Lost it all 1

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A true story based on me and someone else, quite sad really.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lost it all 1

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



I got a bofriend

He loved me. How perculiar. Someone actually liked me. Was this some sourt of raging miracle or just fantasy? My heart raced competingly with the conspicuous butterflies in my belly. The corners of my mouth slowly peeled up approvingly as i jiggled my arms in the air in excitment and enjaumbment. Everything was suddenly dimmed out and my mind wondered raviously. A cheeky smirk curdled my face again then i was soon shook into reality. How lucky was i? The most bullied girl in the year group, most gloomy and mysterious, most ugliest and unfit person got a boyfriend. Morning come and i peered over my friends conversation's in glee. ''Sup with you?'' they question suspiciously. I plea my guilty pleasure with excitement as they applaud my working and grafting with delight. My joyful friend shook me by the shoulder firmly, ''COZZA, OMG I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!''. 'Cozza' was my commonly used knickname, short for 'Coral'. I blushed as she payed compliments at me and smiled with exasperation on my rosy face. Nothing interesting reall happened the rest of that day, apart from sheer happiness through out. The boy who loved me stared at me hopelessly across the table as we waited for the bus. I bounce up on down on the cushioned chair while bragging to my friends then occasionally glance at him, his expressions remained blank and mutual. ''Hey, congratulations by the way, i'm so happy for you. I'm sure he will be great'' he trailed his words. My head gave an approving nodd then finished with a cheeky grin before turning to my friends. He was a good friends, infact a great friend who was always there for me. Knew what was up, was very smart in mainly everything and was the most politest young man you could ever meet. It felt like a friendxoned feel toward each other, which made us grow apart for quiet some time unfortunately. But i couldn't bother, i didn't care. As long as i got to speak to m bofriend that night, i was fine. I rushed home with my slightly over weight bag and my slipping of shoes. I burst through the door to my computer to talk to him. We talked everynight without fail. His pla on words didn't convince that he loved me yet but i knew everthing was going swell. Each day, i'd rush home to continue to talk to him in a continuous patern without fail. I'd check straight awaw to see if we were still in a relationship and every day i read that we still were, my heart would skip a beat. Would this last? Surely not.


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