Cowboy Take Me Away

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



I saw the entire scene play out before my eyes..again. Instead of me bring on the truck, I was standing outside in the rain just watching, unable to move, unable to scream, unable to do anything but watch and wait. I saw everything. I saw the swerve, the tree crashing down and I saw something else, I saw the death of my two parents. I wish I never saw that, it made me want to cry, scream and throw up all at the same time.


I saw the ambulance come and pull me out of the wreckage, then Easton. I saw the way his face was twisted in pain. Then I saw myself, completely fine only scratches and bruises, I felt sick. I just escaped certain death..but why?


I heard my name being called out in a distance. “Lacie, Lacie.....”


I listened harder and heard it again. Where was it coming from?


I felt myself slip out of the nightmare, and back into reality. I finally recognized the voice as Momma Trotter’s.


I felt her shaking me and i finally opened my eyes.


“Mornin’ sunshine! Time to get ready.” She said with a smile, then she turned and left.


I took a shower and got dressed in some khaki shorts and blue cami with a jacket-type thing and a pair of TOMS. I made my hair do this thing were it makes you look like you’ve been at the beach forever and it gets those surfer waves. I put on some eyeshadow and liner and mascara. I felt lazy. I grabbed my keys and this cute little leather tote and my phone and I was ready to take the chilluns to school. I went down to the kitchen and waited for Heidi to finish getting ready. While I was sitting at the table I heard my phone play my message tone (Dory from Finding Nemo singing Just Keep Swimming) I looked and saw it was Jonathon.


“Hey there Lacie.”


“Hellurr Jonny boy!”


“Ha cute, what ya doin?”


“Just waiting for Heidi to get down here so I can take her to school, you?”


“Same, well not really I’m waiting for my brother. He takes forever and a day!! :/”


“Haha I feel your pain! :) Well here she is...tlk to ya @ school?”


“Haha sure, see ya”


I saw Heidi walking down and she told me Hayden had already left because he has weight training before school.


Oh well, we left and I dropped her off then drove to the high school parking lot, I got to my space and got out and walked towards the gym, I saw Jordyn and we walked to the gym, gym first period, terrific isn’t it?


After playing football for an hour and being all sweaty and gross we got to shower and go to second period. Math I.....please kill me now, I beg you. At least I had Hayden though, he’s fun.


I was sitting in my desk taking notes from Young Trend, what everyone called the math teacher apparently.


I was taking the best notes ever on binomial expansion when I felt a pencil being poked in my back. I turned around and...what the heck! Since when is Jonathon in this class? He gave me a note and I turned back around and read it.


You look really pretty today :)


Aww, how sweet. I wrote back a thank you and handed it back to him.


Young Trend saw me not paying attention, let’s just say..big mistake.


“Lacie why don’t you come up here and share with us?” He said with a sly smile, like he was testing me, sarcasm powers..activate!


“I would but my mommy never taught me how to share.” I said with a sly smile back while the entire class laughed. Young Trend chuckled and let me off the hook. He continued writting notes on binomial expansion, seriously? Ugh, I hate math.


I felt a poke in my back, I turned around and I saw Jonathon’s gorgeous blue eyes. I stuck my tongue out at him and turned back around. Hayden, who was sitting diagnolly to me, whispered “Regection” to Jonathon.


I pulled my phone out and texted Hayden.


“Dont be jealous just because your not as sexy as Jonathon.”


“Oh no you didn’t girlfriend. Don’t make me pull a Madea on you!”


I literally laughed and Young Trend looked back at me again. I pointed to Hayden and when I did that Hayden lifted his hands in surrender, oh yes. I win.


After class we went to lunch, class seriously shouldent last so long.


I packed my lunch after eating whatever I did yesterday. I don’t trust this cafeteria..

I sat with Jordyn at some random table and soon Colton, who sat next to Jordyn by the way, Jonathon and Hayden arrived with trays full of food. I’m talking about they could feed a small country. Fattys.


“Is that seriously all your going to eat Jordyn?” Asked Colton who eyed her 6 inch subway sandwich.


“’s kinda big Colton.” As soon as she said it Jonathon and Hayden were laughing. Of coarse with Jordyn being so innocent it took her awhile. “You guys are nasty!” She said and threw a straw at them.


“A straw is your weapon of choice? Good luck when your in a dark alley.” Said Jonathon as he flicked the straw back at her.


She stuck her tongue out at him. “Now Jordyn dont be mean.” I said teasingly.


“Oh hush Lacie!” She said back.


After lunch we went to Biology. We got to disect frogs, right?


I didn’t mind all that much, geeze I gave my frog a name, Jeremiah. Because hes a bullfrog..yha you probably dont get it...


We had to remove everything then draw it. So when everything was put away we sat down and just talked. Hayden, Jonathon and Colton were all in a group, let’s just say their frog looked like it was massacared..


When the bell rang I walked out of the class room and saw the big huge “sign up” board. It’s just this huge board covered with sign up sheets for everything you can think of but one thing caught my eye..


“Competition Cheerleading! Try outs are two weeks away! Sign up for tryouts!”


Jordyn saw me look at it. “Intrested?”


“Oh yha, I did competition at my old school, I’m signing up.” I was reaching for a pen in my bag before being shoved out of the way by some bottle blonde with way to much bronzer and eye glitter on.


“Um, excuse me but your blocking the sign up sheet!” Said this glammed up Barbie doll with a high nasally voice.


“Yha probably because I was going to sign up, ever think of that?” I said with just a hint of bite.


She looked me up and down. “You? I dont think so. Why dont you join wrestling?” She said as she held her arms bent up with her phone in one hand and a pen in the other.


“Yha sure I’ll join wrestling as soon as you can tell me the square root of 25.” I said as I crossed my arms, Jordyn of coarse was giggling.


“Uhhh, whatever this is stupid, Im not good at geography anyway.” Aww how cute she tried to use her brain.


I stepped behind her and signed my name. I did a little sarcastic wave and walked away with a hysterical Jordyn following me.


“That was hilarious Lacie!” She said as we met up with the boys.


“What was?” Hayden asked.


“Lacie totally just put Raechal in her place!” She said with a smug smile on her face.


“Retard Raechal? Nice Lacie!” Colton said as he high fived me.


The guys where laughing while we walked towards the parking lot. We all piled in our rides and drove over to Hayden’s house..well I guess my house too.


We went down to the basement where there was a projection screen and a bunch of big comfy love seats. We popped in a movie and settled down. Colton and Jordyn were sitting on one love seat, while I was smoshed in the middle of Jonathon and Hayden.


The last thing I remember was my head on Jonathon’s shoulder and my feet in Hayden's lap...

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