Orphans of the red moon

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - it all goes down

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



As Cotahi and i walked back to our home, Cotahi suddenly stopped. "There's something wrong" He said. "and do you know what's wrong?" I asked. "No" Cotahi replied "but there's something very, VERY wrong". I noticed he began to panic, so i tried to calm him down. "Relax" i said "what could possibly go wrong?". "i don't know" Cotahi said "but the last time i got this feeling my grandma died". I thought about it for a second, before i smelled something strange."fire...?" i asked out loud. "w-what are you talking about?" Cotahi asked. "i smell that something is on fire" I said "don't you smell it?". "no" Cotahi said "i don't smell anything out of the odinairy". "We need to hurry back" I said. Something was terribly wrong indeed.

When we got back, we saw that the house was on fire. "I- I KNEW IT!" Cotahi said shocked. "W-WE GOTTA HELP THEM!!!" he screamed in fear. he tried ot run towards the house to save whatever he could save, but i held him back. "Don't go in there! it's dangerous!" i shouted. "BUT MOM AND DAD ARE STILL IN THERE!" Cotahi shouted in panic "I GOT TO HELP THEM!". "Cotahi" i said "it's hopeless". Cotahi stoppd struggeling, and started crying. I tried ot comfort him, but i knew all i could do was say that everything was going to be okay, but i didn't even know or things would ever be normal for Cotahi again. I've never had those kind of guardians Cotahi had, so i could only imagine what he was feeling now.

Suddenly a figure emerged from the burning house. "C-Cotahi" i said "i think your dad survived". Cotahi looked up, and saw his dad slowly walking towards us. He was limping a bit and his left arm was bleeding, but he was still alive. "DAD!" Cotahi screamed, as he started running towards his father. I smiled, at least he hasn't lost everything. That was, before i heard a sinister laugh, which sounded painfully familiar.

Cotahi and his dad heard it too, and stopped both in their tracks. "how heartwarming" a familiar voice said. No no NO, not him again. There was a flash of white, which lasted a few seconds, before fading away. I saw what happend during the flash, and it made my stomache drop into my shoes.

Cotahi's dad was laying in a pool of blood, a knife sticking from his back.  "d-dad?" Cotahi asked as he took a step closer to his dad's corpse. "c-cut it out" he said, nearly crying "this...this isn't funny!". Cotahi broke down, and i rushed to his side to comfort him. I felt like crying too, but i could do that later. now i had to comfort my brother. I knew who had done this, and one day i would make him pay for it.

Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a cop kneeling next to us. "hello there" the cop said friendly, trying to not freak us out. "hi" i said coldly, i didn't trust cops, and i don't think i ever will. "i see you two are in quite some trouble" the cop said. "no shit sherlock" I said annoyed, a cop was the last person i wanted to talk to now, especially with a mentally unstable brother next to me. The cop laughed, and i felt like i wanted to punch him. "sorry" the cop said "but i'm going to have to take you to our police station while the firemen put out the fire". "Cotahi" i said to Cotahi "are you ok with that?". Cotahi didn't reply, but just kept crying. "i think he developed a trauma" the cop said "was that his dad?" the cop asked while pointing at the corpse of Cotahi's dad. "Yes" i relpied, and suddenly i got an idea. "i just came for a sleepover, and Cotahi wanted to show me a temple he had found earlier. We got back and saw this house on fire with his dad's corpse in front of it". "i see"the cop said "should i call your parents then?". "I don't have parents". I said "i live in Red moon's orphanage". "red moon's Orphanage?"the cop asked "that place is pretty far away, how long were you going to stay here for an sleepover?". "i was going to stay two weeks" i lied. "well"the cop said "i think i can arrange something for the two of you, but first you have to come with us to the police station".


The ride to the police station was long and akward. The cop who found us tried to talk with me a few times, but when i only gave him cold stares he dropped it. Cotahi had calmed down a bit, and was now trying not to fall asleep. I wish i had a mind-reading ability, then i would know what he was thinking about. "Everything's going to be alright" I told Cotahi. "how do you know?" He asked. "I just know" i told him smiling. Sadly that wasn't true.....I wish i knew.......

When we arrived at the police station we were told that we had to wait for a while. The cop who drove us here went into one of the rooms and left us to wonder what was going to happen. "what if we have to go to prison?" Cotahi asked. I put my arm around him and said "we won't go to prison because of this. The worst that can happen is that they're going to send us to an orphanage". I secretly hoped that was the case, since there was only one orphanage that would be. Mom's orphanage.

"we need to interrogate you two" the cop said as soon as he returned. "W-WHAT?!" Cotahi nearly screamed "b-but we didn't do anything! I-it wasn't our fault!". "relax" the cop said "we only want to know what happened. After that we're going to call an orphanage to see or you could stay there for a while". Cotahi calmed down a bit. "C-can i tell you what happened in detail?" he asked. the cop smiled and said: "i would really like to hear your story".

After what seemed like an entire year, Cotahi finally came out of the room. He looked paler then he did before. "you alright?" i asked. Cotahi just nodded. "alright" the cop said "it's your turn". I looked at Cotahi, and after he gave me a weak smile, i followed the cop inside the room.

"okay, you probably have seen this in movies" the cop said while he sat down at one side of a table. "i'll only ask you a few questions, then afterwards you and your friend will go to a temporal place to stay until it's decided where and how you'll spend the rest of your lives". I didn't like the tone of the cop's voice, as if he knew....

"i don't know anything" i said "you're wasting your time by asking me questions". The cop sighed. "Listen" he said "i know you're not human. So you can stop pretending like you are one". I was suprised he knew, but not shocked. It wasn't like i was truely hiding the fact that i wasn't "human", but i wasn't showing it around either. "well, you know i'm not human, what are you going to do with it?" I asked. "oh nothing" the cop replied "but do know that it makes it harder for me to believe what you say, embodiment....".

I nearly burst out laughing, he thought i was an embodiment. "funny" i said smiling "you're close, but i'm not an embodiment". "Then what are you?" the cop asked. "i'm a goldblood" i replied.

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