Cowboy Take Me Away

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The New Begining

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Submitted: November 05, 2010



I woke up the next morning with my legs twisted up in my covers and my hair in a mess. I rolled out of my comfy bed and looked around. My room was stripped with two different kinds of pink, light baby pink and hot pink with black trim. My Browning covers were matching the pink in the walls and the brown wood on the floor. I looked to the wall and saw the vanity, there was a note stuck to it. I got up and went over and read the note.

"Lacie, I hope you slept good. Jason was crying so I thought I would give Momma a break. Schools today so go ahad and get dressed and Ill be driving you and Heidi to school. -Hayden"

I went into my bathroom that matched my room and took a shower, brushed my teeth and other basics then I just took a look in the mirror, my long brown hair was in a mess, my green eyes looked tired and my athletic built on my 5'6 frame didnt help me feel very pretty.

“Oh well, it’s not like I’m trying to impress anybody...” I though to myself.

I went down to the kitchen in my pajamas to grab some chocolate milk, the basic need for morning, just saying. I hopped up on the counter with my milk and Hayden came in with his pajama pants and a wife beater on, of corse his brown hair sticking up and he was holding Jason and Allie clung herself to his leg just peeking her head out. Her blue eyes matched Hayden's but she had blonde hair in ringlets.

"Nice Lacie." Said Hayden taking in my wet hair and Aero sleep pants and tank.

"Oh you know it but not as nice as you Hayden." I laughed at his bed head.

"You know it darlin', I make this right here work." He said with a smile when Allie giggled.

She looked up at him and said "Haydwen she is pitty, dwue was wite." As soon as she said that blush creeped across Hayden’s cheeks. She laughed she held her hands behind her back swinging her body, apparently she just thought this was just funny.

He put Jason in his highchair then crouched down to Allie's height."Now Allie I thought that was out little secret, you pinky promised, since you broke it Im going to tell Mommy I saw you playing with her makeup again."

That wiped the simle off her face."Noo, no Haydwen! No,no. Dont tell mommy, pwease!," she ran over to me and looked at me with a stern look and pointed her finger at me and said "Dweu didnt hewr that, Wacie! Shhh."

I nodded my head back back and she smiled and ran out of the kitchen and Hayden walked towards me. I looked over and saw that Jason was sucking on a passie with his blonde hair sticking up.

"Sooo, you think Im pretty Hayden?"

"Haha yea." He said with a little smile. Jason reached out for me and I hopped off the counter and picked him up and put him on my hips. “Apparently Jason does to, he can’t take his eyes off you.”

“He has good taste then,” I said as I watched Hayden get a glass of sweet tea.

"Yea, he does,” Hayden mumbled, then he relized what he said and stammered “I-I mean..well your really pretty- I mean not real- I mean you are...Its just...”


“OK I get it Hayden, your not good at admitting your true feelings” I winked at him and stuck my tounge out at him."Really, Hayden?" I said eyeing his sweet tea.

"What?" He said with a confused look on his face.

"This!" i said trying to take the glass out of his hand, my hand touched his warm, rough one and I felt...something.....apparently he did too.

"Well I guess I better get ready for school, what school do I go to now?" I said trying to break the awkward silence

"Oh uhh,Anderson High, Home of the Titans."

"Hmm, sounds fun, well later Hadyerz."

"Oh so do i have a nickname now?"

"Ha ha yes you do Hayderz, aren’t you special?" I teased and walked out.

I got dressed in some 3.5 inch brown shorts, hey they make my legs look tan, a cami with some lace and a dusty blue boho vest from AE. To finish up the outfit none other than my favorite gold pair of gladiator shoes! I loosely curled my hair and put on some bronze eye shadow and bronzer I was ready.

I grabbed my Juicy purse and got my i-Phone4 and headed out my door. I went back down to the kitchen and kinda smashed into Hayden.

"We do this alot don’t we? Running in to each other," He asked.

"Well, we do live in the same house now." I said with a little smile and I took in what he was wearing. He had some perfectly faded jeans on with farmer boots and a Hollister red and blue checkered button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a brown leather belt with a big buckle on it....PBR!

"Yea I guess we do." He said as he took a step closer to me, he had to look down at me, I could smell his cologne. It was Abercrombie mixed with burning wood.

"Hey Lovebirds were gonna be late if yall start makin' out!" Heidi kinda yelled at us. He rolled his eyes at her and gave her a nuggy.

I walked out the kitchen door out to the drive way. I saw Hayden's truck. He had a brand new Ford F-350 XLT SUPERDUTY and it was a dually. I fell in love with that thing!

"Like it Lacie?" Asked Hayden.

"Not really." I said and his face fell a little bit.

"I love it Hayden! Im going to steal it one day!" I said as a gazed at the beautiful piece of artwork that was in front of me.

"Well the only problem with that darlin' is you can't steal whats yours." He said.

My jaw dropped.

"Ahhh are you serious! Oh em jay!" I gave him a huge hug. He held me there like he was protecting me almost. He let go and tossed me the keys.

I walked around the side and climbed in and turned the key. I felt that V8 power stroke engine purr. Yes!

I dropped Heidi off at the middle school and i turned into the high school parking lot. I saw several guys' heads turn as they saw the truck pull in. When I climbed out I heard comments like "Thats HER truck?" and "She can handle that, dang!"

I looked around and saw that the school was right next to a cowfeild, haha, cute.

Hayden walked me up to the office and helped me with finding my classes. But soon it came to 5th period a.k.a The only class I dont have with him. He was so cute checking, making sure I had everything I needed like I was his little girl going to school for the first time. I sat in a desk in the middle of the room and waited for the teacher to call me to the frount to introduce myself. Low and behold guess what happened. "Miss Baker, will you please come to the front and introduce your self?"

"Suuuure, Hi my names Lacie, and I’ve had to do this all day so please don’t make me do it again." I flashed a little smile and went back to my seat. One girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes introduced herself when I sat back down. "Hi! Im Jordyn! I loved your little introduction!”

"Haha Thanks." I said as i smiled.

"So whats your next class?" Jordyn asked.

"Ummm," I dug threw my bohemith of a purse to find my schedule. “Honors biology with Ables."

"Me too! Ill show you were it is."

"Thanks Jordyn."

"No problem!"

That class passed in a blur soon the bell rang and Jordyn and I walked out and Hayden was standing outside the door.

"Hey Lacie..and Jordyn. Yall bestfriends already?" He asked.

"Oh maybe Hayden, I might just steal your little girlfriend." Jordyn teased and she grabbed my hand and I played along.

"Yha Hayden, she just has more to offer than you." I giggled at his face.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Well for one her boobs are bigger." I said and me and Jordyn busted out laughing.

"Hey now Im a late bloomer." He said as he covered his chest with his hands. Me and Jordyn were basically on the floor laughing.

Jordyn and I skipped to the next class and sang were off to see Ables, the worst teacher off all. Like we were in the wizard of OZ.

We went to Mr. Ables classroom and sat in the back with Hayden and a couple of his friends. I think their names were Colten and Jonathon. Colten was cute, with his dark brown hair and cute brown eyes. Jonathon was some kind of fine, he had light blonde hair and dark blue eyes, 6'2 and nicley built, strong jaw and a five o’clock shadow. I might have to get to know him better Colten was talking to Hayden about Jordyn. It was pretty obvious that they liked each other. When I asked her about him she said "Colten, what? Nah." But the blush gave her away.We went to lunch and ate Lord knows what and finally Hayden and I got to go home. We Picked up Heidi and we headed on home. I let him drive just because I was so tired. When we got home I went to the living room, sat on the worn leather couch and just stared at the flat screen TV on the wall.

"Hey Lacie you wanna go see the horses?" Hayden asked.

"Yha!" I love horses, I adore them with a passion.

We went over to the stables and I met all of the horses. They had a jet black mare named Jazmine, A buckskin stallion named Spirit, a brown and white paint named Zodiac and a little white philly named Echo. I saw a picture of a huge black horse with a little Hayden next to him. "Whos that?"

"Oh, thats Titan, he’s the old guy who still thinks he’s got game, he’s out back.”


“Ha ha, sounds like my kind of horse.” I heard someones phone buzz, i saw Hayden reach for his phone.


He texted on it and looked up at me, “Can Jonathon and Colten have your number?”


“Yea sure, I need a texting buddy.” I smiled and I felt my phone buzz.


I looked out the stable windows and the sun was setting, “I guess I should go back up to the house, its getting late.”


“Yea, I guess we both should.” We left the stables and headed up to the house.


Momma Trotter was in the kitchen with three boxes of pizza, wait three?


“Hey Momma Trotter, why so many pizzas?” I eyed the boxes of pizza.


She pointed to Hayden, “Because of that boy right there.” She laughed and walked over to him and gave him a side hug, she was a few inches shorter than him.


“What can I say, I’m fat.” He said as he rubbed his non-existent belly. “I’ve tried Jenny, but it just never works out.” He said with a sly smile on his lips.


“You know what, just go.” I pointed to the door teasingly, I’m not going to stand for his cruel jokes, calling himself fat when he has abs, the monstrosity.


He got a sad puppy look on his face and turned around and walked towards the door.


“Aww whats wrong Hayderz?”


“You hurt my feelings.” He said with a fake frown.


“I can make ya smile.” I said as I ran up and jumped on his back and tried to force him to smile. It didn’t work out so well.


He wrestled me to the floor and I was laughing so hard I could barley say “Uncle, Uncle”


We finally calmed down and ate, he ate ten slices of pizza, pig.


I went to my room after supper and I sat on my window ceil and was just kind of having a mind babble and the thought cam in to my mind 'How am I not entirely depressed with the death of my family just a few days ago and their funerals in two days?’ Then I thought that maybe it was because I knew they were in a better place, and that I didn’t have to worry about me finding another home.


I heard a knock at my door, “Come in!”


Hayden came in with his hand over his eyes, “Are you decent?”


“No Hayden I’m standing here completely naked.” I said with a sarcastic tone.

Of corse he peeked through his fingers.


“Hayden! You’re horrible!” I said as I threw a pillow at him.

“Hey now, you lied! Liar!” He said as he caught the pillow.


I stuck my tongue out at him and he sat down on my bed.


“Hey remember how I gave Jonathon your number?” He asked with a serious look on his face.


“Yup, why?” I asked as I sat by him.


“Well, don’t tell him this but he’s into ya, but I had to tell ya, he’s played other girls befor. Not sayin’ he’ll play you I just wanted to warn ya.” He said.


“Oh, well thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for him.” I was smiling because Jonathon was into me!


We stayed up for a little while longer talking but we finally said our good nights.


I drifted asleep finally but as soon as my eyes closed I felt myself being sucked down into ..something, and I was there....again. The crash....please not again...

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