Accidentally In Love (Magic Mordecai)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Magic Mordecai

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



I pressed the button for the crosswalk, and stood patiently on the corner of the street; still fuming over the two people who referred to themselves as my parents. The cold night air cause goosebumps to stand up on my arms and legs, and I rubbed my arms repeatedly.

The circus actually wasn't far from my house, but the air was so frigid that it made it seem ten times longer. I started crossing the street when the sign flashed with a small stick figure in mid-step. I passed a few men in the center of the crosswalk, and stumbled back a step as one bumped into my shoulder. I almost turned around and chewed him out before I realized that I wasn't supposed to be a girl, that I wasn't supposed to be treated delicately anymore.

I kept walking until the circus came into view, I gasped at the bright lights from the attractions that poked out from around the sterotypical red and white circus tent. I approached the entrance with my eyes still trained on the tent, and I would have passed right through had a little man from the ticket booth not called out, "Hey! Hey, you there!" I froze in my tracks, and managed to tear my eyes from the sight above, "Yes?" I called out, sounding a little bit confused.

"You need to pay for your ticket." His disgruntled face was peeking out from the toll booth window, and I took in his slightly balding head and pointed nose. The reason why I was here slammed back into my mind and I automatically deepened my voice, "Sure, how much are they?" The voice sounded obviously fake, and I promised that I would work on it the next time I was alone.

He gave me a weary glance and said, "Thirteen dollars." I thought it was a little odd that it wasn't just an even ten or fifteen, but I dug the money out of my backpack and handed it to the tiny man. "Here you go."

"Here's your ticket." He said, handing me a tiny ticket that was embroidered with a metallic gold color and read;

Marvelous Mordecai's Magnificent Circus

I thanked the man, and passed through the entrance into the field where 'Mordecai' had set up shop. I passed a fire juggler that was tossing torches high into the air where they held suspended for a second before speeding back towards the ground and into his waiting hand, and a man with so much muscle, that it looked like he had twelve of me inside of him, offering the huge hammer in his hand to any and all passerby, and a lion within a barred cage that stared at me lazily as I walked by before I finally reached the tent.

It was even bigger up close, and I couldn't believe my eyes. The tent's entrance was propped open with a small stake, and I saw the backs of hundreds of people's heads as they looked up at something in the air. I rushed in, trying to see the act that they were all so fixated on.

I watched as two figures twirled and flipped in the air, contorting their bodies in ways that left me awestruck; the trapeze artists were swinging from the bars suspended from the ceiling by a terse cord, dancing in beautiful silence. "Wow," I gasped in wonder.

My eyes didn't wander for their entire performance, and I soon found myself ooh-inh and awe-ing with the rest of the crowd as the performers did increasingly difficult tricks, and flew through the air at impressive speeds. Time passed without meaning, and before I knew it, they were performing the grand finale; the woman released her bar, and twirled through the air before catching the hands of her male counterpart as he swung forward with the other bar under the crook of his knees. Then she used the momentum from the leap to swing upwards till her legs hooked around the bar too, and they turned towards the crowd and waved.

I leapt to my feet and cheered wildly with the others, tears streaming down my face; I hadn't even realized that I was crying.

I remained standing there as the people funneled out the exit, and the spotlights clicked off one by one. I didn't understand what it meant at first, and then it hit me; the circus was closing for the night. I crossed to the other side of the tent as the last light was extinguished, and I heard the last snippet of a conversation between people as they walked by, "....Mordecai's in his tent behind the lion's pen..." I grinned, and exited the tent.

Making my way back the way I came, I stopped in front of the lazy lion's cage. His eyes still carefully held my gaze, and I walked around his cage not breathing until I was within a couple paces of the ringmaster's tent, "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, Jared!" I heard a deep voice say in exasperation. "But father-" the second person began before he was interrupted, "No! The answer is no, now leave me be!" He roared, and I quickly darted out of sight as an attractive guy around my age stormed out of the tent, his gray eyes on fire and his brown hair messy as if he had just gotten out of bed.

I stared at his retreating form for a few seconds before I rushed into the tent, not giving myself a chance to chicken out. The interior of the tent was renovated with various antiques and gadgets that were so abstract that I had no name for them, but my eyes were quickly drawn to the far corner of the tent where a man leaned back behind his desk, his eyes widening in surprise at the sight of me, "And who might you be?" his voice had none of the previous anger in it, "Joseph Torrence." she answered, making up the first name that came to miind, and almost forgetting to deepen her voice.

"And what brings you here today, Joseph?" he sounded as if he was humoring me, and it made that familiar angst well up in my chest. "I'm here requesting the opportunity to work at your circus." I said, staring intently at him.

I jumped in surprise as he laughed boisterously, "We have no positions available, young man." His eyes held none of the humor his laugh expressed. "You must have something open! A handyman, or a crewman, anything!" my voice cracked on the last word.

"I have something," He said, his eyes appraising me, "but I don't think it would suit you." I opened my mouth in protest and answered, "I'll do anything!"

"Are you sure?" I nodded fervently in response.

"Very well," He said, "you have the job. But let me ask you something," I watched intently, happiness exploding in my chest. "What brought you to me, and my circus?" I thought hard, knowing that I couldn't give an honest answer.

"I have no one left for me here," I began with a partial truth, "and I have loved the circus since I was a child." I had a feeling that he didn't fully believe me, but he accepted my answer without qualms.

"You will start in the morning," He said, "The worker's tents are behind the big top." I looked at him in confusion, my head turning slightly. "The big top?" I asked.

"The largest tent, the trapeze tent." His eyes locked on mine and I nodded, "I'll see you in the morning."


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