Lost it all 2

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Bullying is a horrible thing.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lost it all 2

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Day in, day out i went to school as i tried with effort. I'd attend all my classes no matter how many annoying people there were, there will always be annoying people. People shoved me, poked me, laughed at me because i haad a relationshihp in other countrys. For some reason, these always worked better. They worked better because if they cheat, i wouldn't be hurt as much as seeing it, words are words and even if i read it, it still means a lot to me. People of my age will never understand how much of love i had. I had more love of him than they did of their boyfriend which they saw everyday of the week pretty much. Their boyfriend would never tell them that the loved them or cuddle properly, they were more of an item and show off rather than actual 'love'. Addmitadly, teenagers never really get love until their 20's if not later in my personal opinion. You don't know what love is, you will never have a true relationship, you have school and exam's all the time. It is the most important stage of your life and you make all the small decisions then. Wait till you're older i'd say. Normally i'd think like this, but this relationship was something special, i could feel it. It was one of thoughs relationship's where you'd even get paranoid over a girl talking to him. Yes, i know that is a bit on the weird side and stalker side, but this mean't something for the BOTH of us. We didn't care about who was there at the time, what our friends thought, slagging each other off, fighting. We only cared about one thing; love. ''You don't know what love is at your age'' people mimiced. I sit there in lesson as people laugh at me behind their hands with their friends. Everything is going to be ok i murmured under my breath. ''What was that?'' a rather ude girl giggles under her hand with her friends. I scrolled my eyes repeatadly and got up and left. They never knew what was happening behind closed doors. Yes, closed doors. Bad things happened with me with big secrets that no one knows about. I'm not your average emo scene girl who claims they've had a 'hard life', being bullied, cutting and feeling sorry for themselves,i have a true GENUIN story which i require no comfort in whatsoever as i know it happens in lots of girl every day to day lives, not just mine. In this stuation, i had to be interdependent on my self instead of relying on others. I worridly looked around and looked for help but no use, everyone was laughing at me. My eyes became sore from waters building up. Tears streamed down my face as people tormented and laughed. I snivle to myself then get on once again. What a horrible day. Civil people stared at me in lunch, wondering what was going on but not daring to say anything incase they upset me even more. My eyes trembled as i ignore my background, burrying my face near my food and breaking down once again, my mind flickered with sadness. Curious teachers questioned me to my suspicious behavious, i ignored all conversation with anyone at all. My friends left me alone to my sadness as they gave up all together. The bo who liked me asked if i was alright and kept asking, till i broke down and told him everything. His head nodded as he understood my pain completely. Strangely his words comforted me in a way no one elsees words could, i was completely amazed at how healpful he was being. Once again, i rushed home but in a more saddened tone. My mind rushed with continuous thoughts, thinking of all the comments people made at me over the year, thinking if they are really true as i start crying again. Once again, i spoke to my boyfriend again; he has had no proper relationships in the past so he didn;t know what to say apart from 'aww'. Everything is my fault, right?


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