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 “What are you thinking about?” he asked as we dismounted into the field. We both automatically started un-tacking our horses. I left Woody’s bridle on and tied him to a tree. Damien let Bud go and Bud wandered into the middle of the field.  We both went and sat down, leaning on the big oak tree.
 “So. Where did you move to?” I asked, looking not at Damien, but at Bud who was running around. I didn’t trust my hot blooded stallion to stay here in the field.
 “I moved to Charlottetown.” Prince Edward Island? Holy damn, well still.. That’s just across the country, he could have called or emailed.
 “Oh. Did you like it there?” I asked. I lay down on my back, head rested on my arms folded behind my head, eyes shut.
 “It was alright I guess… I made a lot of memories I’ll never forget and a lot of good friends…” he seemed awkward talking about it but I didn’t care. He could suck it up.
 “Did you have any… girlfriends?”
 “A couple. Only one serious one…. I sort of slept around a lot mostly.” I muttered ’typical’ under my breath but apparently not quietly enough because I heard him say “I’m just being honest.”
 “How ‘bout you… Any boyfriends?”
 “I told you already, me and this guy just started seeing each other…”
 “What’s his name?”
 “His name is Markus, and I’d rather not talk about it right now, Damien.”
 “When did you start seeing him?” Damien asked, ignoring my previous words of not wanting to talk about it.
 “Damien.” I said sternly. I peeked my eyes open and he gave me a small apologetic smile.
 “You know this doesn’t mean you and I are fine..” I said softly.
 “Oh…” he looked down at his hands.
 I stood up. “We should head back.” he stood up as I turned to walk over to Woody.
 “Wait.” Damien said softly and I turned to look at him. As soon as I turned he stepped up to me before I could even think. He was kissing me. One of his arms wrapped around my waist, the other at the side of my face. Wow, so this is what kissing Damien is like… He’s a good kisser. I thought. Yeah, from all those girls he’s screwed… It was like the devil and angel sitting on your shoulders bickering. I pulled back when I finally registered what the hell was happening. I pushed him away from me and turned around. Not facing him. “What the hell was that for?” I said angrily.
 He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around. “Aspen. I want you in my life. I’m not giving up so easily. You know me better.”
 “I used to know you…” I said.
 “And kissing is a good way to get to know someone.”
 “No. Talking is you dumbass. Kissing is a good way to get to know what kind of std’s a person you knew six years ago contracted from all the girls they have screwed…”
 He gave me a look. “Oh don’t even.” I turned around and walked away from him. Now glad that I didn’t have to tack Woody up. I led him to a sturdy log I could use as a mounting block and swung up onto his back. I asked for a walk and headed towards the barn. I asked for a trot after a few minutes and moved at a steady pace but quickly heard Bud behind me and rolled my eyes. I slowed Woody down and looked at Damien as he pulled up beside me.
 “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of kissed you.”
 “Yeah, you knew I had a boyfriend..”
 “I thought you were just seeing him?”
 “Uggh, I don’t know. You still shouldn’t of done it.”
 “I know…”
 “Are you bi-polar or something?”
 “No but I’m thinking you are.. You’ve spazzed at me, then were nice to me, then you spazzed at me again. I’ve just done things then apologized.”
 “UGGHHH. YOU MAKE ME SO FRUSTRATED.” I screamed, causing Woody to spook sideways and throw a buck. I stroked his neck as a sorry and looked at Damien.
 “Can’t you just… stay out of my life?”
 “Fuck Damien.” I growled. I wanted to just gallop away from him, into the sunset, but I knew I couldn’t run again.
 “Aspen. One date. Really, we can catch up… properly… And I can earn your trust and friendship and… again.”
 “Why the third and?” I asked.
 “Nothing.” he said, a bit too quickly. I rolled my eyes and nodded.
 “Fine. It’s not a date though.” I answered. May as well give him a chance.
 By now we had arrived at the barn and were about to go our separate ways, I to the boarder barn and he to the lesson barn. He gave me as smile as he dismounted Bud. We had gotten through the rest of the ride back without bitching at each other.
 “Pick you up at eight!” he called as he led Bud into the barn. I sighed. What had I gotten myself into?


 It was an hour and a half before my dinner with Damien. I had just gotten out of the shower and put some product in my hair so the curls wouldn’t puff up when I heard my phone buzz on my desk. I walked over and looked at it.
1 New Message.
 No shit, you just buzzed. I flipped it open and the screen came up.
1 New Message. From Unknown number. - Wear something nice 2nite.
 I texted back. - ‘Yeah sure.’ After I pressed send I added Damien’s number into my phonebook.
1 New Message. From Damien Blackthorne - Cant wait = )
 I chucked my phone on my bed and went to my closet, pulling out different pieces of clothing to try on.
 I grabbed my phone and texted him. -Whats your definition of nice?
 It buzzed almost instantly. Damien Blackthorne - A dress or skirt?
 I sighed. “Great” I muttered sarcastically. I went and pulled out three of my favourite dresses and a couple skirts and shirts. I browsed through it before choosing one of my jeans skirts and white long sleeved v-necked sweater. I quickly put some eyeliner and mascara and stepped back. I grabbed some cash out of my wallet and shoved it in the front pocket of my jeans. I grabbed my cell and cowboy boots and headed downstairs, putting them by the front door. I sat down at the island in the kitchen with Scotty.
 “Why are you dressed up?” he asked between massive bites of a burger.
 “Going out to dinner.” I answered.
 “With who?“ Scotty asked as I sat spinning my cell in circles on the counter when it started ringing. I looked at the caller id. Markus. Oh damn.
 “Hey Aspen, what are you doing tonight.” I bit my lip, I really didn’t want to lie to him.
 “I’m uh.. Going out to dinner,”  I answered. I half truthed it, I just didn’t say with who.
 “Oh.. With who?” Damnit. I should’ve expected that.
 “My… cousin.” I answered. May as well of been, I’ve known him long enough.
 “Oh, okay, call me afterwards then?”
 “Alright, I will Markus, talk to you later.” I hung up.
 Scotty was looking at me with an amused expression on his face.
 “Our closest cousins that you would actually spend time with live over an hour away…” he smirked.
 “Shut up. I’m going for dinner with Damien. Like I wanna say, hey Markus, I’m just going for dinner with my best friend from when I was little who happened to kiss me today.”
 “Kiss you?”
 “Oh… About that…” the door knocked. I grinned. “Gotta go.” I kissed his cheek. “Love you big brother.”
 He rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah, if I see Markus I’m telling him the truth.” I ran back into the kitchen after opening the door for Damien. I grabbed Scotty by the ear and tugged hard.
 “If you do.. I tell Mom.”
 “Tell her what.. I’m nineteen. I can’t get in trouble for anything.”
 “Oh, I dunno if mom would be too happy about hearing about your near pregnancy scare with a girl you had known for one night.”
 “HOW THE HELL DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THAT?!” he looked completely dumbfounded and shocked.
 “I have my ways. Love you!” I gave him a big smile. Damien stood in the door to the kitchen looking confused and amused.
 I walked with Damien to the door and slid my feet into my black boots.
 “You look good. Not exactly what I imagined when I said ‘dress nice’ but you look real nice.”
 “I prefer jean material to skanky material that just makes me feel uncomfortable the whole time.” I replied with a smile. I looked at him. He looked cleanly shaven - except for the chin strap obviously. He smelt really good and he wore nice jeans and a dress shirt, not tucked in, and the long sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. He looked plain sexy, to tell you the truth.
 “Yeah well it suits you, I don’t really picture you in the little dresses that people claim cover their asses.”
 “Yeah. I have some of those that I’ve bought but never worn.” I grinned.
 He grinned back. “I bet they look hott on you all the same.”
 “Damien. Please.” I looked at him. He gave me an apologetic smile.
 He led me to his jeep and I got in and he got in the other side after making sure I was in alright. Wow, the boy actually had manners. What a surprise.
 We drove to the restaurant in easy comfortable silence. Listening to some classic rock music on the way there. I watched out the window and when we got there he got out and then helped me out. We walked into the restaurant and a waitress led us to a table. I saw her check out Damien and I laughed to myself. Literally. They both glanced at me.
 The waitress went to our high school and actually had been friends with Damien before he moved. It made me laugh that neither recognized each other. Even though Andi had died her hair blonde and she looked literally the same. Mind you, Damien looked completely different, it still blew my mind at how gorgeous he was.
He pulled out my seat for me and I raised my eyebrow at him but took the seat anyways. He sat across from me and smiled at me.
 "So.. You ready to forgive me yet?” he asked with a small chuckle.
 “I’m ready to be around you without wanting to punch you in the face, does that count?”
 “Sure does.” I smiled at him before looking at the menu.
 “What’s your boyfriend think your doing?”
 “Not a boyfriend, and out for dinner.”
 “My cousin.”
 He started laughing.
 “How did you know I wouldn’t tell the truth.”
 “I knew you for eleven years.. You havent changed.”
 “Yeah but that was before boyfriends and stuff that you knew me.”
 “I knew your personality though, and its to protect the ones you care about.”
 “I can’t believe you know me so well when we haven’t spoken in six years…”

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