether she should make her voice louder or leave it as it was.

He heard her, though. "Half. But before you are to interrogate me," he paused, and winked at her, "May I ask your name?"

For the second time, she bluntly shook her head. Understanding the message, he said slowly, "I'm Kishon Suzurei."

"K-Kisho?" she stammered softly.

He shook his head. "It's Kishon."


This is frustrating.

"Ki. Shon." he said.

"Ki. Sho." she repeated.

He lightly chuckled, and pointed at his wristwatch, "I'm giving you a day before you perfected my name."

When she saw the time her eyes looked like they were ready to pop out. It was already 6:52.

"Later! I'll go!" she said over her shoulder, as she was already running before Kishon was able to finish his sentence. He glanced down at his watch. "But classes don't start until 7:30," he mused calmly. Then he looked up, and continued to walk to the path which the girl took.

As soon as the girl arrived whispers already reached her ears. Putting on a perfect attendance is more important, she thought.

"So you're a perfectionist? It's almost unbelievable," said a voice that was so close to her right ear, startling her and making her jump in the process.

It was Kishon. The guy from the earlier incident.

She shook her head, and continued writing her name down on the sheet of paper. Before she was able to finish writing on the year & section, the paper was suddenly snatched from her hands.

"What -- " she turned around to see Kishon checking her name.

"What number did you write your name on?" he asked, carefully scanning the paper. She tried to grab it back from him, but he simply raised it above him. He looked down on the girl, and said calmly, "What a little bit of difference between us."

She felt her cheeks starting to burn. He has the great height of 181cm.

A good 15cm difference between the two of them.

Several students who heard him started to snigger.

"Give me that back!" she said loudly, aimed a fist at Kishon, who ducked simply. When he glanced at the girl, his calm insides started to quiver a bit. She looked like as if she was crying.

But with no tears.

She was able to snatch away the paper from him and glared at him, as well as the surrounding students. "No one must know my name."

You're just a bother. She walked away, holding the paper tightly. Kishon stood with a blank expression. If he remembered correctly, her name was on the very last number, but he wasn't able to read it immediately. He sighed.

"I'll make it up for you," he muttered, and picked up a new attendance sheet.

As time passed by quickly the girl was thinking about what she just thought earlier. She knew that he's just a stranger so he wouldn't understand, and on top of that he's annoyingly calm. She also didn't want him to know her name.

"Who says that I'm a stranger?" a voice suddenly asked near her ear.

The girl freaked out again, and almost hit Kishon with a book she was holding. He simply ducked.

Screams were heard from the other side of the room, and the girl was almost hit by a makeup kit as she stopped herself from killing Kishon any further.

She frowned. She glanced up to Kishon and can see that his features are slowly darkening.

The room was almost filled with noisy girls who were trying to get noticed. Apparently the guy beside her was one of the most popular people in their school who doesn't give a damn. So much for being calm.

However, the noise was too much, and a lot worse for her to take since she was to read a book, the girl immediately stood up from her chair and was about to walk away when Kishon suddenly swooped her up to his arms, and carried her bridal-style.

It took her a minute to realize that. He was already walking towards the door.

"What -- " she said, blushing. Her blank eyes as well as paled skin started to gain some color as she placed a rampage on him, from kicking and slapping to hitting, or any synonyms to those words. On the other hand he was completely unaffected. The girl is not ready to admit defeat, and hopelessly continued.

He turned to the girls who were blocking the doorway, and they were staring in disbelief and shock.

"May I ask you to please step aside?" he asked in a calm voice.

They nodded, and slowly moved away.

Kishon walked to the rooftop while having the girl hit him at the face endlessly, and she kept trying to swing her legs, all to no avail. When they finally arrived at the top, he placed her on the floor gently, and she did an attack on him, only to fall down as all he did was took a step back to avoid her.

"I wasn't really a bother, you see," he said, trying to offer a hand, which she pushed away gently.

"You were, and are," she added. She refused to look at him in the eye.

He sighed. It was the first she have heard him sigh.

"I'll tell you the meaning." he said.

"I will still not say my name," she said bluntly and stubbornly.

"My surname means 'bell spirit.''

She thought about it over. "And Kisho means..."

"It's not Kisho; it's Kishon."

"Kisho means," she continued, ignoring what he said, "'One who knows his own mind...'"

There was an awkward silence. Kishon mouthed the numbers and decided that it was already 7 seconds.

"So you're full name means 'a bell spirit who knows it's own mind...'"

The girl, who was always blank and expressionless, was suddenly chuckling. Then giggling, then she laughed. Hard. Kishon was also laughing at her many reactions. Reading her mind was enough to make him absolutely sure of what he was thinking.

Her first smile.

Her first laugh she had in ages.

She stopped laughing but still has some difficulty suppressing herself. She managed to say a tiny, "Thank you." Emabarrassed, she looked away, staring off into the scene before her.

Kishon smiled. "How about yours?"

Another awkward silence. Kishon counted it again and declared (to himself) that it was 10 seconds.

Should I tell this stranger my real name? How dreadful for me, his name's meaning is better than my own...

"I was never a stranger to you," he said suddenly. "And what do you mean by 'better meaning'?"

The girl gulped, and said slowly, and very quietly, but Kishon can still hear her...

"My...My name is..."

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