Fate is unknown until sealed.

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Evelyn left for reasons unknown to her boyfriend James, vanished in thin air...gone, forever? Leaving behind a very fragile James for what? No one knew, until Evelyn decided to come back and let James choose his own fate?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fate is unknown until sealed.

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




James POV

'I will love you know and forever, goodbye my darling James' my heart sunk low into the pit of my churning stomach with a painful thud. What did I just read? I questioned myself as I gently placed the note onto the cold counter. Tears begun to burn at my eyes; she was really gone, for good? I raced into our bedroom where so many of our memories lingered in the now bitter air. I hoped to glimspe at her beauty, her golden curls and her emerald eyes I could lose myself in for all eternity.

I realised she was not here, she was gone. I felt cold as I gathered up her engagement ring from the crumpled sheets, I had given it to her almost four months ago she had eagerly said yes as she showered me in warm kisses, the memories flooded in so quickly I fumbled to regain my balance as I swayed like a tree in the bitter wind, my beautiful Evelyn, she was gone...where? why?

Evelyn's POV

How could I have done this? I loved him so much he was everything to me, tears descended down my pallid cheeks; I was really leaving for good. I suddenly couldn't breathe I struggled for breath as I pulled the car over, I rushed out with a gasp as I inhaled deeply, the thought of never seeing James was unimaginable, I couldn't do it.

I composed myself; he has the right to know Evelyn I whispered into the strange silence. I felt so angry at whom, myself? James? I wouldn't be leaving if I could tell hum, I couldn't do it to him, he had never wanted what I always had. It wasn't his fault nor was it mine, my heart throbbed for him, his touch, what it felt like to be held, the feel of his masculine arms protectively wrapped around my fragile frame. I missed him more as the minutes raced past, the memories flooded in gently. I knew if I didn't go back that was it...forever. No more second chances, he deserved to at least know, if he knew I could stop feeling so guilty knowing he chose his own fate. I put the car into gear and headed back to someone I knew I could never forget.


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