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We sat at the park, drinking frapps and talking. We were on top of a picnic table. I set with my legs across his laps, one of his arms was holding my legs, and the other held his drink. I was supporting my weight on one of my hands behind me.

“So your brother is the only person who has ever actually pushed you to talk about this old friend?” he finally asked what I had been waiting for the whole time.

“Yeah... No one, not even my mom has pushed me about it. I don’t know, I thought maybe it would feel good to have it off my back when I screamed it at him but really.. It didn’t. It just felt like ripping open a half healed wound.” I took a sip of my drink and sighed. “Oh well, nothing I can do now really, so I must move on.”

“You don’t really like being open about this, do you; you’d rather bottle it up.”

“Yeah, no sense throwing my problems on everybody else, they have their own.”

He smiled. “Ah, so really it’s for the greater good?” he smirked, pushing my legs off of him and standing up and stretching his body. I stayed sitting, crossing my legs under me.

“How the hell do you sit like that?”

I looked at him, confused. I was just sitting the kindergarten ‘criss cross applesauce’ type way. What’s odd about that? “What do you mean?”

“It’s unnatural, look.” He attempted to sit like I was but couldn’t pull his six’ six frame together enough, his legs ended up being away from his body, crossed in front of him. “It’s too uncomfortable to go any farther.” He muttered and stood up again.

“Yeah, it’s because you’re not small and flexible and amazing like me.” I joked. He turned to look around and I jumped up, standing on the table, and jumped on his back, latching my arms around his neck to support myself. He grabbed my legs and started spinning me in circles. Me clinging, laughing on his back. “I’m getti- getting dizzy!” I laughed into the back of his shirt. He stopped. Setting me back down on the table.

“You wanna feel tall?” he asked.

“Um, sure?” I gave him a questionable look.

“Stand up on the table.” He ordered, I did as told and he sat on the bench part of the picnic table. “Now sit on my shoulders.”

“Oh god no, you’ll drop me! I’ll die!” I sat on his shoulders anyway and grabbed his head for balance as he slowly stood up. So here’s me, sitting on a guy who is six foot six’s shoulders, making me stand at at least eight and a half feet in the air, I really don’t know how tall I am butt to head sitting. I felt huge! “I know how you feel now!” I smiled. He began walking around through the park.

“So do you always feel like you can squish little kids.”

“You don’t need the height for that, your fat could do it all on its own. But yes I do, but I never have.” He leaned back, pretending to drop me. I screamed, grabbing his face, accidently poking him in the eye.


“That’s for calling me fat.”

“Violent midget.”

“I’m taller then you right now.”

“That can be fixed,”

He sat down on the ground. “Off.”

“But I was just getti-“

“OFF!” he playfully yelled.

“Fine, grump.” I got off, he stood up and his wallet fell out of his back pocket. I grabbed it quickly before he could and broke into a quick sprint away from him. Thank god I had started running a couple years ago, if this was grade nine, I would be on the ground dying, panting for breath at the moment. Two years later and I’m quite in shape. I saw him running behind me and could tell he wasn’t really trying. No matter what, he covered more ground then I did in a stride, and was more fit then me.

I looked forward again and ducked behind a tree, going around it, and sprinting in the other direction. He wasn’t fazed at all. He just stopped, turned, and took off after me, now sprinting after me as well. I felt something hit me and then I fell. Whatever hit me landed on top of me, It moved, supporting itself on its’ apparently arms and I rolled over when it moved its body.

I was looking up into Markus’s hazel eyes.

He was looking down into my brown ones.

“Can I have my wallet back...” his voice was quiet, just a whisper, one of his hands had moved and was lightly rested on my cheek, his weight supported on his other arm and lightly on me.

“No. I’m sitting on it.” I replied, my voice was quiet too, and I tried to speak up but couldn’t.

He looked at me for a moment longer before slowly lowering his lips to mine. It was the kind of slow that said, ‘if you don’t want this kiss, turn your face now,’ I didn’t turn my face.

Our lips connected and my arms came up and went around his neck. We lay, kissing for a few minutes. It wasn’t making out. It was the cute, sweet type kisses. I loved it. I did like him, but at one short point in our kisses, those girls from earlier, their conversation popped into my head, and I thought, what if Damien really is back? The thought had swept through my head very quickly though.

Markus sat up and I sat up too. I moved off his wallet and handed it to him. He smiled and shoved it into his pocket and he stood, pulling me up to my feet too. He didn’t drop my hand. I smiled up at him. We were the odd pair, super tall, super short. But it was cute.

I knew this didn’t mean we were dating, but I was scared if this didn’t end up well, it would ruin the friendship I had with him. Urg! Today was getting frustrating. I think too damn much.

We walked back to my truck and I drove him home before heading home.


The week went by and Markus and I started hanging out a lot and I told Sarah and Scotty about me and Markus at the park and Scotty thought it was good I was getting a guy and Sarah was totally thrilled. She actually shrieked when I told her. Ugh, squeaky teenage girls. I. Hate. Them.

It was Friday now and I was quickly finishing up my chores in the barn, the only thing I had left to do was lunge Faux. I was just letting her line loose, pushing her forward into a canter, when I saw people appear at the gate of the arena, but I knew not to pay attention. There were almost always people wandering around our barns.

I focused completely on Faux. Switching directions multiple times. She threw a few buck fits, nearly smashing into the gate where the people stood. “Sorry!” I yelled before urging Faux forward. Her strides evened out, she didn’t throw any more bucks and she looked chill and relaxed. “Atta girl.” I slowly brought her down, looping the lunge line and walking over to get her lead rope. I switched the lines and headed towards the gate. I stopped in midstride, staring at the gate, and Faux, not expecting the sudden stop, walked into my back, making me stumble forward.

Submitted: June 24, 2009

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Sorry about the weird 'A' characters. I tried best I could to delete them, but a lot of them wouldn't delete. Will fix as soon as possible.

Wed, June 24th, 2009 11:05pm


this is awesome!!!!!!! its funny u said Markus is 6'6" and she is 5'3" cuz me and my bf are like that he's 6'7" (maybe 6'8") and i'm 5'3"

Tue, July 7th, 2009 3:08am


Aha, aww. I love couples like that, super tall guy super short girl. People think it looks awkward but I love it. One of my boyfriends was waayy taller then my five foot two. Apparently it looked comedic when we kissed.

Tue, July 7th, 2009 3:40pm

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