The war Of the Spartan.

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The last spartan left on planet harvest is lost, and cut off from all contact with the army, or marines that are still alive. This is how she survives and escapes.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The war Of the Spartan.

Submitted: March 13, 2012

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Submitted: March 13, 2012



The war for Harvest did not last long. We knew what was about to attack us, but none could have prepared for the magnitude of the covenants attack on harvest. It wasn't a raiding party as the space core had anticipated. The Covent came at us with everything they had, super carriers, elite boarding parties, and the worst of all, the atrocious element 115. It eats through everything, it's so dangerous that the carriers must be awfully close to drop it or it will disintegrate their ship. Their ships already blew up 4 of the space guards battle cruisers, and the covvies having hundreds more ships, they easily flew past and began dropping troops onto harvest. That is where I come in. I put my custom battle helmet that I personally carved a skeletal face into to scare the living shit out of my enemies. My chest piece is set up to hold my huge hunting knife, and extra ammunition. I carry three firearms. My shotgun, my magnum .45 pistol, and my 50 caliber sniper rifle. I had installed two armor abilities into my suit, active camouflage, and a jump pack. I flicked my HUD on and tested it to be sure it functioned properly. Works like a charm. I check my motion sensor and it showed yellow dots scurrying about.

I walked out into the hall and walked toward the pod I was being launched in to help the war on harvest. I turned the corner and got into the pod and sat down. I quickly proceed to buckle all the straps when my pod door shut, a red light flicked on and the helmets of an ODST, or orbital drop shock trooper, flashed on my star board monitor. "This is buck, checking in. All ready here." The first trooper stated. “We are all here, so let’s just get the drop on eh?" One voice said, probably the commander of the squad. “Uuuuhh sir, you know we have a Spartan here right." One said. "I've got an idea, why doesn’t the fool controlling the pods hit the launch button?" I said, getting annoyed. A loud BANG sounded, and then the quite sound of doors sliding open. Finally, I thought, they are launching the pods. I felt the weightless feeling coming over me as the pods began to fall through space. After around five minutes of falling, I felt a bone jarring THUMP as we broke harvest's atmosphere.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud scream and explosion, as one of the pods blew up. “What just happened?" I demanded. "Mam, we are taking AA fire from the Covent, they are knocking our pods out of the air. What should we do?" One of the remaining ODST said to me. “Break off; you are on your own now. Sarah out and good luck to you solider." With that, my pod hit the inner atmosphere, and slowed down for impact. I hit the ground harder than I thought, but it didn’t matter because of my armor. I loaded my shotgun and turned off the safety, and kicked down the door of my pod.

I looked around my landing zone, and heard a phantom flying overhead. I quickly ran toward a tree surrounded by dense brush. I engaged my camouflage and watched the phantom hover, and deploy its load of grunts hunters, and elites. I swung my shotgun over my back, and grabbed my 50 Cal sniper. I observed the elites first, them posing the immediate threat to me. Two blue elites, one red, and one gold. I took aim at the blue one’s head first, it being the closest. I fired, the bullet hit home, the elites head was thrown back, and it cried out before dropping to the ground, dead. I quickly shot the other blue in the leg, disabling it. The red elite spotted me, and told the gold where I was. All the grunts had run at the sight of the blue elite dying. The two hunters where charging their huge cannons, when thinking quickly, I shot the cell on the side and it blew up in the hunters face killing it. The red elite starting firing his plasma rifle at me, the red shot his fuel rod cannon at me at the same time. I avoided getting blown to bits by using my jump pack and flew up, brandishing my shotgun, and landed behind the hunter. Before he could turn around, I shot it in the back twice, killing it. The red elite charged me, firing his plasma rifle; I pulled my pistol from its holster, and fired the clip at the elite. Several of the plasma rounds hit me, but my shields absorbed the damage. I hit the elite profusely, but it's shields absorbed the damage the pistol dealt. By the time his riffle was overheated, my handgun out of ammo, we were both face to face. The elite tried the punch me in the gut, but I stepped around and drew my combat knife. Just then, a thought occurred to me, the golden elite was nowhere to be seen. I stabbed the red elite i was dueling with in the back, hopefully hitting his spine. It cried out in pain, so I withdrew the knife and put it out of its misery. The golden elite being no were around me, I looked at my motion sensor and as fast as I could, pulled my shotgun out and fired straight in front of me. The slug I fired went straight into the invisible elites cranium, blood and brains blowing up everywhere. I turned to the blue elite I crippled, and saw that it was still alive, but not making any attempt to get up, or draw its secondary weapon. I walked toward the elite, pointing my shotgun down at it, so that if it made any point to move, i could kill it quickly. Once I reached the injured elite it started speaking to me, “Human, if you are going to end me, do so now." I stopped, wondering if it could understand what I say. Speaking back, I said " Well well, somebodies got an injury. So elite, why do you make no attempt to slay me, after seeing me kill your comrades must anger you." The elite looked thoughtful then said, "Because I wish to do you no harm." Caught off gourd, I felt a slight change in my view of the elite, feeling bad that I nearly killed it. I tossed it a can of bio foam, and it looked at me dumbfounded. “You can call me Sarah, elite" I told it, walking over to help it apply the foam to the wound. Once it was healed the elite told me that his name was Artimus, and that he was about to kill the lead elite, for he was constantly harassing him. I helped the elite up, and he walked over to the red elite and took the energy sword off his body and said," Other drop ships are on their way, we need to get out of here." And so we set out to escape harvest.......

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