The Academy: The Rockefeller Story

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Eliza Rockefeller, yes of the famous New York Rockefellers, had a problem. People thought she was crazy and she had begun to think it too, esp. when her blackouts started occurring. After another accident, she is sent to the illusive The Academy. What she finds out there is sure to change her life.

A/N: Just a short draft, don't even know if I'm going to finish it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Academy: The Rockefeller Story

Submitted: July 02, 2010

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Submitted: July 02, 2010



Chapter 1

The girl was scared. She was absolutely terrified. They were coming. She had barely escaped with her life and she had no intention of being caught and dragged back, kicking and screaming. She didn’t even know why they wanted her anyway. She was nobody. She had no friends and her family hadn’t even noticed she was gone. She was a loner, destined to die that way. She was what people called weird. Her eyes were not standard for a normal white girl. They were coal-black and people around her usually compared them to bottomless pits. They were soulless, no emotion able to be reflected. Everybody thought she was evil but everything she did, she did for a reason. She had killed before and she was proud to say it wasn’t an accident. The people she had killed deserved it. They were what other people thought her to be. They were the monsters, the ones without souls, not her. She had a soul, probably brighter than any one of these invalids that had the gall to call her out. You see, this had all started about three and a half months ago. Her first day at the illusive place called The Academy. Wow, it seemed so much longer ago than that.

The Academy by its name you would think it to be a big prison type building surrounded by thorn bushes and barbed wire trimmed around gray stone walls at least 15 feet tall. But, no it looked more like a spa. Seriously, it was short and made completely out of glass, with a huge fountain on the pedigreed lawn. It was all cheery, a birds chirping kind of place. She knew when she saw it; her time spent here would be pure hell. She had been sent here when her parents had found her with a knife to her brother’s throat. She still didn’t know why she did it. All she knew what that she was upstairs listening to Metallica and then she blacked out and she heard her parents screaming. Her brother was only 5 and he had never been the same since. They had had to send him away to live with their grandparents because he never was comfortable around her again. That was not her first offense. They tried to keep her at home after they sent Tyler away but her last straw was holding an ax over her parents while they slept 4 weeks later and then she was off to this wretched place.

She looked at the top floor for it was only two stories high and almost went blind from the glare coming off the glass. For it to be so small, it sure looked imposing. She stepped out of her family-owned limousine and smiled at Luca, their chauffer for the past 12 years. He was her only friend that understood how she felt about her society-given status. She hated it but most importantly she hated the fact that some people, people she might consider being friends with, resented her for it. That was the thing she loved most about her black-outs, was that they kept her out of the status quo of the New York elite. True, those very same black-outs had got her sent to this place, but at least it was better than their condo on the top floor at Trump Towers. “Eliza, Eliza” Luca called out gently. He didn’t want to scare her. “Sweetie, do you need me to go in with you?” He asked.

“No, I’m fine. I can do this myself.” she answered, flashing him one of her brilliantly faked smiles. She knew he could see right through it, but he wouldn’t call her out on it.

“Okay, honey.” Luca said, running his hand through his thickly gelled hair. Did she happen to mention he was gay, because he totally was? She blew a kiss at him as the limo drove away. She stood watching it go until it turned a corner and all she could see was a small black dot fading in the distance. She grabbed her bags that she had previously laid on the sidewalk and trudged up to the door. She rapped lightly on it but her knock ended up resoundly sounding like a boom boom, for the front door was one of those heavy industrial metal doors. That was really weird, for it looked totally out of place. The door opened with a scary sounding creak. A man in scrubs and a doctor’s mask stood holding the door. He had small beady eyes and a shiny bald head but the thing that was weirdest about him was he was holding something that looked like a scalpel that was covered in what suspiciously looked like blood. He waved her in with the “blood-covered” scalpel. She slid into the little bit of space that the man’s body provided and ran into a bright light. She was instantly blinded and reached out to find her barrens. Her hands found something rock hard and she grabbed out instinctively to catch herself. After her eyes adjusted she found it was the man at the door she had grabbed onto.

“Muh, muh. Muuuuh!!!!!” the man grumbled, as he began to wave his scalpel around. She looked at him in a mix of horror and amazement as he continued his mumblings. A woman who she assumed to be a nurse came over in a rush. The woman grabbed her hand off the man and then began to calm him down. When he was calm, he just shuffled away like nothing had just happened.

“Hi, my name is Nurse Candy and you are” the woman turned and asked her.

“Hey, my name is Eliza Rockefeller and what just happened?” she inquired.

“Oh, that’s just Larry. He’s one of our special cases and he doesn’t like to be touched.” Candy said cheerfully as she shook Eliza’s hand. “So, you’re the new girl, the rich one, right.” She asked innocently.

“Yes, the very same.” Eliza answered sarcastically. She was already ready for this day to be over.

“Okay, we’re going to need you to sign in over there and then we’ll get you settled.” Candy said, pointing to a large reception area and desk that Eliza now noticed to be in the center of the room.

There were about three people already standing in a line, waiting to get checked in. She wondered how many people checked into this place every day. Because judging by this, if four people checked in everyday there were a lot of crazy people in here. She waited patiently and as she was waiting she noticed this place could use a little better help. The nurse at the desk barely even looked up as she checked people in. It was a totally no-care attitude and that could not be good for the patients’ wellbeing. It was her turn now and she stood at the desk waiting for some type of direction for she had totally not been listening to what was being said as the three people in front of her had checked in. “Name.” the desk nurse said replied in monotone voice.

“Eliza Rockefeller” she replied back in the very same monotone voice. As she said her name, the nurse looked up in surprise.

“Eliza Rockefeller of the Standard Oil New York Rockefellers?” she practically yelled at her.

Here we go again, she thought to herself. Another person treating her better because of her name. She was in a crazy house, just because she was rich didn't make her any less crazy than the others, well except for that Larry guy. She rolled her eyes and took a deep breath, preparing for the insanity that was about to happen.

The receptionist flung herself from behind the desk so fast she had to stop herself from crashing on the floor with a jerking motion. She took Eliza's hand and pumped it eagerly, smiling so hard, Eliza thought her teeth would crack.

She placed her hand on the back of her shoulder and beamed even harder if that was possible. \"Here, I'm going to show you to your room, Mrs. Rockefeller.\" she said while using the hand placed on her back to guide her down the hallway. \"It is so nice to have you here.\" she said still guiding her down the hall.

Eliza tuned her out and glanced at the rooms that they passed by. They were pretty standard inmate-looking rooms. They were completely abysmal, lacking color. There was one bed sitting up against the wall covered in gray scratchy looking sheets. With one lamp on a end table beside the bed and a dresser against the opposite wall. In length it looked about 12 feet across and 6 feet wide. It was a very small room.

She found herself beaming on the inside to find the rooms so lacking in originality and color. She was finally out of the New York lifestyle. They passed a communal bathroom where a lot of the patrons where located, seeming to be splashing water upon themselves. She laughed a little on the inside to discover the other patrons considered this the meeting place rather than the large lobby they had just passed.

They were still walking further down the hall and when she looked to her right, she found the receptionist still blabbing her ear off. She began to worry when they reached the end of the hall when the receptionist guided her up some stairs located on their right.

Her heart sunk when they reached the top of the stairs, for they did not open upon another hallway of abysmal rooms, but rather a posh looking living room. The receptionist beamed, \"This is where you will be staying.\"

She pointed where they were standing, \"This is the living room.\" Pointing to her left and then her right, \" That is the bedroom and the bathroom respectfully\". She pointed down the other hall and said, \"And there is the kitchen, fully-stocked of course. Now that you know where everything is I will leave you to get settled. She walked back down the stairs, leaving her in this extravagant place of misery.

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